Hum Saath Saath Hain IPKKND FF (Part 11)


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Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 11
Anjali:Husband?What kind of a husband is he?He showed me and my family fake love.He deserves more than physical torture.I don’t want such a husband.
She removed her nuptial chain and threw it at Shyam’s face.Shyam was shattered.Prerna was shocked.
Anjali cried loudly.

Arnav stared at Shyam:What anjali said is true.A heartless person like you are a home breaker.You don’t deserve to be a part of this family.So get out.Never come here again.

Shyam was shattered.

Prerna:You are misunderstanding Shyam.His love for our family is true.That’s why he did it.
Anj:What are you saying mom?
P:Shyam did all this to save Akash’s life.
Arnav and NK:What?
P:It’s lucky to get a son in law like Shyam.
Rishab:What are you saying Prerna?Tell us clearly.

Flash back…

After NK Lavanya’s engagement party…

Anjali was sleeping.Shyam was called by Harshvardhan.
Shy:Chachaji,why did you call me?
Harsh:Rishab made Akash the managing director.
Shy:Yes.I am very happy for that.
Suddenly Harsh’s colour changed:How dare you say you are happy with his decision?
Shyam was shocked:Chachaji…you had told everyone that Akash bhaiyya deserved it.
H:Yes.I said so.But I was really mad at Rishab and Akash.
Shy:So as usual you hid your true face and behaved sweetly to everyone.Right?But those innocent people think that you are very loving.
H:Just shut up.Why should I love them?I got you married to Anjali only because of Raizada property.
Shy:I know that Chachaji.When I was dating Anjali you tried to make me married to a business tycoon’s daughter.But seeing Raizada property you agreed to get me married to Anjali.
H:Yes.But my calculations were wrong.Anjali did’nt get the share I expected from Raizadas.

Shy:But you told them like a role model that you don’t expect dowry from them as you did’nt want your image to get ruined.But in your mind you expected that from them.So cheap.
H:Stop it.Don’t forget that I looked after you after your parents passed away.You should be grateful to me.
Shy:For world you are a great person you brought up an orphan like me.But only I know that you did that only because of the wealth my parents transferred in my name.
H:Enough is enough.You are right.I did all this for wealth only.So I don’t want Akash to be the managing director.You should work some plan executed by me to put out Akash from that position.
Shy:Never chachaji.
H:Do you have the courage to oppose me?Then listen.I can go to any extent to make it happen.
Shy:What can you do?
H:I will kill Akash.
Shyam was shocked.
H:I got you married to Anjali thinking that through her we will get more wealth.And if it does’nt happen she is useless and you know that I don’t keep useless products here.
Shy:What do you mean?
H:I will kill Anjali also.
Shyam screamed:Youuuuuuuuuu!
H:You know very well that I can do that also.So better you obey me.Do what I say.

Shyam was nervous.
H:Instead of Akash you should be the managing director.Otherwise…
Shyam was scared.

Shyam visited Prerna.Prerna was irritated.
Shy:What happened mummiji?You seem to be in a bad mood.
P:Manorama had come here to brain wash me.She does’nt want Akash to be the managing director.I know she wants Nandu to be in that position as her daughter Lavanya will get married to Nandu.She is trying to get me turn against Akash as he is not my blood.She thinks her poisonous tongue can change my mind.Akash may not be my blood.But he is my first and dearest son always.
Shy:But you pretend that you are against Akash.And don’t let Akash bhaiyya be the managing director.
P:What do you mean Shyam?
Shy:I am telling the truth.Akash bhaiyya’s life will be in danger if he becomes the managing director.My Anji may also be in danger.
Shyam told her everything.Prerna was shocked.
P:I never knew that there was a devil behind Harshvardhanji’s friendly face.I can’t believe it.
Suddenly Shyam’s phone rang.
Shy:It’s chachaji.He wants to talk to you.
Shyam gave the phone to Prerna:
Harsh:Hello Prernaji…how are you?Hope Shyam told you everything.
P:How dare you?You cannot touch my kids.I will tell Rishabji about you.
H:Don’t do that blunder.If so I may finish him too.My people have already surrounded his office.
Prerna got scared:Please don’t do that.

