Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded (3 shots) part 2

Hey everyone. Before I start d episode, I want to tell u all something vry important. Due to some rules of Telly Updates, we can post one post on one page only. N due to dis rule, I could post d first part of HSSH Reloaded on KRPKAB page only. So I’m posting d second episode in Ishqbaaaz page, n d third one has been posted on ERSK page. Sorry for d inconvenience.

Dev says dat bhaiya, we went to give your letter, but we’ve brought d answer wid us. Dev, Sonakshi, Saanchi n Aryan move aside, as d answer, Ishana is standing behind them.
Ishwari does Om’s aarti before d baraat proceeds. Saanchi, Aryan, Neha n Ranveer dance on d song Chhote Chhote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya. Dev n Sonakshi r also dragged along. Soon they reach d venue of marriage where Ranveer’s brother Sushant bhaiya n sister-in-law Priyanka bhabhi had also come. Ishwari welcomes them. ishqbaaz

Tej is called forward to do Ishana’s kanyadan. D priest asks Om to hold Ishana’s left hand in his right hand. Bunty n Neha help Om hold Ishana’s hand. Ishana keeps her right hand under Om’s right hand, to support him (beautiful moment). Tej does Ishana’s kanyadan. While Ishana’s bidaai, Tej hugs Ishana. He says to Diwakar, dat while in abroad, whenever I used to see my little Ishana, I used to think how to teach her Indian culture. But I realized dat I never had to teach her. She herself adopted Indian culture. Today he understood y? Bcz she had to come in your house. Ishana cries n hugs Tej tighter.

All had reached home. Ishwari does Ishkara’s aarti n Ishana was warmly welcomed. All youngsters were asked to touch Ishkara’s feet. Vakil Sahab said, let’s begin wid Aryan. As Aryan was not in d hall, he asked Saanchi, who was having two sehras in her hand, to call Aryan. Aryan was locking his car n was coming inside, when he saw Saanchi standing there wearing a sehra. He said, u here? She replied, was waiting for u only. Aryan had a smile on his face n said, me!! Haye.. saying so he pretended to faint wud happiness. Saanchi said, go inside, mamaji is calling u. Aryan got up n said, oh..but if we keep meeting like dis, I’m sure we’ll fall in love. Saanchi said, go go. As soon as he went inside, Saanchi too ran inside.
Aryan came in n said, yes mamaji. Vakil Sahab said, cmon take your bhabhi’s blessings by touching her feet. Aryan said, mamaji, our tuning is different. Bhabhi… He went n hugged Ishana. Ishwari said, cmon touch her feet. Aryan bends to touch her feet n says, oh my back!! All laugh. Mamaji says now Dev’s turn.

Aryan says how can Dev bhaiya touch her feet, he’s elder than bhabhi. Vakil Sahab says but idiot, he’s younger than Om, so bhabhi is elder in relation. Dev touches Ishana’s feet n says welcome bhabhi. Sonakshi, who’s standing right next to Ishana, smiles at Dev’s sweet gesture towards Ishana. Next is Bunty’s turn. Aryan asks Bunty’s age. He says y? Aryan says to decide your n bhabhi’s relation. Bunty asks Om his age. Om says no matter wats d age, you’re elder than me in all aspects. Bunty says no no. Diwakar says Bunty, u can’t escape from relationships. Actually Ishana, today Bunty is giving u d responsibilities of his Om. Pinky says now Bunty, spend some less time wid your frnd. Dost hue paraye. Neha says dushman hua zamana Bunty bhai. Bunty says bhabhi, u accept me or not, im your reward. Saying so he falls in Ishana’s feet n Ishana quickly moves back. All hv a good laugh. Tina laughs d most..hmmm?

It’s Ishkara’s wedding reception. Viren goes on stage n says in our country, new daughter in-law is welcomed wid a lot of love n affection. So dis function is to celebrate our new daughter in-law’s arrival. Pinky n Vakil Sahab do d anchoring in a musical way. All d performances r by Aryan n Saanchi. First Aryan portrays Diwakar n shows how he’s adopted d advancing technology but still is rooted to his culture.

