Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded (3 shots) part 3

Hey everyone. Dis is d third n last episode of Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded. Due to a rule of TU, I can post one post in one page only. So I’ve posted d first part in KRPKAB page, d second part in Ishqbaaaz page n I’m posting d third part in ERSK page. If u can’t find d posts, u can visit my profile. Sorry for d inconvenience.

Few days later,Neha calls Diwakar n informs him dat they r fine there. Ishana serves food to Diwakar. She says papa, mummy has not eaten anything since morning. Diwakar says u bring her breakfast in room, I’ll make her eat. Diwakar comes to his room n informs Ishwari abt dat n says dat we shud go Bangalore for some days. Ishwari is quiet. Diwakar asks her wat happened? She says watever happened wid Neha, I don’t want dat to happen in my house. Diwakar says wat!! Ishwari says instead of making Om d MD, u give on, Dev n Aryan their shares of business. Diwakar says u want me to divide d business! U want me to separate our sons! Ishwari says today, for d first time I’m demanding something from u n I want dis. Diwakar says u’re being stubborn n it’s wrong. Ishwari says I don’t want any discussion, u jst do it. Diwakar says if dis is your final decision, then listen to my final decision too. I will not do dis. He leaves but stops seeing Ishana standing at d door, with a tray of food in her hand. He keeps his hand on her head, wid moist eyes. He goes, Ishana comes in n says mummy, plzz eat d food. U’ve not eaten anything since morning. Ishwari says I’m not hungry. U go from here. She goes n Ishana looks at her wid disbelief.

When Om returns home, Ishana tells him everything. Om thinks something n Ishana hugs him from back. Om n Ishana go to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari was lying on d bed with teary eyes n a full face. Om calls her, maa, n Ishwari sits on d bed. Om says maa, plzz don’t tell papa to divide d business. Think about it, when Neha will come here for raksha bandhan, to which brother’s house will she go first? Me n Ishana, we’ll move to Rampur. After all, someone shud look after d factory also. Ishana has brought food, plzz hv it. Ishana gets d tray of food n Om feeds Ishwari wid his hands.
Next day, in d office, Om comes to Diwakar’s cabin n tells him me n Ishana will leave for Rampur, in d evening. Aryan says if u n bhabhi r leaving, then I’ll also come wid u. Diwakar says no one will go anywhere. Khanna enters d cabin wid some papers n says babuji, I’ve brought d papers of bantwara (division of d business firm). Diwakar takes d papers n Khanna says think again babuji. Diwakar says no there’s no time for thinking. Om says there is no need of bantwara. Diwakar says u n Ishana will not go anywhere. He’s abt to sign but Om holds his hands n says I’ve promised to maa. He leaves.

Before leaving for Rampur, Ishkara come to take Ishwari’s blessings. They touch her feet n Ishwari is teary eyed (but she does not put her hand on their head). They go down to take Diwakar’s blessings. He’s sitting on an armchair. He asks u’re going? Go. Aryan, lucky r those ppl who get a brother like Om. Try to learn all his qualities. Ishana, wat do I say to u? We brought u home wid so much of pomp n show. N today u’re going. He keeps his hands on their heads n blesses them. Ishkara n Aryan come out of d house. Ishana, after climbing down d stairs, touches d last stair n then keeps her hand on her head (as we do in a temple). She hugs Sonakshi, who is already teary eyed. Ishkara sit in d car, Aryan was abt to sit, when he sees Ishwari watching them from d balcony. Tears r flowing from his eyes. He angrily looks at her n wipes his tears n sits in d car. Bunty, who was to drive d car, too cries.

Ishkara n Aryan r at Rampur. Ajit tells them dat passed time has passed, only d future is our own. N it’s good day u’re focusing on d work. N now even Aryan will go to office. Ishana comes wid a tray having two glasses of milk. Aryan takes d tray from her hands n says how’s your health now, bhabhi? She replies I’m fine now. Mausi ji asks wat happened? Ishana says nothing, jst feeling tired since morning. Ishana says to an employee, don’t make our Aryan do hardwork. Om says he’ll hv to work hard Ishana, within few days, he shud hv d entire knowledge of production, so dat, after returning back home, he can get d sales training. Aryan sternly says I’ll not go back. Saanchi, who’s listening to their convo, feels happy, seeing how much Aryan supports his brother, n smiles.

It’s evening, Saanchi is cooking food in d kitchen. She hears d sound of Jeep n goes n informs Ishana dat Om n Aryan r back home from office. It was raining, so Om n Aryan got wet. Ishana gets them towels n Saanchi brings water. Aryan says bhabhi, rats r running in my stomach. I’m vry hungry. Ishana says dinner is ready, u jst freshen up n come. Aryan goes to freshen up. Om has changed n come for dinner. Ishana says Saanchi, go n call Aryan. Saanchi goes n as she opens d door of his room, she giggles. Ishkara come there n ask wat happened? They get inside his room n find him sleeping wid a cute smile on his face. Ishana says d smile on his face looks so cute. Om says smile is back on his face, but I worry when Dev will come back, how will I explain him?

