Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 1

Hello all. As I had said I will post first episode today I m here. If u didn’t read the intro then here’s the link-


Here’s the first episode-

A girl is seen coming to the statue of God. She joins her hand.
:- Bhagwanji today I m going Mumbai leaving my house. My parents last wish was that I study in Mumbai and I m fulfilling their wish. I know u will always be at my side.
Saying this she turns behind. She is none other than Dhaani. Suddenly her eyes fall upon a photo which is on the bed. She picks it up and turns to see it. It’s the photo of a small girl and a boy smiling looking at each other. Tears fall from her eyes.
Dhaani- (with pain in her eyes) Why did u do this? Why? What was my mistake? Did I do a mistake by becoming your friend? Was it a mistake by trusting in u?
She tears the photo and throws it in the dustbin.

In a hostel, a boy is seen with a photo frame in his hands. He is none other than Viplav. The photo is the same which Dhaani had.
Viplav- Aey Shikayati pudiya, I m waiting for u since 6 years. I know that day what I told was wrong. I know what I did was wrong. (with tears in his eyes) I know when someone hurts u, u break your relation with that person, but….. It’s 6 years since u have been angry with me. Why did u leave me and go? Why?
Just then someone comes from behind and keeps his hand on Viplav’s shoulder. He is none other than Raj.(he is Viplav’s best friend. He too was Dhaani’s childhood friend)
Raj- Viplav why do u always cry when u see her? Plz don’t cry. I can’t see u like this.
Viplav- Then what can I do? If I would go in the past and change it then I could have done it now. But now everything is changed.
Raj- But now u have to forget her.
Viplav wipes his tears and gets up.
Viplav- I will not be able to forget her. I have the guilt in my heart. Till when I don’t meet her, till then that guilt will never go.
Saying this he goes out. In the corridor, Kamini and other girls r there.(Kamini is Viplav’s best friend. She too was Dhaani’s childhood friend. But she did not like Dhaani because of vidhaani’s closeness)
Kamini goes to Viplav.
Kamini- hey today the freshers r going to come. We have to give them a warm welcome as we r giving every year.
Viplav-(gets happy hearing this) Oh ya! I just forgot it. Let’s do it.
Kamini smiles. The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani’s entry in Viplav’s hostel.

Hope u all loved the first episode. To know further keep reading. Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments!

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  1. Episode was quite sad.. oww so viplav had done something that’s why dhani hates him? .. viplav tum bhe naa!! But I am sure Louella will unite u guys?..
    Precap is super excited.. I want them to meet soon?

  2. Shruthy

    Awww poor ViDha! They look so sad. ? Don’t let them stay in this pain for long darling. ?? Just kidding. It’s quite an insterestung start. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming episodes. ? Waiting for next part now!

  3. Hey bhagwan yahan bhi vk vidhani ko alag karegi as u have said that she didn’t like their closeness earlier too .

  4. Sujie

    Chuttku…. Iss chudail ko le aayi idhar bhi…..but jyaada tikne mat dena for long…. And ViDhaani ki na problem doori do…keep going

  5. Lakshmi

    oh my louella….its super dear….but this vk is too much…hey is this the story of etretr? just similar to that….if not sorry dear

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