Then Saanchi portrays Ishwari n shows how she does kitti parties but still is not a spendthrift. N her three butterfly frnds r also portrayed by Ayush, Mohit n Neeti. Then Aryan n Saanchi portray Ranveer n Neha respectively. Neeti plays herself. They show their romance n how Ranveer pampers Neha. Then they play themselves n show how Aryan wants to fulfil his father’s dreams n how he fights wid n teases Saanchi. Ajit is extra happy wid dis act. Then they play Dev n Sonakshi n show Dev’s silent love for Sonakshi. They show how he pretends to read a book all d time, but actually d book has Sonakshi’s pictures pasted in it. All tease Dev n Sonakshi. They are called on stage. Viren too dances (crazy man). Then Aryan, Saanchi, Bunty, Mohan, Ayush n Neeti sing a song telling about Om’s simplicity n pure heart.
Neha, Ranveer, Om, Ishana n Saanchi r sitting in a room. Aryan drags Sonakshi in d room n says don’t worry Dev bhaiya is not here. Even he’s hiding bcz of shyness. Saanchi says to Aryan don’t u hv shame, u’re teasing her. Sonakshi says to Saanchi even u’re no less. Ranveer says u did awesome prank wid Dev bhaiya. U trapped him. Bunty comes n says n u trapped him vry well. I’ve heard our elders talking. After 2 days, at home there’s Satyanarayan pooja n Dev bhaiya n Sonakshi bhabhi’s engagement.

Two days later
Dev is in his room. Ranveer n Aryan r telling him to set his hair n apply deodorant n all. But Dev hesitates. Ishwari n Ishkara enter. Ishwari says Ishana, make Dev wear dis chain. It’s bhabhi’s shagun (blessing). Ishana signs him to sit on a chair. He sits n she makes him wear d chain. Ishwari says, now tell me, y r u so quiet today? He says wat will I say ma. Om says ma is asking if u’re happy. He says ask Sonakshi once, is she happy? Aryan laughs n says I always said he should hv been sent to co-ed. Ishwari says shut up. Ishana, now u only explain him. Ishana says Dev bhaiya, a girl expresses her feelings through her eyes. N since yesterday, Sonakshi’s eyes r twinkling wid happiness.

Sonakshi is getting ready in Neha’s room, Saanchi n Neha r helping her. Neha says atleast look at your reflection in d mirror, Sonakshi bhabhi. She lays emphasis in bhabhi. Sona looks up at d mirror. Saanchi says, your glow looks magical.

After d Satyanarayan pooja is done, d priest gives d engagement rings to Vakil Sahab. He gives d rings to Dev n Sonakshi. Dev searches for Ishwari n says mummy. Roop, Svetlana n Radha tease him dat wat u’re doing mummy mummy.. atleast now leave your mummy’s pallu. Neha says bhaiya, bhabhi is waiting. Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand (so romantic moment). Ranveer says oh balle balle. Dev slides d ring in Sonakshi’s ring finger.
Sushant n Priyanka r going back home. Ishwari gives them a lot of gifts n sweets. Priyanka says aunty ji, dis is too much. Priyanka says Ayush, Mohit, I’m asking u for d last time, u’ll come wid us or will stay wid chachi. Ayush n Mohit hug Neha. Priyanka says really Neha, u’ve done magic on my kids. Neha smiles n touches her feet (OMG Neha..aur itte manners!!)

Ishwakar, Ishkara, Aryan, Saanchi, Vakil Sahab, Pinky, Neha, Ranveer, Devakshi, Mausi ji n Bunty, all r sitting in a big room, where a projector n screen is set up. They’re seeing d video recording of their old days in their village. Diwakar says Ishana beta, this is our village Rampur, it used to look like dis 15 yrs ago. We used to go there every year during holidays. Viren n Ajit enter n ask wats going on, everyone together!! They come in between d projector n d screen. All ask them to move aside. They too join everyone.

