Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 4


I m so sorry for not posting it yesterday and before that. I m busy with my exam preparations so could not post. I have just 5 days remaining for my exams? So I m not able to post my ff. But as tomorrow is my holiday so I thought to post my ff today? Now enough of my bak bak let’s come to the episode. In case u did not read the last episode here’s the link?

Episode 3

Today’s episode?

Viplav is in his room getting ready. He is looking too handsome. He recalls his first meeting with Dhaani. (That principal wala scene). A smile comes on his face as he recalls this moment. Kamini enters the room and finds him smiling.
Kamini- Oh thank God! U r smiling today.
Viplav turns back.
Viplav- Because of that fresher. I don’t remember her name. It was..(thinks for a while)oh ha it was Dhaani.
Viplav’s face expression changes as he says the name.
Kamini- Oh plz Viplav! Now don’t tell she is that Dhaani.
Viplav- U r right. Maybe…
Kamini (interrupts) Okabaust forget it. Don’t know why today my day is going so bad yaar.
Viplav (in a teasing way)- Why what happened?
Kamini- First of all when I was walking a stupid girl collided with me and then when I shouted at her and told her about my identity, a boy from behind commented bad on me. I have heard that voice before many times but I m not able to recognize it.
Viplav who is listening this tries to control his laughter but is not able to do and ends up laughing on Kamini.
Viplav(still laughing)- Didn’t u recognize my voice?
Kamini (angry)- Seriously was it u Viplav?
Viplav- Then what?
Kamini(fumes in anger)- u r seriously unbelievable.
Viplav (smiles)- What I said was truth na? And I don’t say lied yaar(laughs) And also this fail wala news all knew except the freshers
Kamini- Just shut up okay?
Viplav(pushes her slightly)- Oh come on Kamini! Today is a party and if u will only make these faces then what’s the use of the party? Of course u have to fail again for the next year na. Then again next year I will do the same thing.
He starts laughing while Kamini goes out ignoring him.
Viplav(smiles)- Ohoo again this girl went in anger (looks up) Oh God when will she learn to stay calm!

Dhaani and Rajlakshmi r in the party hall. Dhaani is looking all around whereas Rajlakshmi is looking continuously at Raj. Dhaani notices this and pats on her hand.
Dhaani(whispers)- Are we here to look at the boys?
Raj Lakshmi (whispers back)- See na he is so handsome yaar.
Dhaani(whispers)- U r really…
Rajlakshmi (whispers)- What?
Dhaani(irritated)- Nothing.

Just then Viplav enters.
He is looking so handsome that all the girls are just staring at him with love except one girl. Of course u know her. She is Dhaani.
Rajlakshmi (nudges her)-Hey Dhaani!
Dhaani (irritated by her act)- Now don’t tell u got another boy to stare at.
Rajlakshmi(smiles)- Arey wah Dhaani! How come u guessed it exactly correct yaar(folds her hand and sees above)- God! plz save me from her.
Saying this Dhaani leaves from there while Rajlakshmi continuously is staring at all the boys there.

On the other hand, Kamini is seen smiling evilly.
Kamini (smirks)- Let me see how that fresher will be able to take part in this party.
Viplav is searching for someone in the party. Of course its not Dhaani? (arey because he doesn’t know her properly na?)
Viplav(thinks)- Where’s this Kamini yaar? Not even one day has passed without she getting angry.
He leaves from the party hall.

Dhaani is in her room sitting quietly.
Dhaani (thinks)- Should I go back? No no let Rajlakshmi come on her own to call me. But first let her finish checking the so-called handsome boys and come.
Viplav is walking on the corridor and while walking he hears someone murmuring angrily
Viplav- Who’s this murmuring? Pakka its our angry young lady Kamini. He slowly enters the room from where the voice is coming. He enters the room and sees a girl turned behind and going on talking to herself. (She is of course Dhaani but our Viplav is very bad at guessing. Even after so many years he doesn’t knows how Kamini looks from behind?)
Kamini is smiling and walking as she knows where Dhaani is. She goes near the door of her room and smirks
Kamini (thinks)- U stupid fresher, u sit here locked while the whole college will enjoy the party. (smirks)
(Ohoo this Kamini doesn’t knows Viplav is also there. I think she doesn’t have eyes?)
Kamini closes the door without noticing Viplav is also there and goes from there smiling. Dhaani and Viplav turns back and find the door closed.

