Hum Saath Saath Hain IPKKND FF (Part 2)

Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 2
Dedicated to Jo who wants the introduction of Payal and Lavanya in this part.

Anjali was dressing up.Shyam rolled his eyes on her.
Anjali smiled as she loves Shyam’s eyes falling on her secretly.

Anj:Why are you staring at me like this?

Shyam went near her.
Shy:I was just seeing how beautiful you are.
She blushed.

Shyam held her chin cutely

:I feel like romancing you.But what to do?No time as we have to leave immeditately for the party.No problem.We will romance after coming back home.
They both giggled.

Shyam and Anjali went to the Raizada Mansion.They all were excited.
Shyam touched the feet of Rishab and Prerna.Anjali hugged his parents.
Anj:Hey everyone.I am here..
She ran towards her brothers and hugged them.
She tied a golden watch on Akash’s wrist:Happy birthday Akash bhaiyya.
He caressed her head.
Shyam:Hi my brothers in law.
Akash,NK and Arnav:Hi our only brother in law.
They laughed.

Raizadas’ family friends Manohar and Manorama came.
Manorama:Hello hi bye bye.
Manohar:Sorry for becoming late.This Manorama took so much of time in dressing.
Manorama:Hello hi bye bye…I am a woman.A woman needs to dress up well.Right Prerna?
Prerna smiled:Of course yes.
NK looked for Lavanya.
Prerna:Where is Lavanya?
Manorama:.Lavanya …..Where is she?She was here with us.
Suddenly Lavanya came from behind.NK became happy.
La:Sorry…my earring was missing.I was searching for it.
Manorama:Did you get your earring?
La:Yes I got it.It was lying near the gate.
NK thought:She is just like her mother.So fashion conscious.
Lavanya’s eyes met NK.NK smiled.She blushed.
NK:Hi Lavanya.
La:Hi NK…
NK:You are looking so stylish…
She blushed:Thank you.I know that I am very stylish.
La:But when you tell me that i am beautiful it’s definitely very special.
Nk smiled:Really?Why?
They shared a sweet eye lock.

Shashi,Garima,Khushi and Payal came.
Shashi:Did you recognize her?
Rishab:Not really.
Garima:This is Payal.
Prerna:Payal…you have grown so big.
Payal smiled.
Payal’s eyes fell on Akash.
Payal went near Akash.
P:Did you recognize me?
P:You recognized me.But how?
Ak:I don’t know.But my mind said that you are Payal.

She smiled.
Ak:How did you recognize me? Oh…others may have led you to me.Right?
Ak:Then how did you recognize me?
P:I recognized you.That’s it.
He smiled.
P:Happy birthday Akash.
She gave him a gift.
Ak:Thank you so much.
P:Hope you will like my gift.Open it after the party.
Ak:I am sure that I will like it.
She smiled.

Arnav could’nt take his eyes off Khushi.She was looking gorgeous.

Khushi’s eyes met Arnav.She realized that his eyes were on her.She was blossoming like a flower.Her hair danced in breeze.

They both got lost in each other.

Rabba ve….

Arn:Now no one will believe that you are a doctor.You don’t look like a doctor at all.

Arn:You look like a top model.
Khushi smiled:Well…not a bad compliment.

But I prefer to be a doctor who treats sick people and cure them.
Arn:Yes Khushi.I also want you to be a good doctor who treats my Akash bhaiyya.
Arnav became emotional.

Understanding his emotion Khushi smiled comforting him:Sure Arnav.I will be the best doctor for Akash bhaiyya and I will give him the best treatment along with my dad.

Arnav smiled.

Akash cut cake and everyone sang birthday song for him.Akash fed his parents and brothers with cake.They fed him back.
Rishab:Akash is my first son and very special too.
Prerna:Akash is the first one to call me mother.I am lucky to have a son like him.
Akash became emotional:You both are my luck.I am very lucky to have such loving and supportive parents.
Rishab and Prerna became very emotional.
Akash sang emotionally for Rishab and Prerna.

Yeh To Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai,
Hai Magar Phir Bhi Anjaan Hai,
Dharti Pe Roop Maa Baap Ka,
Us Vidhaata Ki Pehchaan Hai…

Janmdaata Hai Jo, Naam Jinse Mila,
Thamkar Jinki Ungli Hai Bachpan Chala,
Kaandhe Par Baithke, Jinke Dekha Jahaan,
Gyan Jinse Mila, Kya Bura Kya Bhala,
Itne Upkaar Hain Kya Kahen,
Yeh Bataana Na Aasaan Hai,
Dharti Pe Roop Maa Baap Ka,
Us Vidhaata Ki Pehchaan Hai…

Janam Deti Hai Jo, Maa Jise Jag Kahe,
Apni Santaan Mein, Pran Jiske Rahe,
Loriyan Hothon Par, Sapne Bunti Nazar,
Neend Jo Vaar De, Hanske Har Dukh Sahe,
Mamta Ke Roop Mein Hai Prabhu,
Aapse Paaya Vardaan Hai,
Dharti Pe Roop Maa Baap Ka,
Us Vidhaata Ki Pehchaan Hai…

Aapke Khwab Hum, Aaj Hokar Jawaan,
Us Param Shakti Se Karte Hain Prarthna,
Unki Chhaya Rahe, Rehti Duniya Talak,
Ek Pal Reh Sake Hum Na Jinke Bina,
Aap Dono Salaamat Rahe,
Sabke Dil Mein Yeh Armaan Hai,
Dharti Pe Roop Maa Baap Ka,
Us Vidhaata Ki Pehchaan Hai,
Yeh To Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai…

Rishab and Prerna became so emotional that they hugged all their children.