An old man is shown. Diwakar introduces him as Mansoor, the caretaker of their house. All d children, Om, Dev, Aryan, Neha, Sonakshi n Saanchi r seen playing. They make a train n Mansoor becomes d engine. They roam around like dat. Bunty says bhabhi, identity all of us. Ishana trues to identify them, but could not. Ranveer says bhabhi, give up? I’ll tell. A boy comes dressed as a policeman, he’s Om. A boy is seen sitting on d edge of d terrace, he’s Dev. Pinky says Dev, during childhood u got d most beatings from your mum. Ishwari says he was d most stubborn also na. Dev side hugs Ishwari. A girl is shown skipping, she’s Neha. A girl is shown smelling a flower, she’s Sonakshi. A boy is shown wearing a monster mask n then he sticks his tongue out n shouts. He’s Aryan. He again sticks his tongue out n shouts at Saanchi, while she laughs.

A gurl is shown wearing a saree n wig n acting like an old woman. Ranveer asks, who’s dis Saanchi? Saanchi asks Mausi ji, is dis me, is dis me Dadi? Aryan slowly says wow, wat a beautiful girl!! Saanchi hears it n looks at Aryan surprisingly. Next it shows Om teaching all d other children. Junior Om sings ABCDEFGHI…JKLM…. NOPQRSTUVWX..YZ..tum bhi kaho.. now all but Ishana sing d song. Neha says, see lovebirds Dev bhaiya n Sonakshi bhabhi. Janmashtami pooja is shown. Saanchi is dancing dressed as Radha. Pinky is singing d song Maiya Yashoda. Aryan comes dressed as Krishna but his dhoti us loose. All laugh seeing d video. Aryan covers his face wid his hands due to embarrassment. In d video, they fight for d matka n Aryan snatches d matka from Saanchi n teases her. She pushes him n he falls. Ishwari says god, they used to fight too much. But later Saanchi is shown sitting on a swing n Aryan is pushing d swing.

Saanchi is sitting in a swing in d lawn. Aryan comes n pushes her swing (aww..childhood moment recreated). He says wat r u doing here? Remembering childhood? Saanchi says time passes so quickly na. He says time flies away in no time. See na, few days ago u came n tomorrow you’re going back. Other days we laugh n we cry. Wow, wat a thought!! She smiles n gets up n sits on a bench. He too comes n sits beside her. She says can I ask u something? He says ofcourse, I’m here to talk to u only. She goes near d fountain. He too comes there. She says u always joke wid me n tease me, is it jst like dat or there’s some other reason? He says wat do u mean? She says nothing n was abt to leave when he said wat if I ask u d same question? She says I asked d question first. He says wat was d question? She says think all night long n reply tomorrow morning. Saying dis she runs away taking her heels in her hands.

Aryan is sleeping on his bed, like a kid. Saanchi comes wearing a saree wid vermilion on her hairline. She tries waking g him up but he doesn’t wake up. She tries hitting him wid a book. But dis time he was awake n he pulls her close n both fall down from d bed. Aryan comes out of his dream n finds himself fallen down from d bed, hugging a pillow. He says again a dream..haye!! He sees d time n says oh my god!! He freshens up n reaches d lawn, where all r bidding good byes to Mausi ji, Ajit n Saanchi, who was waiting for Aryan. He goes near Mausi ji n Ishwari n says u’re going too early. Stayback for 2-3 days more n then go. Ishwari says d train to Rampur is on time, it’s not late like u. He goes near Saanchi n sees Dev standing g there. He says bhaiya, I’ll drop them station. Dev says u carry on wid your sleep, me n bhaiya, we’ll drop them at d station. Dev leaves n Aryan tries to talk to Saanchi but Neha comes n gives a bouquet to Saanchi n drags her wid her. Saanchi, Ajit n Mausi ji sit in d car n Saanchi looks at Bryan waves a bye. Aryan stands there sadly.