Vakil Sahab n Pinky r back from abroad n r shocked after knowing wat all had happened these days. Vakil tries to explain Ishwari dat she’s doing wrong, but her frnds r also present there. How can he explain her till her butterflies r there! Svetlana says Vakil Sahab, Dev is coming back today, plzz don’t spoil our moods by discussing all dat again n again. Vakil says will u plzz let me talk to my sister, ALONE!!

They leave from there but r standing near d door to overhear their talks. Vakil says bcz of your stubbornness, today we can’t even face Diwakar jijaji. Pinky says n all dis on whose advice, these three butterflies!! Who couldn’t build their own houses, they’ll teach others how to run a house!! They’re here only to watch d drama. When d game is over in our home, they’ll go to some other house to draw d curtains. Roop, Radha n Svetlana together say hawww. Vakil says everyday in d court, I see families fighting n relations breaking. But I can say one thing confidently, dat no one can live happily after breaking d chain of his family. U only see, your own son Dev went to Rampur directly from d airport, to meetha brothers.

In Rampur, Dev n Viren hv come to convince Ishkara to come back home. Dev is standing quietly, looking at d ground, coz he’s upset wid Om. Om says it’s not possible Dev. Viren says y Om? We hv spent so many happy days wid Diwakar ji n family, now we won’t let d clouds of grief spread over.

N after coming here we came to know dat Ishana is gonna give us d good news, so atleast to celebrate dis happiness,come wid us. Tej Babu, u convince him. Tej says Om Babu’s silence is telling a lot. If Om Babu n Ishana go back home, I’ll be d happiest. But these r Diwakar ji’s teachings dat two brothers r fighting for each other’s happiness. If not love, then wat is it? Dev goes outside n stands in d garden. Everyone else also comes there. Ishana comes to him n says Dev bhaiya, even after being far away, we’re together (hum saath saath hain?) is dis less. Om comes near Dev n wid much difficulty lifts his hand on his own, n keeps his hand on Dev’s hand. Dev cries n hugs him. Ishana is also teary eyed. Aryan comes back from office n hugs Dev n says bhaiya, we’re gonna become chacha. U bade chacha n me chhote chacha. Saanchi comes wid a bowl of rasgullas n says on dis note, let’s hv d rasgullas from halwai gali. Ishana wipes her tears n takes d bowl from Saanchi’s hands n says first bite to Viren uncle. Viren refuses to eat. Ishana asks y? Viren says I’m in no mood of eating rasgullas. Saanchi takes d bowl n takes one rasgulla in front of his mouth n cutely says not even one? Viren can’t resist rasgulla anymore n says ok I’ll eat half. He takes d rasgulla n all laugh.

Dev has become d MD of d business. His cabin is decorated wid bouquets. Bunty reads him a letter of Om. He reads: Bunty, today Dev become d MD. U plzz be wid him all d time. He has nvr measured relations in terms of money. Ppl think dis is his weakness, but actually dis is his biggest strength. Khanna comes wid some papers which Dev had to sign. Dev signs them. Khanna says when your elder brother’s support is wid u, y don’t u sit on your own chair? Y do u sit on d side chair? Dev says it’s Om bhaiya’s chair, he has right on it. Whenever he comes back, he should get everything d same way he left those.

Ishwari is on call wid her butterflies. Svetlana says offo Ishu, don’t worry. Wat we wanted has happened. Dev has become d MD. Roop says u jst prepare his favorite dishes n feed him wid your hands. We’ll also see how long will a son be upset wid his mom. They cut d call. Bunty drops Dev home n tells him u’ve not eaten anything since morning, plzz eat something. Dev says ok. Dev goes inside n directly goes to d kitchen to drink water. He opens d refrigerator n was filling a glass, when someone switches on d lights. Dev turned back n sees dat Ishwari was reheating d food in d microwave.

Dev walks out of d kitchen. He passes by d dining table, when Ishwari calls him n says Dev, d food is ready. Come n hv food. Dev says I’m not hungry. He goes towards d stairs n as he starts climbing d stairs, Ishwari again calls him n says all your favorite dishes hv been prepared. I hv prepared. Dev says thank u maa, but I’m not hungry. He goes in his room, but finds his room empty. Before he asks anything, Ishwari says your things hv been shifted to upper room. After marriage, u n Sonakshi hv to live in dat room only. Dev leaves from d room. Ishwari asks where r u going? He replies to get my things back from Om bhaiya’s room. Ishwari looks at him shocked n follows him as he goes towards Om’s room. Dev, first of all, removes his pic from d wall behind d bed.

