Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 3


I m so sorry for not posting it yesterday. I was going to post it in the evening but due to tellyupdates problem I couldn’t post. In case u missed the previous episode, here’s the link?

Today’s episode?

Dhaani (worried)- Where to go? I don’t know anyone here. Wait, let me go to principal sir and ask. She goes to the office.
In the office, there’s a man sitting in the chair turned back side.
Dhaani- May I come in sir?
(There’s a big surprise for u. Just read further)
Principal(without turning in the front)- Come and have a seat.
Dhaani comes in and sits.
Dhaani- I m Dhaani Raheja. Actually I m a fresher and so I came to ask, which room will I stay in?
The Principal turns to Dhaani. His face is somewhat similar. Yes he is Viplav.
Dhaani(thinks)- How come this principal is so young? He should be a student and not the principal.
She is lost in thoughts when Viplav waves his hand in front of her face and she comes to her senses.
Viplav- Okay…
Before he could say a man enters the office. (Actually he is the real principal)
Real Principal- Viplav, what r u doing in my chair?
Viplav- Woh… Woh I was just having a look…(stands up) Okay bye..(turns to Dhaani and winks with a smile) Bye Dhaaniji take care…..
Dhaani (thinks)- Hey Bhagwan! This college is full of stupid people!
Viplav rushes out before the principal could even say anything. Dhaani stands up.
Principal (looks at Dhaani)- U?
Dhaani- Sir I m Dhaani Raheja, new to this college.
Principal- Oh ha! Have a seat.
They both sit.

Principal- Okay so u have to share a room with a girl.
Dhaani gets worried as she doesn’t want Kamini to be her roommate.
Principal (looking at the register)- So your roommate will be a girl named Rajlakshmi.
Dhaani sighs in relief.
Principal- Hope u have no problem.
Dhaani- Not at all Sir.
Principal- And by your face u look like a simple girl. Better stay away with Viplav and his gang.
Dhaani nods in yes.
(Note- Dhaani doesn’t knows the principal is talking about her childhood Viplav, so she is thinking there r two Viplav, one childhood one and now this principal wala? After all there r many Viplav in this world na?)
She leaves thanking the principal.
She reaches her room and finds a girl. She is Rajlakshmi.
Dhaani- Hello Rajlakshmi.
RL turns.
Dhaani- Principal sir told me that u will be my roommate so I…
RL(forwards her hand for a handshake)- Well u know my name but then too, I m Rajlakshmi and u?
Dhaani(forwards her hand and joins hands with RL)- And I m Dhaani.
RL- So friends?
Dhaani (smiles)- Friends.
They have a talk and then a boy enters the room
He is Raj.

Raj- hello miss. U both r fresher’s right?
Dhaani and Rajlaskhmi nod in yes.
Raj- Well Today in the evening there’s a fresher’s party. So u have to come.
Dhaani- But….
Rajlakshmi(interrupts)- Okay we will be ready.
Raj smiles at them and goes.
Dhaani looks at Rajlakshmi angrily.
Rajlakshmi- What happened to u? Did I say something wrong?
Dhaani (angry)- Yes.
Rajlaskhmi- That means u don’t want to go, right?
Dhaani- Correct, if u want to go u go I will not come.
And she turns in anger.
Rajlakshmi(hugs her from back)- Arey why u don’t want to come? It’ll be so fun yaar. Plz na.
Dhaani(separates herself and turns to her in anger)- No. U go and have fun, I will sit here
Rajlakshmi sits down on the bed angrily folding her hands to her chest.
Rajlakshmi (angry)- Okay u don’t come. I will also not go. Now happy?
Dhaani(her heart melts seeing her cute but angry face. Goes near her and keeps her hand on her shoulder)- Arey my angry young girl, don’t get angry na.
Rajlakshmi makes a more angry face ignoring Dhaani but trying to gain her attention.
Dhaani- if I come to the party then, (gives a cute smile)will u forget your anger and give me a cute-sa smile?
Rajlakshmi(excited)- U will come, sacchi?
Dhaani- Ha baba I will come.
Rajlakshmi gets so happy and excited that she gives her a tight but a cute hug.
Dhaani (still hugging and thinks)- God knows what will happen in the evening!
In the evening,
Dhaani is wearing an orange gown with light make-up while Rajlakshmi is wearing cute baby pink short dress. On the other hand Viplav is wearing a white color shirt and upon that an orange color suit. He is looking damn handsome?. Raj is wearing a white shirt and upon that a blue color suit, he too is looking handsome but not more handsome than our Viplav ?
About Kamini’s dress its not important, even if she wears jeans, who’s bothered?

