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Thanks you everyone who have commented on the first part. I have read all of your comments and will reply to them as soon as I will get some free time and @Kanfi, I don’t know from which movie or show it is. Actually I was searching sad songs and this comes into view and I downloaded it without listening.. So you can search it on google. You will find it there.


Anika closes her eyes and suddenly everything turns black. Inside everyone were having dinner in dining area. There was no one present in hall except Oberoi’s. They were standing at their places like statues. Oberoi’s were in tears after the song sung by Anika. Tears were flowing like flood through their eyes. Shivaay was in the same position as before with Om and Rudra by his sides. Shivaay saw her soul through her eyes, her pain which she was holding inside her in her heart through her eyes and it was killing him from inside because he was the sole reason of that pain. Her eyes were not having any emotions in them. The eyes which always spoke thousands of emotions, the twinkling eyes in which her laughter reach fully when she laughs, her sparkling mischievous eyes when she played some prank on him…were now dead with no emotions in them. Shivaay was always able to see anika’s soul through her eyes by looking at her because their relation was like that. The relation of hearts, relations of souls how much they tried to denied it but after sometime even they believed this one thing that they are for each other; no matter what happens they will always be with each other in their tears, in their happiness; they will live their life together like heart and heartbeat, sea and its shore, like eyes and eyelashes; always inseparable but everything, every dream, every promise broke into pieces ;which may not be able to hold together in future; that one day. Everything changed that day. Two souls who were always one even before their birth and will be always one even after their death; life’s of two peoples who were destined to be always together became stranger that day in every way. Everything changed just in a matter of few seconds. Two person who were one just like two souls and one body, heart and heart beat, bright night with its moon and stars, sun and its sunlight… become two different hearts, two different people with different believes with different ideologies just in a matter of few seconds. Although their belief never matched, their ideologies were always different but their heart, their breath were always one. They were always like South and North Pole of a magnet no matter what, both are always present together in magnet; if South Pole is there then North Pole is always there. It does not matter what is the size of magnet but their fate, their destiny played its game and both of them were not able to handle it. They have already passed so much tests of destiny and they always came out as a winner be it Daksh’s case, Tia’s fiasco, Kamini’s lies and many more. Every time they came out as winner with hand in hand and with a smile on their faces but that was not the case now. Every promise, every belief was breaking with each second and they were not able to understand what to do, how to do… and finally everything between them fades away do not know with what? And they became total strangers. Their whole lives changed that day.

Anika’s pleading, her cries, her tear stricken face everything was coming in front of Shivaay. Every control which he have till now was breaking into thousands pieces by each passing second. He was feeling restless in the same way which he feels only when Anika is in some problem but he do not know why he is feeling all that at that time? It was like he was not able to breathe. His heartbeat was erratic. His eyes were searching only their partner who was nowhere to be seen. He was standing still at his place without any movement in him.

That day not only Shivaay lost his life but whole Oberoi Mansion lost its happiness, its smile and its charm. That day Rudra lost his superwoman, his partner in crime, his bhabhi and his superman’s angel; Om lost his best friend with whom he can share anything; Dadi lost her daughter like eldest granddaughter in law, her most favorite, it does not mean she do not love her other granddaughter in laws but Anika was different from everyone and she was most attached to her Billu’s life means his wife; Prinku lost his best friend and bhabhi, Saumya lost his best friend and her superwoman sister in law; gauri lost her long lost sister again, her best friend and her strongest sister in law; Pinky lost her daughter in law with whom now she have come on terms like as her own daughter, wife of his heera beta who are even more precious than her heera beta to her now; Jahanvi lost her eldest bahu and her partner in business ideas and fashion designs, her favourite daughter in law among three, her friend; Shakti lost his daughter like daughter in law; Tej lost his daughter in law with whom he was able to share anything and who loves him like her own dad. That day Khanna also lost his boss’s wife who always saves him from his boss wrath.

Oberoi mansion and its every person have lost their most precious person that day and with that person there everything was lost also. Now it was not a home but it was like a house where people live and do their work without any happiness.

Shivaay was feeling a different kind of restlessness. At that moment he just wants Anika to be in front of him who was nowhere to be seen. Shivaay asked Rudra and Om to go to family members and to handle them after that they have to go back to mansion also. Rudra “Bhaiyaa aap sahin toh ho bas aap ek baar…”. “I am fine Rudra. OmRu please go to Dadi, mom and badi maa and handle them. I will be back in five minutes just have some important work” replied Shivaay and then he went from there before Om was able to say anything. Om and Rudra went to the other family members. “Om please ask Anika to come back to us. Without her we are nothing, without her Oberoi’s are nothing, my Shivaay is nothing without her. Please ask her come back to us. Please Om please…” pleaded Pinky to Om. “Chhoti maa, everything will be fine. We will ask for forgiveness from her and will ask her to come back to us. Everything will be fine like before. Shivaay will make everything…” “Shivaay will make everything fine. Yahi na par Om shivaay toh khud tuta hua hai vo kya jod payega. Yeh koi Business deal nahin hai jo usse crack karni hain aur vo kar lega yahan baat anika ki hain, usske dil ki na ki uss ke dimaag ki…”