He then gets his books, dumbbells n trophies out. He then starts taking out his shirts from d wardrobe n keeps them on d chair. Ishwari tries to stop him saying everything is decided..But Dev cuts her off saying how could u think of all dis maa!! Ishwari says yes, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault dat I care for u all, fight wid d world for u. Dev says it wouldn’t hv been your fault, if u wouldn’t hv been partial. Ishwari says I’ve not done any partiality. Om himself said dat they’ll go. Dev says n u let bhaiya go. U didn’t try to stop him. Ishwari is numb. Dev continues, whenever we hear Neha’s name, our eyes fill wid tears n whenever we hear Sushant Babu’s name, our eyes fill wid rage. But r we any less than Sushant Babu. We brought Ishana bhabhi home wid so much of happiness n then we ousted her from d house, dat too when she’s on d onset of motherhood.

Those Dev n Aryan for whom u ousted Om bhaiya from d house, they wud hv died long back, if Om bhaiya wouldn’t hv lost his hand in childhood, to save their life. If not partiality then wat is it!? Ishwari slaps Dev. Dev says no one take on bhaiya n Ishana bhabhi’s place, niether in dis room, nor in dis house, nor in dis heart. He opens a drawer n takes out Ishana’s pic from d drawer n keeps it on d table. Dev says if it’s your final decision dat after marriage I’ll hv to take Om bhaiya’s place n Sonakshi will hv to take Ishana bhabhi’s place, then I swear on Ishana bhabhi, I’ll not marry. Ishwari is shocked n Dev leaves from there.
Dev is at Viren’s house. He’s not able to face Viren, so he has his back towards Viren. He says I’m sorry Viren uncle. Viren says I knew it. Dev looks at him surprised. Viren says where elder brother is respected like father, n bhabhi like mother, there Dev cannot make his castle of dreams on d ruins of someone else’s dreams.

I already knew it n I had already told dis to Sonakshi. Dev goes inside n sees Sonakshi in d kitchen. Sonakshi sees him n lightly smiles. She says Dev, come sit. Dev sits at d dining table n sees his n Sonakshi’s engagement day pic kept on a side table. Sonakshi brings dinner for him. Dev hugs her from her waist. He cries. Sonakshi says even if we don’t tie d knot, but feelings r from heart right. Even if u wanted me to take Ishana bhabhi’s rights, I couldn’t do so. She feeds him some food n says don’t worry abt Ishana bhabhi’s delivery, it’s my responsibility now.
Dr Sinha helps Ishana walk (she has a baby bump after all) n come in d hall after checkup. He makes her sit on d sofa, beside Tej. Dr Sinha says everything is fine. D time to go to hospital can come anytime. Bunty comes n shows her something. He says see wat papa has sent for u, little Krishna’s idol. He has asked u to keep dis idol in front of u everytime. Ishana says Sonakshi, u r u staying back here, u must hv patients right. Sonakshi says don’t worry bhabhi. I’ve taken official leave from sir. I’m here till your delivery. Tej says Sonakshi has come leaving her patients n Saanchi is not participating in her college’s cultural programme. I hv three daughters, not one.

Sushant, in his office, lashes out on his employees. He says but how is dis possible! Such a big technical mistake. Dis nvr happened before. An employee says Sir, earlier Ranveer sir used to handle it. Sushant looks startled n says now get back to work. N try to sort out everything quick, or else we’ll not even be able to repay d loans of banks. All d employees leave n Sushant gets a call n he s answers it n says ok, I’m coming.

Sushant comes home n sees dat Ayush n Mohit r laying on d bed n d doctor is also at home. D doctor gives d prescription to Priyanka n explains her abt how n when d medicines were to be given. He says Sushant Babu, plzz come outside for a while, I wanted to talk to u abt something important. Sushant n doctor go outside, to d garden.

Doctor says Sushant Babu, kids sensitive r like flowers. If they don’t get a lovely n peaceful atmosphere, they become dull. Sushant understands wat he means, n says I hv some work stress, so I stay frustrated. Doctor says yesterday u even slapped them. Sushant says they were telling dat they want to meet Ranveer n Neha. They weren’t listening to me. Doctor says then fulfil their wish. Don’t lose your family’s happiness n peace in such fights. Otherwise no doctor can do anything. Plzz think abt it. Now I’ll take a leave. Doctor leaves n Sushant sees dat Priyanka saw all dis from d balcony. Sushant goes upstairs n sees Priyanka applying wet cloth on Ayush n Mohit’s forehead. She gets up to get a towel from d Almirah. She takes d towel n turns back, n she’s surprised to see Sushant applying d wet cloth on their forehead. She looks at Sushant wid teary eyes.

