Hum jo chalne lage h ye raste (ragsan) epi5


Hey guys I am back again with another episode.sorry for being late once again.thank you so much for commenting in the last episode.lets start with the next one.
“Oh shit”said ragini as she missed her train once again.she wondered what she will do now as for sanky also has left nd she cant even ask him help.she thought for a while nd then took a look at the station.there were some boys standing few feet away from her who didnt seem good to her.they were staring with lust.she saw a bench in the other direction nd went nd sat there thinking what to do next.the boys came near her nd nd teased her.rags got angry nd was about to slap one but stopped seeing the boy forwading his cheek to slap.she saw them with disgust nd started walking from there the boys followed her but ran away as soon as she entered the Tc’s office.she entered the office nd examined the office nd found the Tc sitting on a chair nd he was engrossed in some files
“Excuse me”said ragini but the Tc didnt look up.he had a bald head nd he was wearing a Tc’s uniform nd he had worn speaks.she again said”excuse me sir”but no reply.she waited for a min nd then she snatched his file nd he looked up at him shocked.she was already irritated of missing the train nd of that boys,from the past fifteen min she was trying to talk to him but he didnt even look up nd now she had no other option.the Tc stared at rags from top to bottom .she was in her nighty with her slippers on.”how can I help u miss…”
“Vo sir I have missed the train.actually I got down to buy water for me nd in that I missed my luggage is in the train nd I want u to call at the next station nd tell the Tc their to keep my luggage with them.I will collect it by there.”
“Ohkk,but madam if u wont mind may I advice I something..??”
“Ya sure”
“See u girls are like open treasure.u should not roam alone like know what I mean….”
Nd he started lecturing her…
She was so irritated by now nd the Tc was talking continously without a break .she uninterestedly looked at him kept her one hand on her head in irritation nd looked here nd there nd finally banged the table.the Tc looked at her shocked.
“I told u to call the Tc not to lecture me.I know what to do nd what not.u need not tell me,better do what your work then giving this free advice.understand.”
She screamed..

The tc looked at her scared nd fastly called at the next station.she left from there after her work was done.
She came out of the office nd saw the boys still standing at the other corner waiting for her to come out.she rushed out of the station.nd saw the taxi driver still there.she was about to go to him but as soon as the taxi driver saw her he started the taxi nd left from there.she wondered what to do now.
just then a biker came nd said,”aaye haaye jaaneman pataka lagri h.chalti kya?”
She ignored him nd started walking.the biker followed her.she walked fast.noone was there on the road.she saw someone walking forward.she ran to him nd faced her relief it was sanky.she hugged him tight.he was shocked by her this action but he felt happy inside.
“Sanskar plz act to hug me.there’s a goon behind.if he sees me with u.he will run away “she whispered in his ears.
“Ohkk”he whispered back.
The biker saw them nd went away..
Ragini saw him going nd separated from sanky.
“Your did u miss ur train again??”
“Vo actually….”nd ragini narrated him what ever happened.
Sankskar burst out laughing.this was the first time ragini saw him laughing.she felt butterflies in her stomach seeing him laugh whole heartedly.
Sanky saw her staring him.he composed himself.
“What??”he asked her.
She removed her eyes from him nd then said”you look good when u smile why dont I smile all the time”she said innocently looking in his eyes.he saw innocence in her eyes.they both had an sweet eyelock which both were not willing to break.
Sanky broke it finally.nd looked away.
“My wish.”said sanky nd turned the other side nd started walking.

Sanky pov
What is happening to me.why am I going more close to her.the more I try to be away from her,the more she pulls me towards her.I cant resist myself from going towards her.why…no sanskar you cant go so close to should develop a distance from her.she is not yours.she is just a stranger.
He gets disturbed by ragini..”so you are going to drop me all the way to bhatinda” she said.
“Why should I ???.”he asked throwing his hands in air.
“You have to drop me…bcos of u only I missed my train nd now u only will drop me…”she said nd walked further..
“But I dropped u to the next station.after that again u missed the train its ur mistake not I am not going to takr u to ur home.”sanky said nd walked further.
“Whatever it may be you have to drop me nd u don’t have any option.”said ragini with attitude.
“What the hell???”said sanky irritated…
“Plss sanskar”she pleaded.
“Ohkk fine”he said.
“Thankyou sanskar.thankyou so much..”she screeched in happiness nd hugged him..he stumbled a bit as she hugged him so suddenly that he found it difficult to balance himself.he finally balanced himself nd was about to hug her back but then ragini backed away..
She held her head down nd said”sorry vo I got excited thats why hugged u”
“Its kk”said sanskar.
Ragini just stood there.
“Come now”said sanskar..nd walked away.
Ragini ran behind him nd walked besides him..she was walking silently..
“If u want to say something u need to hesitate”said sanskar without turning towards her…
Ragini turned her head nd looked towards hi with her big shocked eyes.
“Now no need to stare me like that..say what I want to say..”he again said without turning.
She turned her face away,closed her eyes for a while nd again turned towards him nd said”will u be my friend??”nd forwarded her hand..
He turned towards her nd looked towards her face nd then her hand nd thought for a moment nd then finally shook her hand.”yes we can be frnds”
She got happy nd was about to hug her but stopped.
Nd they started walking again.

Ragini pov
What am I doing..I hugged him twice dont know why.I didnt even let laksh hug me for once till now nd now I myself hugged him…why?? I dont know why but his hug gives me a feeling that I am safe in his embrace..whatever happens he will protect me..ohh god what is happening to me…no ragini.he is your should not cross your limits..
Her thoughts were disturbed by sanky..
“What are u thinking” he asked
“Nothing” she replied nd walked further..
Sanky also walked beside her.
Screen freezes on ragsan walking on the road..

So guys how was it.tried to give a long one this time.hope this entertains u..will update the next one by next week.plzzs comment..take care till then..bye…love u guys..

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    loved ragini hugging sanskar.sanskar feeling that he is getting closer 2 ragini n controlling did’nt let laksh hug her even once,but she herself hugged sanskar twice n feels secure in his arms d movie their pov was’nt shown.but here u described their pov well n now itself they r feeling 4 each other unknowingly,they have become friends show more ragsan romance which was missing in d movie.
    this time also u did’nt message me.

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