Hum Royenge Itna – Part 5 Shivika

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Doctor left for her cabin and shivaay goes after her.

Shivaay knocks on the cabin door.

“Come in Mr.Oberoi… Please have a seat” replied doctor after making herself adjust on her chair.

“Doctor Anika will be fine na…” Shivaay asked doctor while sitting on chair.

“Mr. Oberoi nothing can be said at this moment. Mrs. Oberoi’s is so much weak… During operation we almost lost her four times but thanks to God we were able to bring her back every time. I am saying all this to you because chances of her survival are very much less. So be prepared for anything wor… All I can say is don’t lose hope and pray to God because miracles do happen and now only miracle can save her…” said Doctor but Shivaay cut her in between

“Nothing will happen to her… I know her doctor. She is a born fighter. She have fought like a warrior till today with all the problems life have thrown at her and always came out as a winner and this time also she will be winner like every time. She will be fine…” Shivaay said in a trembling voice… more consoling himself.

“I know Mr. Oberoi this is not easy for you to deal with but please be prepared…”

“She will be fine doctor…I know it”

“Mr. oberoi I want to know some details about her. As I have said before during operation we lost her four times it was like she doesn’t want to live. There was not even a single sign which shows that she wants to live and according to her medical reports her abortion happened when she was four months pregnant five months back and her condition at that time was not favorable for such thing. May I know the reason of her abortion because after that she is in depression continuously so can I say that it was not with her consent? After analyzing her reports from her doctor all I can say is her condition was not good. I know this is your personal matter but it is important for us to know …Are you both divorced? …” stopped doctor from further saying anything seeing the expressions of person who was sitting in front of him.

“Yes her abortion was forced. She was drugged at that time and one of my friends was in all this. She bribed doctor and forced her to do her abortion. We all came to know about this after everything has happened and …” and he was not able to speak any more.

Doctor removes her spectacles and wipes her tears.

“I am sorry Mr. Oberoi. I was …”

“It’s okay Doctor.”

“I think this is enough. She is in depression from that day so where were you…? At that time she needs your support very much…”

“We were separated due to misunderstandings. I thought that she have done abortion because…”

“So you were not with her when she needed you the most… She had gone under a forced abortion and she did not have support not emotional not physical… You are her husband Mr. Oberoi how can you do that? No one can better understand his wife than her husband…” stopped doctor then continued “Hope for good. May be god will listen and she will get fine…” She stands up from her chair, wears her spectacles and stethoscope around her neck. She pats him on his shoulder as in way of assurance that everything will be fine and leaves from there. Shivaay sat motionless at his place and once again get lost in his memories…

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I am thinking of discontinuing this Story. I am sorry in advance guys who are waiting for this to updated if this turns out to be last chapter of this story…
May be I will update next part to this or may be not even I don’t know..


  1. Zoya

    No no no. Please don’t leave your readers in anticipation . Your writing directly touches the heart. We wait for you to update . Don’t break our hearts!
    Atleast complete the story๐Ÿ˜ฟ

    • Annika51



      Okay Zoya I will complete this story..
      and thanks dear for your comment…
      I will try to post next part soon..
      once again thanks dear..

  2. Yvonne Codner

    No cliff hanger please…the story must continue..because all will have to bow to Anika and beg forgiveness for their false accusation.. Please continue the saga.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aashi

    No,No,No plz Annika di dont discontinue the story
    plz its absolute awesome
    plz update soon or whenever possible but plz dont discontinue

  4. Pooja26


    |Registered Member

    do continue it dear…..
    its going fantastic……….
    ya post asap…..
    tc dear…
    wating for nxt chappy…..
    remember it

  5. Jerry_36


    |Registered Member

    Hello Chhaya di, please don’t stop writing. You don’t know many love your skills. Promise me that you won’t !!
    Coming to the chapter, its fabulous, words can’t describe it. Love you !โค

    • Annika51



      Hii Jerry..
      I promise you that I will not stop writing..
      Thanks for your sweet words sweetie..
      Your comment always made me smile..
      Love you sweetheart

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