Dhaani(shocked)- Who r u?
Viplav (shocked to see Dhaani)- U? Where is Kamini?
Dhaani- Who is this Kameeni? ???
(actually she doesn’t knows Kamini’s name so by mistake she pronounced it wrong. good job Dhaani. Let’s at least clap for her??)
Viplav hearing the name ‘Kameeni’ laughs out loud.
Dhaani (thinks)- Is he gone mad?
Viplav(still laughing)- Oh sorry, plz don’t think me mad. But u pronounced the name wrong so I started laughing. Well even if u her ‘Kameeni’ there’s no problem for me.
Dhaani makes an irritated look to him and then goes towards the door.
Dhaani(shouts)- Someone is there? Plz open the door.
Viplav goes towards her.
Viplav- No one will hear. All r in the party.
Dhaani ignores him and again shouts. Viplav suddenly keeps his hand on her mouth to make her stop talking. They both look at each other and have a cute eyelock. Ishq ishq……plays.
Dhaani comes to her senses and removes his hand from her lips.
Dhaani (angry)- are u out of your mind?
Viplav- Oh hello, I m not like Kameeni, oh sorry I mean Kamini.
And he starts laughing.
Dhaani(confused)- Who is this Kameeni yaar?
Viplav(still laughing)- She’s the same girl who shouted at u in the morning.
Dhaani(smiles)- Then she is really mad??
And they both start laughing.
Dhaani- Is she your girlfriend?
Viplav (joins his hands)- Nah nah she is not my girlfriend. And I don’t want her to be also. She is just my friend.
(Note- Viplav and Kamini are not so close friends as u all know the nature of Kamini. Who will be her close friend???)

Dhaani- that means I told the correct name, Kameeni (angry face) Her name should
be Kameeni and not Kamini.
Viplav (smiles)- Correct. Good point.
Dhaani- By the way what’s your name?
Viplav- I m Viplav, Viplav Tripathi. And what was your name, I forgot yaar.
Dhaani is shocked hearing the name.
Dhaani(thinks)- is he that Viplav? But Dhaani there are so many Viplav in this world?
Dhaani is lost in thoughts when Viplav waves his hand in front of her face. Dhaani comes to her senses.
Viplav (smiles)- where were u lost?
Dhaani- No nothing….
Viplav- well what’s your name? I forgot yaar.
Dhaani(thinks)-Should I tell him? Let me tell or what will he think of me!
Viplav- Arey baba tell na.
Dhaani- My name is Dhaani Raheja.
Viplav is shocked hearing the name.
Viplav (shocked)-Where would u live?
Dhaani (with tears)- I would live here in Mumbai in my childhood but then due to some reason I had to leave Mumbai.
Viplav is now super shocked. But he stays silent as he knows Dhaani is angry with him still.
Viplav- Don’t mind but can I ask one more question?
Dhaani (thinks)- Is he my Viplav only? No no stop thinking so much Dhaani.
(Smiles and says)Ha ask!
Viplav- why did u leave Mumbai?
Dhaani (gets teary-eyed)- Never ask me this question Viplav. That’s not at all needed.
Viplav is now fully sure that she is his shikayati pudia, his Dhaani.
Viplav (smiles and forwards his hand)- So friends?
Dhaani(smiles and joins her hand with his)- Friends!
Viplav (thinks)- Now this rakshas will make his shikayati pudia come back to him.
Viplav gives his killer wala smile?
The episode ends.

Precap- Jealous Kamini?

I hope u liked the episode. I m very sorry if there r any errors? The next episode of this ff will be posted on next Wednesday after my exams get over? Till then take care?

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  1. Sujie

    Louellu….. Maza aagaya…..
    Kameeni Kaamini ek aacha kaam kar gayi…..
    Viplav Dhaani….their eyelocks…super cute moment…..
    Ab toh Shikayati Pudiya Rakshas ki hokar rahegi….. Good job chuttku….go on πŸ™‚

    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u so much Sujie di? Keep reading?

  2. Sujie

    Louellu….. Maza aagaya…..
    Kameeni Kaamini ek aacha kaam kar gayi…..
    Viplav Dhaani….their eyelocks…super cute moment…..
    Ab toh Shikayati Pudiya Rakshas ki hokar rahegi….. Good job chuttku….go on πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Renuverma

    Elle bacha its good. Only same point Γ±that in hostels girls n boys live separate n can’t go into each othΓ©rs room ?
    Here it seems both r allowed

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks for reading? Well I did not know it as I m still in 7th na. So sorry. But now let it be. Girls and boys both t allowed to enter each other’s room?

  4. Louella it is such an awesome episode.loved it sooo much ??.Louella all the best for your exam .

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Aiswarya? Keep reading? And thank u so much for your wishes???

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing Louella.. so that boy was none other than viplav?? hahaha? enjoyed alot? kamini as kameeni?? uff Maza agaya.. I was seriously laughing holding my stomach? even I asked my sister to read she also loved it alot? kamini had unknowingly done something good in vidhani favor and now viplav knows that she is his shikayte puriya .. now it would be more fun to read.. thanks sweetie for such a funny episode.. u are making us very happy by giving such treatment to kamini? .. and yeah I love reading those sentences too which u used to write in brackets? .. keep rocking and all the best for ur exams.. study hard?

  6. Lakshmi

    louella…… was fantastic….and i liked the most kameeni….hahahaha it suits her the most…looking forward for the reunion of vidhani…

  7. Meghs

    Cutie its amazing..

    Kamini is really kameeni naa?? oh my god i can’t control lough reading it..

    Good job ..

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