Rajlakshmi(goes near Dhaani)- Hey Dhaani! How am I looking?
Dhaani (stares at her from head to toe)- U r looking good but…
Rajlakshmi- But what? Is the make-up less? Should I apply more make-up.
She turns to go to the dressing table when Dhaani holds her wrist to stops her.
Dhaani- Wait Drama queen. Let me at least finish.
Rajlakshmi- Ha tell me.
Dhaani- Don’t u feel this dress is too short?
Rajlakshmi(looks at her dress and then turns to Dhaani)- Not at all. But don’t u think your gown is too long?
She starts laughing as Dhaani widens her eyes.
Dhaani(shocked at her dialogues)- Don’t u know there r boys too here?
Rajlakshmi (copies her expressions to tease her)- Don’t u know this is a college Dhaani?
Dhaani(murmurs)- This dress will not even fit for a child and see she is wearing this
Rajlakshmi- Stop murmuring I heard everything. Now come fast. Tomorrow I will personally call a child to give this dress, chalega?
Dhaani (again murmurs)- When this dress will fit to that child that time u will give na.
Rajlakshmi(gets irritated by her murmuring)- Arey meri maa, should we go now or I call panditji for shubh mahurat?
Dhaani (full of anger)- Chalo.
They both leave out of their rooms.
The episode ends.

Precap- Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho gaye aur chaabi kho jaaye?(hope u understand the meaning? If u didn’t understand then think hard, u will come to know the meaning automatically in the next episode?)

I know the episode was boring but I promise the next episode will be perfect? I hope u understand how the next episode will be by the precap. Those who don’t know Hindi, that’s a different thing but if u know, then u should understand? don’t forget to give your valuable comments which makes my day go very good?

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  1. Louella it was such a nice episode then why r u are calling it boring ☺☺.viplav principal ??.precap is looks very interesting ☺☺.

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Aiswarya? Keep reading☺

  2. Elle great introduction of viplav to dhani ?
    good she didn’t get room with vk.
    The wsy rl convinced dhani yo go to party was sweet.
    Their dress description is nice too.
    BTW Which college is this in which boys csn come to girls room in hostel ?????

    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u so much Renu di???
      This is special hostel which I created? Boys can go to girl’s room and girls can go to boy’s room? Special college, isn’t it??

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Louella it was not all boring yaar it was too funny I was laughing reading it seriously so don’t u dare to say that again .. OK !!
    Now coming to episode it was too funny man .. I loved it enjoyed it to the core .. It really freshened my mood :-* Viplav as principal hehehe 😀 he is master in doing pranks 😛 Raj lakshmi is so cute and a true friend so loved her part alot.. ending part was hilarious.. dhani and raj lakshmi conversation was really very funny .. loved it dear <3 precap.. umm !! its exciting re aik kamre band hai vidhani and keys are lost so something special is on the way hmmmm.. eager to know that so post the next one by tomorrow if possible :-*

    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u so much Maha?? I will post the next episode now. Sorry for not posting it yesterday? Actually my internet connection got over and so was not able to post. I m posting it now okay?

  4. ?wow cutie its so funny viplav as principal lol…. enjoyed each part well described

    Don’t u dare to sy it boring..


    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u Meghs di?

  5. Sujie

    Louellu….sorry for commenting late….
    Viplav Naughty Principal… Episode was not at all boring….do not dare to say that from now on….
    And keep rocking 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Sujie di for commenting? now I will not even dare to say my episode boring. Mujhme aapka gussa sehne ki himmat nahi hai??

  6. Sujie

    And precap….. Hayee hayee …. romance on peak i guess…. Keep going

    1. Mariyam123

      Let’s see if there is romance or something else?

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