Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded (3 shots) part 1

Hey guys. Today I’m here wid d first part of Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded 3 shots. But guys, I may miss some dialogues, so I’m saying sorry in advance. Sorry? but, I’ll try to write d story perfectly. So without wasting much time, let’s begin.

The scene starts wid a big bungalow. Then, a room is shown where there r three beds. On d bed in d middle, a boy is sleeping. He has a cute smile on his face. A lady in a saree, wid vermilion on her hairline, opens d window curtains. The cool breeze touches her face n then enters d room. She is our bubbly bubbly Saanchi. She comes n tries waking up d guy.He still does not get up. He hits his bum wid a book. He gets up wid a jerk. He was our cutie Aryan. He switches off his cute alarm clock. Then he realises d time n he hurries up.

The hall of d house is shown.There was a mandir(worship place) wid d idols of Ram ji, Sita ji n Lakshman ji. A lady in her fifties was reciting Ramayana shlokas. Two men, one of age around 55 n other of 26, were also sitting n peacefully listening to her wid their eyes closed. D lady was Ishwari, n the elder man was Diwakar n sitting next to him was Omkara. Aryan came running, without making any noise, n sat next to Omkara. Omkara opened his eyes n looked at Aryan. Aryan gave a sorry types childish look to which Omkara smiled n again closed his eyes enjoying d Ramayana. Diwakar n Ishwari did not notice Aryan. As soon as d Ramayana was completed, Ishwari’s bhaiya n bhabhi, Shakti, called as Vakil Sahab, n his wife Pinki, enter d house. They wish Ishwari n Diwakar, a happy anniversary n feed them sweets. Aryan comes forward to have sweets, but Ishwari pulls his ears n reprimands him for waking up late. Om comes to his rescue. Ishwari says dat he’s spoiling his brother. Some employees of Diwakar’s office come to wish him n Ishwari on behalf of d entire staff n factory workers. Tina, Diwakar’s secretary, hands over d guests list to Om. Jst then they hear some kids shouting Nani Nani Nani. They r Mohit, Ayush n Neeti. Neha n Ranveer hv arrived. Neeti is Neha’s daughter n Mohit n Ayush Ranveer’s brother Sushant’s children. Ishwari gives toffees to d kids n says dat she has 3 grandchildren. Neha warns her not to give more than one toffee n dat their pockets r already full. Bunty bhai has pampered them a lot. Bunty complaints dat she comes once in a yr n then she says not to pamper d kids. How dare she!! Neha holds her ears n says sorry. He smiles n gives her a packet full of chocolates. Ranveer shows Ishwari n Diwakar d dresses he brought for them, for d evening party. He shows a suit n saree to Diwakar n Ishwari respectively. Bunty is playing wid d kids to which Om jokes dat doesn’t he hv to go to his shop. Aryan says dat he saw a nightmare of Bunty band and co. shop being locked up. All continue joking like dis n enjoying snacks. Jst then Viren enters n all hide d food stuff, but one box of sweets is left outside. Viren is tired, but Diwakar teases him n asks him to take out his gift. He shows them a pocket watch for Diwakar n earrings for Ishwari. Both matching wid their outfits. Bunty comes, hiding d sweets box behind his back, but Viren sees it n snatches it from him. Neha asks him about Sona, to which he replies dat she must be coming wid Dr Sinha. Dr Sinha comes, but Sona is not wid him. All look for her when she comes behind Neha n shouts bhoo. Neha runs after her n Pinky jokes at their way of meeting each other after a long time. Sona sees Viren eating a bowl full if ice cream n snatches it from him n gives it to Aryan. He says to Dr Sinha dat he has opened restaurants on his daughter’s name n he asks her to et n let others eat, but god knows wat diamonds are there in your profession. Aryan says dat uncle always says like dis when he’s hungry. Viren says dat if u’ll hv to eat salad all day then u’ll understand. But tonight I’m not going to listen to any of her restrictions. N today Dev is coming, so I’ll eat double. Sona blushes listening to Dev’s name.