Aryan, Dev, Om, Ishana, Neha, Ranveer, the kids n Diwakar r in d office in Diwakar’s cabin. He tells Dev n Aryan to show Ishana, d office n take her suggestions for improvement. They show her their cabin. Dev says bhabhi, this is my, bhaiya’s, n Aryan’s cabin. Aryan says dis is Dev bhaiya’s table, dis is Om bhaiya’s n dis is Aryan bhaiya’s table. Clean. No pending work. Dev says no work at all bhabhi. Aryan says bhabhi u sit here, on big boss Om bhaiya’s chair. Ishana sits on Om’s chair. Neha drags Om in his cabin. Ranveer says bhabhi needs to talk to u abt something important. Om says ok, so wats d matter. Ishana jst smiles while looking down n does not say anything. Neha says bhaiya it’s jst few days after your marriage n u’ve joined office back. Ranveer says after marriage ppl go on a holiday. Neha says where r u taking bhabhi for honeymoon?

All r at home suggesting Ishkara, places for their honeymoon. Aryan says Switzerland, Ranveer says Paris, Ayush says Disneyland. Om says wherever we’ll go, u all will also come. All say no. Neha says bhaiya, wat we all will do in your honeymoon? Om says if u all agree then we’ll go otherwise cancel. All say no no don’t cancel it. Ranveer says see bhabhi, we’re not coming, he’s forcing us. Aryan says n u’ll also come Sona bhabhi. Neha, who was massaging Dev’s head, said hmm even doctors r eligible for holidays. Right Dev bhaiya? He does not say anything but smiles. Neha whispers in his ears atleast say yes. Dev says yes. Om says but only Bunty will not go. Papa, he’s not gone for work since my marriage! Bunty says leave it. Om says oh really, then who’ll go for d band tour tomorrow? Bunty says papa, he’s frnd or enemy! Diwakar says work comes first. Bunty says ok. But bhabhi u say where u’ll go, I’ll book d tickets. All say bhabhi tell plzz. Aryan says wait, bhabhi is telling. Ishana says let’s go to Rampur. All r happy, but Aryan’s eyes widen in happiness n surprise. He goes near Ishana n says plzz say once more. Ishana says let’s go to Rampur.

Ishkara, Devakshi, Neha, Ranveer, Aryan n d kids leave for Rampur in a bus, which Dev is driving. All sing d song ABCDEFGHI. They reach Rampur n Ajit n Saanchi welcome them. Saanchi is having one garland in her hand n a servant is carrying one more garland in his hands. Saanchi gives one garland to Ishana. She meets Sonakshi n turns to take d other garland from d servant but by dat time Neha comes n drags Sonakshi wid her n Aryan, who had come to meet Saanchi, stands there. Saanchi, by mistake, makes him wear d garland. Aryan says dat I was remembering d answer of your question all d way, but I didn’t know dat I’ll not hv to say anything. Saanchi tries to go but Aryan holds her wrist n pulls her close. He says hum tum chori se bandhe ik dori se..jaiyo kahan ae huzur. Saanchi blushes.

Ishana n Sonakshi r making rangoli in d hall. Saanchi is having a basket of guavas in her hand n she’s running around d house wid d kids running after her. Aryan is having a handyman in his hand n he’s recording Saanchi in his camera. Mansoor tells Ishana abt their village n culture. Neha comes with a plate of guavas n offers it to Mansoor. Mansoor says I’ve heard dat, in cities, u ppl r so busy dat u don’t even get enough time to eat properly. He feeds Neha a piece of guava. Mausi ji says dats y they come to village during holidays, here they can relax. Aryan says dadi ma, we’ve left those streets. Ajit enters n says most welcome Aryan Babu most welcome. But amma, wats kept in the villages? Niether mobile phones work nor aeroplanes fly. All d time there r power cuts. Aryan says uncle,

we’ve left that electricity too. All laugh.

