Hum Saath Saath Hain IPKKND FF (Part 1)


Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 1

Akash,Arnav,NK and Anjali are kids.
Arnav and NK got excited seeing the swimming pool.
NK:Wow!Can’t wait to jump into the swimming pool.
Arnav:Me too NK.
Akash:What rubbish!You guys said that you all want to see me swim.That’s why I brought you people here.Not to make you guys swim.And i know very well that you guys can’t swim.Then why are you even thinking of jumping into the swimming pool?Forget it.

Anjali:I think Akash bhaiyya is right.
NK:You keep quiet Anji.Don’t talk in between your big brothers.
He looked at Akash::No bhaiyya.We want to jump into the pool.
Ak:No…This pool is for the people who know swimming.
Arn:We know you are a swimming champion in school.But we also want to learn swimming.
Ak:Of course.But swimming lessons should not be taken in this pool.
Before Akash could control them Arnav and NK jumped into the pool.
Ak:Oh no…
Arnav and NKstarted drowning.They screamed:Bhaiyya….
Anjali started crying.Akash got tensed and his eyes got welled up with tears:I told you not to jump.Hey God…

Akash jumped into the pool and saved Arnav and NK.
They both fainted due to fear.Anjali was crying:Akash bhaiyya….why Arnav and NK are not opening their eyes.
Akash was upset:Don’t cry Anji.Nothing happened to them.
Akash pressed their stomach and water leaked from their mouth.Slowly they opened their eyes.
Akash and Anjali became very happy.
Arnav and NK wept:Sorry bhaiyya.
Ak:Anyways nothing happened to both of you.
They walked.Suddenly Akash’s leg slipped due to the wet floor and he fell down terribly.
They screamed:Bhaiyya!
Akash cried bitterly.
Arnav rang up Prerna:Mom…
P:What happened Arnav?
Arnav cried:Akash bhaiyya….

Akash was taken to the hospital.
Rishab:Dr…please tell how Akash is.
Dr:Akash is fine.No head injury.
They all were very happy.
Doctor:But the fall was so heavy that Akash’s legs got paralysed.
They were shocked.They all cried.
Rishab:No,it’s not possible.
Prerna:My Akash beta…

Akash smiled tearfully:I am not sad.I could save my brothers.That’s more important.Only legs are paralysed.I am still alive and I have you all.
Arnav and NK:Because of us bhaiyya is in this condition.

Ak:No brothers.Don’t blame yourselves.
Prerna:If you both had listened to Akash this would not have happened.God have blessed you guys with an amazing brother.No brother can do this for his brothers in such a small age.
They all wept.
Dr.Shashi Gupta came with Khushi:What happened?
Rishab explained everything.
Khushi wept:Akash bhaiyya….
Shashi:No need to be so upset.Akash can be cured with treatment.He will be able to walk.
I will give him treatment.

They all were very happy.

Sashi started his treatment on Akash and Akash started walking also.Still he is not able to walk properly like normal people.So his treatment continued.

Years passed…
All are grown up now…

Akash woke up.Suddenly he saw NK and Arnav wishing him:Happy birthday Bhaiyya!
He was surprised and hugged his brothers happily.
Ak:I forgot about it.
Prerna came:You are thinking only about your family.That’s why you are forgetting your own birthday.
She caressed Akash:Happy birthday Akash beta.
Akash hugged Prerna:Thank you mom.
Rishab came:Happy birthday beta.

Ak:Thank you dad.
NK:Guess what bhaiyya?We are throwing a party in the evening.
Ak:What was the need of all that?
Arnav:You always arrange party on our birthday.Then why can’t we arrange party on your birthday?
Akash smiled.

Akash’s phone rang.He attended the call.
Anjali:Happy birthday bhaiyya..
Ak:Thank you Anji.We all miss you very much.When are you coming?
Anji:I also miss you all.Shyam is in his office now.He has got an important meeting.When he comes back we will come there and celebrate the birthday together.
Akash smiled.
Arnav:Mom…please make the best dishes of this world.
Prerna:Today I will make my Akash’s favourite dishes.
They all were in joyful mood.

After some time..
Shashi and Khushi came.Sashi checked Akash’s leg and made him do light exercise.
Shashi:So much of improvement in your leg Akash.
Ak:Thank you so much Shashi Uncle.It’s because of you and Khushi that my leg improved.Now I can walk better.
Khushi: Akash…but continue the exercise though you are busy with your job.Don’t compromise that.
NK:Bhaiyya never forgets to exercise however busy he is.He does that late night.
Khushi smiles.

Her eyes searched for someone.NK smiled naughtily:Are you not looking for Arnav?
Khushi blushed.
Rishab,Prerna,Shashi who are aware of Arnav Khushi’s love smiled.
NK:Is your heart restless not seeing Arnav around?
K:NK…you are too much.
Khushi pushed him and ran away only to get bumped into Arnav.She was about to fall down.But Arnav held her looking into her eyes.They got lost in each other’s eyes.

Rabba ve….

NK came:So Khushi found her Arnav.
Immediately Arnav Khushi parted.They were shy.
K:I am going.
Khushi ran away.
Arn:NK,why did you tease us?That’s why Khushi ran away.Otherwise she would have been near me for some more time.
NK:Oh really my brother?
Arnav became shy.

Khushi went near Shashi.
Rishab:Shashi…you all should not forget to come in the evening for the party.
Shashi:Today evening Khushi and I are free.So we will all come for sure.My niece Payal has landed in the early morning.
Akash’s face blossomed hearing Payal’s name.

He remembered that Payal used to come to stay with Khushi during vacations.Akash and Payal were good friends too.But her parents got a job in UAE and they all left for UAE.After that he has not seen Payal at all.
Prerna:Payal is back to India?
Shashi:Yes.She got a job here.She missed India.So she is back to India.
Prerna:Bring Payal also.

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  1. Arshi

    Superb… u r posting this on if too nah?? I read one of post… but couldnt read completely… as was busy with some wroks…

    Now reading from starting … wowkw … i missed it.. now will read from IF too??

  2. Wow… nice episode.. arnav become shy… OMG I can’t believe that… arnav want khushi near him…nk ccharacter was awesome n funny… I really love his character…akash so responsible son n brother.. next episode you bring payal.. waiting for her intro n also lav.

    1. Jasminerahul

      very happy 2 c ur comment here.really missed ur comment on the introduction part

  3. Jasminerahul

    thax 4 reading it.hope u wil continue reading is over on IF

  4. Wow yaar u r back again . Superb episode. Waiting for the next episode

  5. Sry Jasmine.. now a days I am busy in work, so I read ff very late.. I try to comment daily in ur ff dr… but I read the promo… and also everyone’s ff. But I can’t comment regularly..

  6. Krkavita

    Akash’s legs got paralysed in the process of saving his brothers. Feel bad for him but nice to know that he has drastically improved under sashi’s guidance. If Arnav is a kid, how come Khushi is a doctor. If they are lovers, even khushi is a kid rite?

    1. Jasminerahul

      guess u 4got to read the sentence Years passed…All are grown up now…
      Akash’s accident was FB.Now they all r adults n Khushi is a doctor.

      1. Krkavita

        ok, I guess all were lovers from childhood.

      2. Jasminerahul

        Love started when they became adults as kids r too innocent to fall in love.They were thick friends in childhood

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