H:Then do that i say.


Prerna:I thought let my children and husband hate me.But I have to do that to save my children.I fought with Akash purposefully and provoked him to leave the house.So that he will be away from that devil Harshvardhan.I did that to protect him,not because I hate him.
She shed tears.
NK,Anjali and Arnav hugged Prerna and cried.
Slowly they looked at Shyam.
Arnav and NK:Sorry Shyam.We misunderstood you.
Rishab:Sorry damadji.
Shy:Don’t say sorry.Anyone will doubt me.It’s normal.
Anjali could’nt face Shyam.

Shyam looked at him emotionally:Anji..
Suddenly Anjali wept:I am sorry Shyam.Actually I don’t deserve pardon.You did so much for us.Without seeing your heart I hurt you a lot.

I hate myself.
Anjali slapped her own face.Shyam held her hand.
Shy:Are you mad?I did all this to save you from that monster.I did’nt let him hurt you.Then how can I let you hurt yourself.
Anjali fell in his arms and cried.He caressed her.

The next morning…
Anjali did puja in the puja room.Shyam came there.
Anj:Shyam…I did a sin by throwing my nuptial chain at you.Instead of respecting and preserving it and insulted it.I want to correct my mistake.I want to be your bride again.
She showed the nuptial chain which was in her hand.He took it and tied it around her neck.He filled the parting of her hair with vermilion.

They became very emotional.

Harshvardhan went near Shyam:When are you taking charge of the AR company?
Shyam:You are waiting for that?Then listen…it will never happen.I have decided to back out.
Harsh was shocked:What did you say?Did you forget everything?I will kill Akash and Anjali …may be Rishab also if you disagree.
Anjali was recording it standing behind the wall.She sent it to others.
Policemen came:Mr.Harshwardhan Shetty…you are under arrest.
Harsh was shocked:Why?
Pol:There is a complaint that you are threatening Rauzadas that you will kill them.
Harsh was shocked.
H:Nonsense.Is there any proof against me?Just because of a fake complaint you came directly to arrest me.How foolish you guys are.Go from here.Otherwise I will file a case against you all for false accusation against me.

Pol:Don’t think we are foolish.You can’t scare us like this.We have evidence.
They played the video of Harsh threatening Shyam.
Harsh was shocked.Anjali came.
Anj:I only sent them the video.
Harsh was shocked:Anjali!
Anj:We came to know everything.We respected you so much.But what did you do?It was shocking.
Harsh roared with anger:Shyam….you cheated me.You told others everything.I will not leave you.
Harsh jumped onto Shyam.
Anj:Don’t dare to touch my husband Mr.Harshvardhan Shetty.Else i will forget that you are Shyam’s chachaji.
Pol:We will manage him.
The police men took him away.

All Raizadas were happy.
Rishab:Finally our only enemy got punished and we can live peacefully.
Prerna wept:But how will I face Akash?Poor boy.I hurt him a lot.Happy that he has got a wonderful wife like Payal near him.

Arnav:Mom…Akash bhaiyya will never be angry with you.When we all were angry with you he still supported you.He has that much faith in you.
P:I know that very well.My Akash loves me a lot.
Shashi:I am so happy that my daughter Khushi is going to be a part of such a loving family.

Garima:Our Khushi is very lucky.Only a few girls get such nice in laws.

Khushi smiled.
Manorama wept:I am sorry Prerna.I did’nt know that this family was this strong and loving.You all surprised me with your love.Please forgive me for trying to brain wash you.
Prer:It’s ok Manorama.
All were confused.
Manohar:What is this Manorama saying?

Prer:Nothing.Leave it.
Mano:No Prerna.Let them know what I did.

Manorama confessed how she tried to brainwash Prerna against Akash.All were shocked.
Manohar:Manorama…how disgusting you are!
Lavanya:I never expected this from you mom.

Prer:Please don’t scold her.She realized her mistake and apologized.That’s what most important.
Manohar and Lavanya kept quiet.Everyone smiled.

Akash was upset.Payal went near him.
P:Akash…Are you ok?

Ak:Yes Payal.But I don’t know why.I have a strange feeling.

Suddenly the bell rang.They opened the door.They were surprised.

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