Om asks Ranveer if he’ll come for a walk. Ranveer says today I’ll help d ladies in d kitchen. He says ok. He calls Dev, who’s upstairs reading his SPCL BOOK. He asks Aryan if he’ll come for walk, Aryan refuses. Saanchi says u had to go for walk right? Aryan says who said? Neha says dats nice, you’re improving Aryan. He says no. Saanchi says right now u were telling. He says no. Dev comes n says shall we go Aryan Babu. Come. He drags Aryan wid him n Neha n Saanchi laugh.
Om, Dev n Aryan r walking. Aryan says bhaiya let’s go back home now. Om says jst little more far. We’ll see d factory’s construction work n then we’ll go back. They move ahead. On their way, Dev sees a man who walks wid d help of sticks n a small girl who dances on streets to earn her living. They reach d factory site. Aryan says bhaiya, we’ll see d construction work keenly some other day. It’s vry cold here. Lets go back home now. Om notices dat Dev is silent, he asks wat happened Dev? Dev says nothing.

Aryan says he must be hungry. Om says Aryan, u go for a stroll. I want to talk to Dev. Aryan says talk at home, after having some snacks. Om says Aryan.. Aryan agrees. Om says wat happened Dev? Dev says bhaiya, when I see helpless ppl around me, I feel like my education n Masters degree has no worth. Om says our pity for them can’t help them, we should do something for them. For now only dis is your responsibility. But u hv one more responsibility, towards Sonakshi. Dev, a girl leaves her house, her family, only for u, to be wid u. In return, she jst wants some love. I know there’s a lot of love for her in your heart, but love hidden in heart should be expressed too. Try to express your love n see how Sonakshi’s face glows up. Dev blushes. Aryan returns n sees then sitting quietly. He says anything serious? Om says no, when your time will come I’ll explain u too. Aryan says thank God.

D brothers return home. All r on d dinner table. Ranveer says Ishana bhabhi, u make delicious food. Ishana says no no..we make delicious food. I didn’t know u’re so good at cooking. Ishana passes a bowl to Dev n says taste dis Dev bhaiya n tell how’s dis? Sonakshi holds her hand n says no bhabhi plzz. Om asks wat happened? Saanchi says after a lot of insistence, she’s made Dev bhaiya’s favorite halwa for d first time. Neha says but she’s shy n is telling dat it’s not tasty. Ranveer says Dev bhaiya will give d certificate of good n bad. Cmon serve him. Aryan gets his handycam ready n says ok ready.. shoit.. Sonakshi serves him halwa. Dev eats n Neha asks how’s it? Dev says it tasty. Saanchi asks tasty or vry tasty? Dev says vry tasty. Aryan says then take more na. Dev gives him a deadly glare n says I’m taking. Ranveer says arey wat I’m taking. Take na. He empties d entire bowl in Dev’s plate. Aryan says bhaiya’s face has gone red like halwa. Dev says ae. Aryan says ae. Dev says louder ae n Aryan runs from there.

Ishkara, Devakshi, Aryan, Saanchi, Neha, Ranveer n d kids r going for picnic. Neha says Dev bhaiya, plzz keep d things, required for picnic, in d bus. Dev is shirtless (imagine him shirtless??). Sonakshi comes to keep d food basket. A servant comes to keep d mats. Dev signals him to go. Both Dev n Sonakshi r inside d bus. Dev says Sonakshi, d halwa was vry tasty. She says I was making it for d first time, I was nervous about it’s taste. She leaves n stops at d door bcz Dev called her. Dev comes near her n said plzz make it again. He leaves from there leaving a surprised Sonakshi behind.

All r roaming in a fort n Saanchi is their guide. Dev is riding a horse. Sonakshi looks at Dev on d horse (sapno ka rajkumar types). All r talking abt d king n queen of d fort. Aryan says Dev bhaiya, leave d horse n come here, we’re discussing d king’s love life. But Dev continues wid his horse riding. They r talking abt d king when Neeti, who’s wid Sonakshi, calls Neha n says mumma, look there. Neha sees n says wow. Aryan asks is it a peacock? Neha says no it’s an elephant. Aryan exclaims elephant! He sees three elephants, wid Dev sitting on one of them wid Mohit. Aryan says Dev bhaiya is also a different sample, sometimes he brings horse, sometimes elephant. Om says to Ishana come, let’s hv an elephant ride. All go n r vry excited. Dev asks Ishana to sit but she says ahan, I’m going forward, Sonakshi, u sit here wid Dev. Aryan says aye haye Sonakshi bhabhi, u’re lucky.