Neha, Ishwari, Om, Bunty n Ranveer r talking, when Aryan brings Sona there. He brings Dev photograph n asks Sona if she would like to tell them about d depth of her happiness. Ishwari tells him not to tease her. Neha says dat we all know, one day these two hearts will become one. Ranveer asks who has gone to receive Dev from airport. Ishwari says no one. Ranveer asks y, to which Om replies dat Dev does not want to trouble anyone. Bunty says he’s a great person. Tina was passing from there, Aryan calls her n asks if she knows how Sonakshi’s face looks when she hears Dev’s name. Jst like Bunty’s face on hearing your name. Bunty, who was drinking water, spills d water from his mouth n says dat Aryan is danger. Sona says he deserves a slap n playfully slaps him lightly. He says one more time. She slaps him on d other cheek n he says haye. Jst then a girl shouts hi. She is Saanchi. After seeing her, Aryan is lost in her n says ghar aaya mera pardesi, pyaas bujhi meri akhiyan ki. Saanchi meets everyone wid a brilliant smile n shows d decoration props she had bought for d party. Diwakar jokes in Aryan’s habit of getting up late. Viren, Vakil Sahab n Ranveer r playing carom. They ask Saanchi if her father, Ajit, was done wid his prayer or not. Ajit is shown praying to God dat Saanchi gets married to Aryan n becomes d queen of one-third property. He comes to d hall n sits wid everyone n praises Diwakar, Om n espcly Aryan. He says dat Diwakar started his business wid jst a small factory n now he’s owned industries. Om will take his business to new heights n is also training Aryan in business. Aryan gives him his business card. Saanchi’s dadi, called as Mausi by everyone, says dat nowadays Aryan helps his brother in business. Neha says he jst lifts his briefcase. He says dat Dev bhaiya also used to do dis. Dev us standing at d main door. He says, Dev still does dat. Everyone r vry happy at Dev’s arrival. Saanchi goes to d kitchen n informs Ishwari, Pinky n Sonakshi dat Dev has come. Dev comes to hug Ishwari but she says dat she won’t meet him. Pinky says dat he didn’t come home last year during holidays so Ishwari is angry. He says I’ll talk to maa. He jst looks at Ishwari n smiles n she melts. She hugs him tight.

All r sitting around d dining table n having lunch. All shout THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER, EATS TOGETGER, STAYS TOGETHER.Saanchi comes n offers samosa to Dev. He says jst one. Aryan says dat he’ll hv samosa. Saanchi asks will he. He says yes, he likes spicy more than sweet. Saanchi gives him all d samosas n pats d plate on his head. Sona asks Ranveer if he’ll hv tea. He say no. Aryan, Saanchi, Neha n Bunty shout dat Dev will hv tea. Dev says no no. Aryan says arey wat no. U jst serve. She serves tea to Dev. Aryan says Dev bhaiya, get used to it. Now she’ll hv to serve u life long. Dev holds Aryan’s T-shirt n shakes him. Ishwari’s frnds make an entry. They talk abt their kitty parties n how small families r convenient. They believe dat after marriage, all sons should be given separate houses n equal share of business n property. But Diwakar proposes dat sons should be taught living together peacefully n happily. After a long debate, they say dat their discussion could be continued some other day too, but today they hv to get ready for d party. Roop searches for her bag. Ajit finds it under d cushion n gives it to her. She says thank u bhaiya. Svetlana asks Pinky to convey her see you to Vakil Sahab. After they leave, Pinky says dat Ishwari has tamed these butterflies. All d time they speak of breaking d house instead of building a house. Diwakar says dat his family will nvr break. They’ll be together always. All of a sudden, the topic if Om’s marriage opens up.(I don’t remember how d topic started? so sorry) Diwakar says dat many girls relation had come for Om, but bcz of his hand all refused. (Om’s right hand got paralysed in childhood when he was saving Dev n Aryan’s life from a big danger.) Ishwari says chee, those girls..none of them deserved my Om. Vakil Sahab says dat d girl who’ll read Om’s pure heart, will surely come some day.

It’s Ishwari n Diwakar’s anniversary party. A car arrives at d entrance. A gurl steps out wid a man. They r Ishana n her father Tej. They give Ishwakar a bouquet n wish them happy anniversary. Diwakar introduces Tej to Ishwari n says dat he has settled here recently n he met him in association meetings. Tej says dat by inviting him at a family function, he has given him a lot of respect. He introduces Ishana to everyone. Ishana, Sonakshi, Saanchi, Dev, Aryan, Neha n Ranveer talk to Ishana about her family. Viren asks Ishwakar to say I love you to each other. Diwakar says it, but Ishwari feels shy n says dat she loves her children. Dr Sinha says dat its a prescription for good health, he should say I love you to Ishwari thrice a day everyday, for lifelong happiness. Om sings a song for Ishwakar n Ishana steals glances of Om. All dance on d song. Ishana claps vry happily n Tej notices it.