“Chhoti maa everything will be fine like before. Just have patience and belief then everything will be fine” and Om hugged Pinky tightly. Rudra was hugging Dadi and Jahanvi tightly while Tej was holding Saumya and Prinku in his arms on the otherside Gauri was in Shakti’s embrace. Everyone was trying to make strong for each other. Shivaay came into the dining area and was searching for Anika but was not able to find her. His restlessness was increasing with each passing second. He asked some waiter about Anika but they also did not know anything about her whereabouts. Shivaay saw Swayam chatting with some business people. “Mr. Swayam, May I have your two minutes…” asked shivaay. “Yes Mr. Oberoi…” “Please excuse us” “Thank you Mr.Swayam” “Yes Mr. Oberoi you want to ask something…” “Yes actually I just want to ask about Anika I mean where she is. This party is for her and she is nowhere to be seen…” “Even I am…wait a second but why are you searching her? After everything that has happened…” “This is our personal matter Mr. Swayam. So stay from it…” “I am not interested in your matter Mr. Oberoi but this is about Anika also and she is my best friend. So I have every right…” “I am her husband and she is my wife. So you do not have any right…” “Mr. Oberoi you and your family have already hurted her so much but now not anymore. So stay away from her otherwise consequences will not be good…” “Enough. Do you know where Anika is?” “I said stay away from her otherwise I will do something which I should not do…” “You can do anything which you want to but I will not back off…” “Do you know where Anika is?” “No I don’t…” “Ok Thank you I will myself find her” “You do not have to find her. There is no need for you to take tension for her. Her friend is here for her…” but even before Swayam was able to complete his sentence, Shivaay leaves from there. Swayam tries Anika’s phone but that was unreachable. He asks some waiters but they also don’t know about Anika. He was going in search for her but some important guests came and he got engaged in their talks.

On the other side, Shivaay was searching for Anika but did not find her in party. He made his way to outside in garden. Every moment spend with Anika, her crazy antics, her laughter, her language and different- different funny face expressions, her blushing…everything was coming in front of his eyes. He also remembered the night when they became one and take their relation to a new level. He remembered her content smile at that time, her innocence in romance, her shyness…and her everything. At that time a smile make a way to his lips. Then all their nights in which they explored each other, loved each other beyond their imagination, enjoyed every moment with each other came in front of his eyes and he was smiling freely with the memories of his anika. He came outside in garden. It was raining continuously outside. He was now standing in rain. Their rain romance, their first kiss came in front of him. He was smiling and tears were making their way down his cheeks. They were mixing with rain but were not able to soothe him. His restlessness was continuously increasing with each passing moment. He was feeling Anika’s presence near him he searched her everywhere and came into a far corner in garden. He closed his eyes and fell down on his knees. “Anika where are you? Please come back to me. Your Shivaay is calling you. He needs you. Please come back. I know you are angry with him. I know there is no forgiveness for what he has done. You can give him any punishment but please come back. Please come back to me Anika. I am nothing without you. Please Anika Please…” cried Shivaay with rain mixing with his tears and giving him unbearable pain. Unable to hold pain inside him he opened his eyes and sight in front of him made ground slipped beneath his feet. Anika was lying unconscious in rain in front of his eyes on some distance away from him. He was totally numb to react by seeing Anika in such a state. After some moments he gained his senses backand rushed to her. He took her in his arms. She was unconscious, turning cold with each passing minute and shivering badly. He tried to wake her up but failed. He called Khanna and asked him to come with a car outside entrance. He picked her up in his arms and took her to the entrance. Khanna was waiting there in car. He was shocked to see his Anika madam in such state. With the help of Khanna, Shivaay made anika lie on back seat of car and sit beside her with her head in his lap. He ordered Khanna to drive fastly. He was continuously rubbing her hands, sometimes face and kissing her on her whole face and was tightly holding her. He was pleading her to open her eyes. Tears were continuously coming from his eyes and were falling on anika’s face. Khanna was driving very fastly and soon in sometime they reached hospital. Shivaay picked anika up in his arms and Khanna opened the car door. They rushed inside the hospital. Shivaay lied down Anika on stretcher and hold her hands. Doctor and some nurses came there and took Anika in emergency ward. Shivaay was holding anika’s hand tightly. Doctor asked him to leave her hand. Khanna made him left her hands and doctor took her in emergency ward. Nurse asked him to sign some papers in which it was stated that hospital will not be responsible if anything happened to patient. “Nothing can happen to her. She will be fine. She has to be fine for me…” “Please sign these documents Mr.Oberoi otherwise we will not be able to operate her…” “Enough just enough. You have to save her at any cost. Nothing can happen to her…” “Mr. Oberoi please fill all the details and then sign on the documents. It’s already late. Please…” Shivaay started filling the form and then signed the documents. Nurse goes from there and enters into Anika’s ward. Her operation started. She was looking fragile with so many machines around her and doctor and nurses doing their work. Shivaay was continuously looking inside through a small glass hole. Every moment with her, her entry in his life, their marriage, their love everything was running in his mind as a video player.

With all this the memories of that dreadful day also came into his mind which was and is and will always be the worst and most dreadful day of his life.

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