Dev bhaiya help her. Dev forwards his hand n Sonakshi holds his hand n climbs on d elephant. Neha n Ranveer sit on one elephant. Aryan asks all to sit. Om n Ishana sits on one elephant n Saanchi too climbs it n looks at Aryan n says sorry, housefull. Aryan says then where will I go? Ranveer calls him on his elephant. Aryan tells to d elephant man dat bhaiya plzz be careful han..wat if I fall down. I’m not even engaged till now. All laugh at dis statement. Dev n Sonakshi’s romance starts as d elephant stands up. Sonakshi falls on Dev. Dev holds her by her arms. Saanchi sees a peacock dancing n she too dances n sings d song Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor. Dev kisses on Sonakshi’s shoulder.
After few days it’s Bunty’s bday. Bunty comes to Rampur n all give him a surprise party. Saanchi comes wearing d same saree which she wears in Aryan’s dreams. She gives cake to all but Aryan. Aryan gets angry n goes outside. He sees d fuse box n take out a fuse switch from it. D light goes off. Saanchi comes out to see wats d matter. Aryan sees her coming n he hides behind d bus. When Saanchi comes near d bus, Aryan catches her from behind n they romance.

Dev says dat only our house’s light has gone. I’ll go n check d fuse. He signals Sonakshi to come wid him. Sonakshi goes wid him, taking a lantern in her hand. They go n stand near d fuse box n Dev keeps his hand on d wall n then stares lovingly at Sonakshi. She turns his face to d other side, wid her hands. They see Archi sitting on chairs, facing each other, resting their hands on a table. Devakshi shake Archi but they didn’t even move. They even pull out d chairs, but it makes no difference. Dev turns Aryan’s face from towards Saanchi to towards him, but his face bounces back like a spring, to his initial position. Dev takes d fuse switch from Aryan’s hand n hits lightly on his head. He goes n puts d switch back in d fuse box n d lights glow up. Archi hv a great fall like humpty dumpty. Saanchi runs from there but us caught by all others. Dev comes to them n Aryan asks him power is back!. Dev says wat do u think Aryan? Aryan says good good, I’m proud of u. He too tries to run but then seed d entire battalion staring at him n then at Saanchi. Saanchi bites her nails n then shies n hugs Ishana.

Ishwakar n Viren hv come for Archi’s engagement. Aryan is getting ready in his room. Om, Dev n Ranveer r helping him. Ishana n Sonakshi r also there. Neha n Bunty come. Neha says to Aryan mummy Papa hv come, both r looking vry angry. They r saying dat no one in our family ever did any such thing. Aryan tells it’s all bcz of u Dev bhaiya. U only made a big announcement of d power cut incident. Everyone’s laughing. Bunty turns his face n laughs. Aryan says see, wat will mummy Papa think!? He says I’ll tell it was Bunty bhai’s idea. He requests d ladies to tell dat d power cut was by chance.

They all take him out. As soon as Ishwari turns her face towards Aryan, he runs back inside bcz of nervousness. All drag him near Ishwari. He says ma, d power was cut by chance, ask Bunty bhai. Ishwari says ohh really! Bunty outs his finger on his lips n giggles. Neha says mummy, Saanchi will tell u all his chronicles. Then Saanchi dances on Maiya Yashoda song, Aryan joins her n during d dance, he slides d ring in her ring finger. Sonakshi, Dev n Ishana too dance on d song. Neha also joins in between. At last, Ishwari, wid her three daughters in-law, dances on d song.

All d couples but Ishana r sitting in a room. Aryan drags Ishana n says bhabhi, wat were u doing wid those oldies. Come n sit wid youngsters. She comes n sits. Ranveer asks her to show her hand. She forwards her hand. He does something wid a ring n chain n then says first u’ll hv a sweet little boy n then a girl.

