Hum Saath Saath Hain IPKKND FF (Part 10)


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Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 10
After a few days…

Arnav went to Gupta house.
Garma:Arnav beta…Prerna is consulting the astrologer to fix your wedding date with Khushi.
Arn:I know.But sorry auntiji.I can’t marry Khushi in this stage.
Shashi:Arnav…we all know that very well.Even we are not in a hurry to conduct your wedding in the midst of family problems.Khushi also understands that.
Khushi came.Shashi and Garima left leaving them alone.
Arn:Khushi…I am sorry.I can’t marry you now.Are you angry with me?

K:Arnav,how could you even think that I will be angry with you for that?Don’t you know that I can read your mind very well?Your family is my family too.And I also don’t want to get married now.We will get married when our family is full of happiness and peace.
Arnav held her hand:Thank you Khushi for being so understanding.You are my luck.
She smiled emotionally.

Arnav came back home.
Prerna:Arnav…the astrologer said that this month there is a good date for yours and Khushi’s wedding.
Arn:Oh stop it mom.I don’t want to get married when my Akash bhaiyya is isolated by you.When he is in tears I don’t want to get married and enjoy.I will marry Khushi only when Akash bhaiyya smiles happily from the bottom of his heart.
He walked away.Prerna became dull.

All were having dinner.All were silent.
Prerna:Why so much of silence in this house now?No jokes,no laugh,no chat…Nandu…you used tojoke a lot.Now what happened?
NK:Mom…Don’t call me Nandu.
NK:Because you call me Nandu when you feel so much of love for me and I don’t need the love which you don’t give Akash bhaiyya.
NK walked away.
Akash felt sad:NK…

Arnav:Even I don’t want food.
Arnav walked off.
Rishab,Akash and Payal became upset.
Prer:Akash,did you see it?Because of you my sons hate me.
Akash’s eyes became wet:Maa…
Prer:Don’t call me Maa.If you really considered me as your mother you would’nt have turned them against me.

Ak:No Maa.You are misunderstanding me.I never tried to turn them against me.Believe me Maa.
Prer:I am not a fool to believe your fake tears.I know that you are happy to see my sons turning against me.You are too cruel Akash.I hate you.
Akash was shattered:Maa!
Payal was in tears.
Rishab:Prerna…what are you saying?You used to love Akash a lot.Was it fake?Must be fake.If your love was true you would’nt have admitted that you hate him now.I hate you Prerna.Now I regret marrying you.

Prerna’s heart was pricked.
P:Wow!You made my husband also hate me Akash.
Ak:No Maa.
P:Don’t come in front of me.Get lost.
P:I don’t want to see your face again.
Akash was shocked.
Ak:Maa…do you want me to leave this house?Tell me.
P:Yes.Leave this house.
Rishab,Akash and Payal were shocked.
Rish:Prerna…what are you saying?
Prerna was silent.

Akash cried while packing his luggage.Payal tried to console him:Akash…control yourself.Don’t be weak.Your brothers will also be upset.And trust me.Mummiji’s misunderstandings will go and she will love you like before.

Ak:Payal…like you think Maa does’nt hate me.She still love me.It’s just that she is angry with me.I am sure that one day her anger will melt.
Prerna who overheard this said in her mind:Akash…when others think that you really hate me why are you always sure that I love you?You are great Akash.

Seeing Akash and Payal leave Arnav and NK cried.Rishab was numb.Khushi and Lavanya who were there also became upset.
Arn:Dad,why are you not stopping bhaiiya from going?
Rish:Let him leave.That’s better.If he leaves he will get peace of mind.Here he will only get taunts.
NK and Arnav went near Akash and Payal painfully.They hugged Akash-Payal and cried.
Ak:Don’t cry…We will be back one day.Maa will accept me again.Wait and see.
Payal:Yes Arnav Devarji and NK devarji..we will definitely come back.This is only a temporary exit.

Ak:Take care of papa Maa.
Arnav-NK nodded tearfully.
Payal to Khushi and Lavanya:Take care of my Devarjies Arnav and NK.
Lavanya nodded tearfully.
Akash smiled:Payal.. is there any need to tell Khushi and Lavanya to look after Arnav and NK?They will even worship your devarjies.
Payal was in tears:You are right Akash.We don’t need to worry about that at all.

Khushi wiped her tears:Yes Payal bhabhi.We will not let them know your absence.But the truth is that we can never replace you.
Payal felt emotional.
P:I am so lucky to get such sweet devranies.Khushi,my sister turned out to be dearest Devrani.And Lavanya …you are the sweetest and perfect for NK devarji.
Khushi and Lavanya hugged Payal tearfully.
P:Khushi…Lavanya…don’t send us with tears.We won’t be happy.
They wiped their tears.
La:We will not cry Payal bhabhi.Come back soon.We will be expecting it.

Khushi:Devi maiyya will surely bring you both back.

Payal and Akash smiled:Sure.
Akash-Payal left waving hands at them with tears.

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NK:Still bhaiyya has so much of hope that mom will call him back.
Arnav wept.

Arnav:Mom,are you happy when Akash bhaiyya left this hiuse?
NK:You stooped so low that you made him leave the house.Why mom?
Arn:Because you don’t trust Akash bhaiyya’s love?But how could you forget so easily that Akash bhaiyya risked his own life to save our life during childhood?Because of that incident he lost his health and got ridiculed by the whole world for his physical defect caused by that accident.But you forgot that very fast because he is not your real son?
NK:Akash baiyya lost so much because of saving us.Still youdoubt his love and loyalty?How could you mom?