Next day, Sushant comes back from office. D watchman rushes to Sushant n says Malik, chhote Malik n Neha bitiya hv come wid Neeti bitiya. Sushant gets happy n goes inside. He sees the kids playing happily n Neha, Ranveer n Priyanka talking n smiling. Ranveer sees Sushant n goes near him. He says bhaiya, bhabhi told us about Ayush n Mohit’s health, so we came. U didn’t even tell us. U disowned us bhaiya. Sushant cries n hugs him.

Priyanka, Sushant, Neha n Ranveer come to Diwakar’s house. Sushant says to Ishwari our business was getting success over success. I thought it was all bcz of me. But it was of my n Ranveer’s team. From d day Ranveer left, without saying anything, without demanding anything, I nvr felt peaceful. In d greed of money I lost my family’s peace, my children’s happiness, Priyanka’s smile. But see, today my family is together again. Ranveer says mummy, for watever happened wid us, u held Om bhaiya at fault. Neha says mummy, I remember when we were going to Bangalore, Om bhaiya had told me dat Neha, all my happiness is your (she keeps Ishwari’s hand on her head) n all your sadness is mine. Ishwari cries. She goes to d temple n cries there. Diwakar comes n Ishwari says I’m sorry. Plzz forgive me, I’ve committed a sin. Diwakar says plzz don’t cry Ishwari. He smiles n says let’s go to Rampur, after all we’re gonna become grandfather n grandmother.

Ishana is in d hospital as she had her labour pain. At d hospital, Saanchi n Mausi ji ask Sonakshi if everything is fine. Sonakshi says don’t worry everything is absolutely fine. Om, at d factory, asks an employee to start d final testing of machine n also tells him dat he n Aryan r going to d hospital. Om n Aryan come to hospital n r surprised to see Sushant n Priyanka there. Om exclaims Sushant Babu! Priyanka ji! Ranveer says balle balle Om bhaiya, u’ve become a father. Priyanka says Neha, quickly take bhaiya in. Om goes in d hospital room n sees Ishwari sitting besides Ishana’s bed n caressing Ishana’s head.

Om goes n gives a bouquet to Ishana. Ishwari says Mausi ji, I’ve come her to take my daughter in-law n grandson, back home. I’ll not take him wid me. She goes to Om n says u simply left!! U didn’t even ask me once dat maa, wats my fault. Om says maa. Diwakar enters d room wid d baby in his hands. Bunty follows Diwakar, he’s having balloons in his hands. Neha says papa, plzz first give me d baby. Diwakar says no. Neha says y no. After all I’m bhua. Diwakar says first baby’s Papa’s turn. Ishwari says ahan, first Papa’s mummy’s turn. Ishwari takes baby in her arms n says Mausi ji, world’s entire happiness is aside n d joy of becoming grandmother is aside. Thank u Ishana beta. Ishana smiles. Bunty says mummy, there’s a long line after u. Saanchi says plzz mummy, me first. Ishwari says ofcourse chachi before chacha. Saanchi takes baby in her arms. Aryan holds Saanchi’s hands in d name of holding d baby, n says we’ll love him together. All laugh. Dev, who was looking outside through d window to hide his tears,wipes his tears n smiles turning towards everyone. Saanchi hits his stomach wid her elbow, lightly. Om says even bade chacha chachi hv d right to pamper d baby. Dev n Sonakshi’s smile fades away n they look down silently. Ishana says Dev bhaiya, dat day u swore on me. Today I want u to swear again..

All hv come back home. Dev n Sonakshi r moving towards each other, wid garlands in their hands. Vakil Sahab asks them to put garlands in each other’s neck (lol?? he’s a part time priest too!?). Dev looks for Ishwari n says mummy? Pinky says here’s your mummy. Dev n Sonakshi put d garlands in each other’s neck. After sometime, Aryan n Saanchi r moving towards each other wid garlands in their hands. Aryan, at first rushes, but Ranveer asks him to calm down, so he walks slowly. Vakil Sahab says now u both put garlands.. before he could complete, Aryan puts d garland in Saanchi’s neck. Vakil completes his statement saying in each other’s neck. Saanchi does delay, naughtily, in putting d garland. So Aryan himself makes her put d garland in his neck. All laugh. Bunty n Tina too get married.

Someone is shown joining his hands wid much difficulty. He’s Om (yeah, his hand can move now). Ishwakar, Ishkara, Devakshi n Archi pray in d temple in their house.
The evergreen Hum Saath Saath Hain title song plays.

Bye bye guys.

Dis is d end of Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded.

Thanx for reading.

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