Aryan asks how did u do dis? He says if d ring rotates straight then it’s a boy, if it turns round then it’s a girl, if it doesn’t turn then full stop. Aryan appreciates him while Neha says it to be nonsense. Ranveer says dat in our case it was correct. Neha sticks her tongue out. He asks Sonakshi to show her hand, she shies n says no. Neha says wat no..give your hand cmon. Ranveer says see all r interested. Sonakshi gives her hand n Ranveer softly says thank u. He dies d process n says hayee sonakshi bhabhi, u’ll hv a little cute son, happy. Sona smiles n moves back. Saanchi coughs. Ranveer says yes Saanchi, it’s your turn only. She comes vry excitedly n gives her hand. He does d process n says boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl. Aryan’s eyes widen wid happiness while Saanchi’s eyes widen wid shock. She says jijaji, I’m dead. She shies n runs away. Ranveer n Neha try to stop her n Aryan lies in Ranveer’s lap n says thank you jijaji.

It’s raksha bandhan, n Neha ties rakhi on her brothers’ wrists n asks Bunty dat his next seat should be full till next year. He says when Ishkara will become three, then he’ll marry. Ishana blushes. Ishwari says Ranveer Babu, y hv Sushant Babu called u home immediately? Ranveer says it must be urgent, otherwise bhaiya nvr does like dis. All bid an emotional goodbye to Neha, Ranveer n d kids.

Everyone go for a picnic to a fort near d factory site. Aryan is standing near Saanchi, Sonakshi is also there. Dev comes there to call Aryan as they had to go to d factory, where Om n bunty were waiting for them. Aryan says bhaiya, let’s stay back here. Say yes say yes. Dev does yes yes but then drags him. Aryan says oh no. Vakil Sahab, Ishwakar n Tej r sitting, when Diwakar says dat he will make Om d managing director of d company. Ajit overhears their conversation. He sees Viren coming n tries to brainwash him by giving their daughters’ sake n asks him to convince Diwakar not to make Om d MD. He also says bring Ishwari bhabhi to your side. Ladies r expert in such matters. Viren says ok u don’t worry. They go near Ishwakar n Viren says dat it is not done, they jst said it like dat, no part no celebration. So Ajit has decided dat he’ll distribute sweets to everyone in d village, tomorrow before u go back. ?? Diwakar says it was not needed, but Ajit says it was my pleasure.

D next day, Ajit distributes sweets in d village. Ishwakar say to Mausi ji dat dis time we’re leaving wid u, but next time we’ll take her wid us. Aryan says dat I’ll come back, but for work (looks at Saanchi) not for any other thing. But if I get time, then.. All laugh. Mausi ji asks Dev when r u going back abroad for your studies. He replies tomorrow night.

All hv come back home. Dev is in his room n is packing his bags. Ishwari, Sonakshi, Ishkara n Aryan come. Ishwari says keep these snacks also. He thanks her but Ishwari says I’ve not made dis. Dev says bhabhi u? Ishana nods in no n signals dat Sonakshi made them. He smiles looking at Sonakshi. Ishwari asks when will u return? Om says as soon as d xams r over, he’ll come back to u. Aryan jokes n says Dev bhaiya, everyday write a love letter to maa instead of Sonakshi bhabhi. Ishwari says u come I’ll tell u. She pulls Aryan’s ears while Aryan was whispering something in Sonakshi’s ears. Ishana smirks n asks Sonakshi, shall we go? Sonakshi nods in yes. Ishana moves towards d door, Devakshi r looking at each other, Sonakshi does not realize dat Ishana has stopped. She bangs into Ishana. Ishana says I’ll go, u stay here. Ishana goes out closing d door of the room.

In d hall, Viren teases Pinky about her foreign trip wid Vakil Sahab. Dev n Sonakshi romance on d stairs. Sonakshi runs downstairs n Dev too goes downstairs. They all sit at d dining table to hv dinner. Aryan comes n says sorry everyone, I had to make an important phone call. Diwakar’s asks important phone call? Viren says offo, after engagement..important phone call, u should understand. All laugh.