Prerna struggled hard to control her tears.
Rishab stared at Prerna:If you were not my children’s mother the moment you kicked out Akash and Payal I would have sent you out.
Prerna was stunned.
Shyam and Anjali came.
Anj:Why are you all upset?Where are Akash bhaiyya and Payal bhabhi?
Nk cried:They left the house.
Anjali was shocked:Why?

Arnav:It’s all because of mom.
They told her everything.Anjali was shocked.She burst into tears.
Anj:I never expected this from you mom.You are so stone hearted.I feel ashamed to be your daughter.
Prerna ran to her room crying.
Anjali cried:How could mom do this to Akash bhaiyya?
Arnav embraced her consoling her.

Shyam entered Prerna’s room.
P:Shyam…everyone hates me for what I did to Akash.
Shyam became dull.
P:But nobody knows that I did’nt do it purposefully.I was forced to do it.I love Akash very much.I did this only following your advise.
Suddenly Prerna saw Rishab,Anjali,Arnav and NK at the door way.They were stunned.
Arnav:What did you say mom?You were forced to do it as you obeyed Shyam?

NK:It means Shyam only asked you to make him the managing director instead of Akash bhaiyya?
Anj:It’s because of Shyam that you kicked Akash bhaiyya out?
Prerna was silent.Shyam was sweating.
Anjali looked at Shyam:Mom is not saying anything.Tell me Shyam…is it because you wanted to be the owner of our family property that mom did all this?
Shyam could’nt face Anjali.
Anj:Your silence speaks the hidden truth Shyam.

NK,Arnav,Khushi,Lavanya and Rishab were shocked.
Rish:We considered you as our son.But you blackmailed Prerna to do this?Because of you I became so rude to Prerna.
Rishab to Prerna:I am sorry Prerna.You love Akash a lot.But I doubted your love for him.Sorry.
She cried.

Prerna fell into his arms and cried.
Arnav,NK and Anjali wept:Sorry mom for hurting your mind.
Prer:No children..
Anj:Sorry mom.Without knowing the truth how much did I shout at you shamelessly?
Prer:Don’t cry beta.
Anj:I don’t even deserve to be your daughter.
Prer: Don’t say like that Anjali.
Prerna kissed her forehead and tried to console her.
Khushi:Anjali,don’t cry.

Anj:Khushi bhabhi….I hurt my mom trusting my unfaithful husband blindly.
Anjali hugged Khushi crying.Khushi caressed her:Anjali….don’t cry too much.Everything will be alright.
Anj:No.Everything is over now.
Khushi became upset.

Khushi looked at Shyam tearfully.Khushi remembered how she used to have fun with Shyam and Anjali.
K:I considered you as my brother.Remember the good times you,Anjali and I had.I can’t believe that you are the same person.How could you do this Shyam?
Shyam wept silently.

Arnav stared at Shyam pulling his shirt:Because of you we almost hated our mom.

NK:Why did you do this Shyam?
Anj:I trusted you blindly.But you hurt all my family members.I never thought that you were so cruel.
NK:Anji…no need of talking to a cheap person like him.
Anjali did’nt hear anything.She looked at Shyam with burning anger.

Anj:Don’t call me Anji.I hate you call me

Shyam was shocked:Anji..please don’t hate me.I can’t bear it.

Suddenly Anjali slapped Shyam.

All were shocked.Anjali pulled his collar tight:You deserve only hatred.You are a destroyer.For wealth and position you ruined our family relationships.
Suddenly Prerna moved away Anjali from Shyam.
P:Don’t hurt Shyam.He is your husband.Don’t forget that.


I never write ff on the movie which is perfect.I had seen Hum Saath saath hain long ago when I was a kid.I thought the film was perfect.Still I wrote this SS for fffan123.But since I don’t like writing ffs on perfect movies I was thinking whether I made a right decision by writing this SS.But After watching the movie again recently I don’t regret writing on this movie now.Because I did’nt like a loving stepmother like Mamta turning against her sweetest stepson Vivek just because someone brainwashed her.So I decided not to show the sweet step mother turning grey in my SS.This SS is my small attempt to show all the family members sweet unlike the movie where Mamta turns grey.

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  1. Superb episode… please please update regularly.. I miss your episode badly..

  2. Veronica

    Wow… I loved the epi….Shyam did this all I mean he brainwashed prerna that was unexpected…And Khushi understands Arnav’s situation also good…As a total it was really worth reading

  3. Pls update next part sooooon one of my film is that

  4. Krkavita

    In that movie hum saath saath hain, Reema L Was Manorama &agoo was the step mother of Vivek bur real mom of Salman & Saif. Loved the understanding between Arnav & Khushi. Was shyam involved with Manorama in throwing payash out of the house?

  5. Krkavita

    Sorry for the typo. In this ff, Prerna played Reema Lagoo’s role. Akash is Prerna’s stepson & Mohnish Behl aka Vivek plays the stepson role. Salman & Saif are Reema Lagoo’s sons in that movie. Arnav is Prem aka salman khan & khushi is Sonali Bendre aka Preeti. Nk is Saif & La is Neelam. Loved arnav khushi understanding. Nice to know that everyone came to know that Shyam blackmailed Prerna to make him md & kick akash out.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Lavanya is not Neelam.Neelam’s role is played by Anjali in this FF.Lavanya is doing Karishma Kapoor’s role in this SS.
      In the movie the stepmother became partial towards her real sons when some ladies brainwashed her.I did’nt like it.I felt that the beautiful relation of the stemom n stepson was ruined in a in this SS I made Prerna to pretend to hate Akash.Here she was forced to behave like that

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