Next day Diwakar, Ishwari, Vakil, Pinky, Ajit n Mausi ji r sitting in d hall. Ajit is pacing here n there. He says, y does Tej Babu want to meet Diwakar ji at home. N y did he say dat Ishwari bhabhi should also be there. Ishwari bhabhi, u don’t know such people, first they’ll be vry nice to u n give u gifts but later they’ll get their work done through u. U dont know these business tactics. Mausi ji says y r u so impatient. Tej Babu is a nice person. Tej comes. Ajit says here he comes. Mausi ji shushes him. Tej says to Diwakar dat yesterday my daughter met your family, got to know them. But after returning home, she wasn’t my daughter anymore. She was changed. N I hv come to ask for your son Om’s hand for my daughter Ishana. Diwakar is quiet. Vakil Sahab asks wat is he thinking. He replies in which form god comes to give us happiness. Ishwari gets up. Vakil asks now where r u going. Ishwari happily says to bring sweets. Om, Dev n Aryan come. Aryan says we heard everything papa.

Bunty asks Om, y don’t u want to marry her. Om says dat bcz of my hand. Bunty says dat one day your hand will become fine. We should not lose hope. Om says dat jst on d basis of hope, we can’t destroy someone’s life right. I hv written all dis in a letter n sent to her. I hope she’ll understand n marry someone else. Bunty asks Neha to explain him. Neha says dat u’ve not understood woman, bhaiya. Once she decides something, she has full faith in it n she does it. Dev, Aryan, Saanchi n Sonakshi r standing at d door of d room n Dev says, bhaiya, we went to give your letter, but we hv brought d answer wid us.’s quite long. So next part when I’ll post I also don’t know. But before posting part 2 I’ll post episode 24 of my ff. So u might hv to wait for some days. Till then keep smiling n keep luving Hum Saath Saath Hain. In case u missed d intro, here’s d link..

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️As always waise Dev and prem rk jaise hi Haj mumma’s boy???
    Do read my ff I have posted the 1st part
    Post soon
    Love love❤️

    1. Aarti32

      Haan, dono ek hi jaise h..dats y I replaced Prem wid Dev..N tumhara ff main zarur padhungi..thanx

  2. Thank you for converting my all time favourite movie story in FFwith my all time favourite Dev and Sonakshi

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u for commenting..N ye movie h hi aisi ki sab ko acchi lagti h

  3. Marvellous…… Loved it…..

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Maleeha dear

  4. Priya12

    Di, superbbbb….reallyyyyy awsomeeeer……..I want devakshi scenes more…..pls…….I want 2 say that ur ff is so good….superbb than the film… soon dr

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Priya, but I can’t add or remove any scenes of any couple according to my many scenes Salman Khan n Sonali Bendre had in d movie, dat many scenes Devakshi will hv in dis ff..but I can assure u dat u’ll get to read li’l romantic stuff between Devakshi

      1. Priya12


  5. You nailed it??❤

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx akshita

  6. Niki645

    Awesome one!!!! I LOVED it!!!???

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Niki

  7. Anjali333

    Thank u so much for writing my favourite film story for our loved devakshi. Nd making them prem & preeti as they r my favourite couple.
    Pls post next part soon

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Anjali for commenting..N welcome for your thank u.?? N Prem n Preeti r my favorite too

  8. Sriya

    Extremely beautifully
    I am addicted to it pls post ASAP and can you tell me the name of your ff pleaseeeeeeee I want to read that ff ????
    Love you!! ?

    1. Aarti32

      Ok dear..d name of my ff is KRPKAB Devakshi ff. I’ve posted d links to all my posts in d latest episode of my ff..Thanx for commenting

  9. ?????? You literally nailed it girl!

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx gurl!!

  10. Chanpreet0815

    Aarti its one of my favourite movie. I just love the movie ham saath saath h.
    And u replaced prem and priti with dev and sonakshi. Wow.
    Vese dev or prem ek jese hi h. and priti or sona ek jese wow what an idea. I really loved it.

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Aarti I just loved it idea. And u know its one of my favourite movie. And my fav couples are prem and priti. And u replaced them with dev and sonakshi. I just loved it idea.

  12. Chanpreet0815

    Really superb Aarti.
    I commented on ur ff 2 times. But till now it’s in awaiting moderation. I kknow its my favourite movie. And prem and priti r my favourite couples. And u replaced them with devakshi. I just loved ur idea keep it up.
    And when ever u will post it plzz send me the link. Becoz don’t visit this page regularly so.

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u thrice Preet..all your comments mean a lot..

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