Ishwari is sitting wid her frnds, who argue wud her regarding Diwakar’s decision of making Om, d MD. They also say dat Ishkara getting a room on d top floor n Devakshi n Archi getting rooms at d ground floor, is not fair. All should get everything equal. Ishana comes n I firms them dat Ajit uncle had come. Ishwari welcomes Ajit n asks Ishana to call Diwakar in d office n inform him about Ajit’s visit. Ajit says no no don’t bother him, I wanted to talk to Ishwari bhabhi only. Ishwari’s frnds tell Ajit about their topic of discussion (so called equality) n ask his opinion. He says it’s their family matter n I can’t interfere. But Roop says dat he has d right to give his opinion, after all his daughter is gonna come to dis house. Suddenly, the telephone rings n Ishwari answers it. It’s Neha, Ishwari says I was missing u badly since morning. But she sounds low as if she’s crying. She says mummy.. Ishwari asks wat happened? She says nothing, is Om bhaiya at home? Ishwari says no,but tell me wat happened? Neha says nothing mummy, I’ll talk to bhaiya in d office. Bye mummy.

Om, in his cabin, gets Neha’s call. Neha tells him everything. He says ok, we’re coming. Om reaches home wid Neha, Ranveer n Neeti. Ranveer tells everyone dat his brother, Sushant transferred all d shares of d company on his name n he asked him to search for new business, new house. Ishwari says Sushant Babu did dis, I can’t believe it!! Ranveer says mummy, we’ll move to Bangalore, I hv many frnds there n there’s a growing industry of computers, we can start a new business there. Ajit says but starting a new business is not easy Ranveer Babu. Ishwari says on top of dat, u hv Neha n Neeti’s responsibility too. Ranveer says I was nervous thinking abt them. Then I called Om bhaiya, n when he too supported us, we took bhaiya n bhabhi’s blessings n left home. Om says we did right na papa? Diwakar says we’re proud of u Ranveer Babu. Ranveer says thank u papa, but d only regret is dat I lost my family. Diwakar says d family will reunite.

Sonakshi is playing wid Neeti, while Ishana is feeding breakfast to Neha. Ishwari asks Diwakar how will Ranveer manage everything in Bangalore. Om comes n says don’t worry maa. I’ve talked to Mr Richard, London. He wants Ranveer Babu to handle his entire South India business. I n Bunty r going wid them, n we’ll come after settling them. Viren says there’s no problem living in Bangalore, there’s our flat, Neha can live happily. Diwakar says vry good. Neha, Ranveer, Neeti, Om n Bunty r leaving for Bangalore. Ishwari offers chocolates to Neeti. She takes one n then asks can I get two more? Ishwari says sure. Neeti says one for Ayush bhaiya n one for Mohit bhaiya. I’ll give it to them when I’ll meet them. Ishwari’s eyes get moist. Neha says Neeti will miss Ayush n Mohit a lot. They leave for Bangalore.

Ishwari, Ishana n Sonakshi r in d temple, praying for Neha’s happiness. Ishwari’s frnds n Ajit r in one room, they call her there. She goes. They manipulate her mind against Om n Ishana saying dat Om does not care for Neha as he’s not her real brother. Radha says don’t forget Ishu, d brother who rules d business, his wife rules d house. After Om becoming d MD, if Ishana does not make Sonakshi n Saanchi dance on her fingers, then change my name. Ajit says watever happened wid Neha, u n Diwakar ji could bear it, but if any such thing happens wid Dev Babu or Aryan Babu, I n Viren ji won’t b able to bear it. Svetlana says dat Aryan can fight for his right but, don’t we know Dev, he’s vry innocent. Think about him. Radha says if real brother can do dis to his brother, then Om is step brother after all. Ishwari yells Radha!! Roop says shouting will not help. D truth is dat OWN IS OWN N OUTSIDER IS OUTSIDER. They continue brainwashing her.

So dats all for dis episode. N I’ve posted d next episode in ERSK page. But if u don’t find it, u can check my profile. Do read it n plzz comment.

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