Jaise Aankhon Mein Ho Shokhiyan,
Jaise Hothon Pe Ho Surkhiyan,
Jaise Saawan Mein Jhoome Jiya,
Jaise Sajni Ke Sung Ho Piya,
Diya Aur Baati, Hum Saath Saath Hain,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain…

Arnav and NK also joined Akash in singing while Anjali stood with them to express her love for her parennts.
Manorama whispered to Manohar:Akash is lucky to have such a wonderful family.But it’s pity that because of his leg no girl is willing to marry him.
Manohar:When right time comes he will also get a girl.

Manorama:Who will marry this handicap?
Manohar:Manorama…atleast now you keep quiet.
Manorama:Why are you getting angry?I said the truth only.
Payal who overheard it became sad.
She thought:Poor Akash.He is so loving.But stupid girls failed to see his beautiful heart.
NK and Arnav overheard it and fumed with anger and pain.
NK went near Lavanya:Tell your mother to have a control over her tongue.She is saying that no girl wants to marry Akash bhaiyya.How dare she?Was she pitying him or ridiculing him?
Lavanya felt upset:I apologize on behalf of my mother NK.You know my mother.Right?Her tongue is loose.But she is good at heart.

NK:Sorry Lavanya.I became rude to you.
La:It’s ok NK.Your anger is justified.
Suddenly she noticed his attire.
La:What is this NK?This is how you dressed for your brother’s birthday party?
NK:Why?What’s the problem?This shirt is not good?
La:It’s good.But does’nt suit this occasion.You should wear a nice party wear.
NK:Ok..ok…I will obey you as you are a good fashion designer.
She smiled.
NK wore a blue shervani came.
La:Wow NK.You look dashing.
NK:Really?You really liked me?I mean I look really dashing?

Lavanya blushed:Yes.You look really handsome.Very cute too.

NK smiled sharing a cute eye lock with her.

Arnav went to a corner and wept.Khushi saw it and went near him:What happened Arnav?
Arn:Khushi,please cure Akash bhaiyya.

People are ridiculing him that no girl wants to marry him.My bhaiyya is perfect.He has got a loving heart.How dare people make fun of him?

People are seeing only his physical defect.Though he is efficient,capable and intelligent,though he is down to earth,though he helps others all are taunting him.Why this happens with Akash bhaiyya Khushi?
Khushi felt upset for Akash.

But she hid her pain and tried to give strength to Arnav.
K:Arnav…your Akash bhaiyya will be alright.We are trying our best and he has improved a lot compared to his condition in childhood.And a nice girl will enter his life seeing his beautiful heart and she will love him truly.Trust me.And those who ridiculed Akash bhaiyya…let them go to hell.

They themselves will be ashamed to talk like this about him when they see him happy with his true love.
She consoled him.
She cupped his face in her arms:And Arnav…this is not the occasion to get upset.If you become upset…what will be Akash bhaiyya’s condition?
She smiled.
K:So enjoy the party.Celebrate to the fullest.What more is needed for Akash bhaiyya to be happy?
NK came hearing it.
NK:Khushi is right Arnav.If we both are upset Akash bhaiyya will not be happy even on his birthday.We should make him happy.

Arn:Yes.Why should we spoil our mood just because others said something rubbish?We should ignore it and enjoy.
Khushi and NK smiled.
NK:Right bro.

Arn:By the way did you change your party wear?
NK:Ya.Lavanya did’nt like what I wore before.So I wore this blue shervani.Looking nice?
NK blushed:Lavanya also liked it.

Arnav and Khushi smiled.
Arnav teased him:What’s happening between you and Lavanya?
NK became shy:Nothing Arnav.
Arn:Oh really?You expect me to believe it?

NK smiled:We will discuss that later.Now let us go to Akash bhaiyya.

They went near Akash.

NK,Anjali and Arnav put cake’s icing on Akash’s face and Akash screamed.Then all the 4 laughed.Khushi,Lavanya,Rishab and Prerna became smiled seeing them enjoy.
Prerna to Rishab:Thank you so much for making me a mother.Otherwise I would not have got this much love.

Rish:Prerna…it’ not because of me you are getting love.You are getting love because of your love for your children.
She smiled.

At night…

Akash opened Payal’s gift first.
He could’nt believe his eyes.It was the framed photograph of Akash and Payal when they were small.

He was very happy.Suddenly his phone rang.
Ak:It’s an unknown number.Who is this?
He attended the call:Hi Akash.Payal here.
He was surprised:Payal!How did you get my number?

P:Khushi gave your number.I was restless thinking whether you will like my gift or not.That’s why I rang you up.Did you open my gift?
Ak:Yes.I saw your gift and this is one of the the most beautiful gifts i ever received. It reminded me of our childhood days.I will cherish this always.
Payal smiled:I feel so happy Akash.Do you remember our childhood days?

He smiled.I remember everything.Those were the golden days.
P:Yes,they were.
Ak:You also remember those days?
P:Though I was away from this place my mind and heart were here.So I remember each and everything.
Akash smiled.

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