Hum jo chalne lage h ye raste (ragsan) epi4

Hey guys I am back.I know I am very sorry guys.was caught up with college stuff.submissions nd all u know.
So sorry.lets start the next part.

Rags woke up nd checked her was 4:30in the morning.she had a text from laksh.
It read-love u bacha.i think I slept.have a sound sleep.take care of yourself.
A smile crept on rags face nd she blushed.she had been chatting with him nd unknowingly she slept.
she turned the other side to check on sanky.he was not there she got down nd searched for him but he was nowhere to be found.she wondered where he would have gone.the train was standing at a station.rags thought to check if sanky was outside.she moved towards the door of the compartment.she held the doors handle with her hands nd peeped out of the train.she saw sanky walking on the platform.the train was about to leave.rags shouted-“sanskar……sanskar……train is leaving…come fast….”but sanky didnt listen.the train had started.she shouted more but sanky didnt even turn.she then got down the train nd ran towards sanky nd grabbed his hand nd pulled him.
Rags-what the hell are u doing here.come fast or else the train will leave.
She almost screamed in his ears.
Sanky-why are u screaming yar.let it go then.I dont care.
He said rubbing his ear.
Rags-that means u r not coming??
She said with a confused look.
Rags-then why did u bought the ticket
Sanky-my wish.
He said nd started walking.
few time before she was happy that sanky was accompanying her to bhatinda but now when he said that he dont wanna go she didnt no why but it pinched her heart.she wanted to be with him.she didnt know why

Reality struck her breaking her thoughts.she had to catch her train.
“Oh no”she screamed nd ran behind the train but to no avail.the train had already left.
Rags turned back nd spotted sanky nd ran towards him nd said”bcoz of u i missed my train now u will drop me.”
She pointed a finger towards him.
Sanky held her finger nd put it down.she felt a shiver running through her body.she widened her eyes at him.her shocked black orbs met his cold hazel eyes.they had a short eyelock.
Sanky broke it nd said”not bcoz of me.u missed the train bcoz of ur stupidity.”
Her mouth formed a big’o’.
“ek tho I tried to help u nd u r calling me stupid.u r only stupid idiot nd what not.but whatever it is I missed my train bcoz of u nd now u r going to drop me my home in bhatinda”she huffed
Sanky looked at her nd then at the surroundings nd than started to run.rags ran behind him shouting”chor..chor..”
The security guard tried to stop sanky but he pushed him nd ran away.rags came running there.she looked at him nd said”you r of no use.”nd ran behind sanky again.
Sanky came out of the station nd spotted a taxi nd went towards it.he said the driver that time rags came out of the station nd moved her eyes searching sanky.sanky shouted”hey rags come fast we need to leave now.”
Rags saw him nd wondered wht he was upto this time.

She moved towards him nd asked”you r.gonna drop me all the way till bhatinda in this taxi”she said examining the taxi.
“Nd what about my luggage…”she was interrupted by sanky”I am dropping u till the next station.from there u catch the train.ohkk”
She said nd sat in the taxi.sanky sat in as well.the driver was busy in his pooja.
Rags looked at him eagerly waiting for his pooja to finish faster.
Ten min passed on still the driver was praying.rags lost her patience nd said”common yar bas ho gaya kitni pooja kroge.ab chalo bhi”
The taxi driver passed her an angry look.she pleaded through her eyes.
He started the taxi nd drived it on minimum speed.
Rags nd sanky both were irritated by it.both screamed stop at the same time.they looked at each other.sanky got down the taxi nd opened the drivers seat door.he made the driver get down made him sit on the seat next to the driver.
He sat in the drivers seat nd started the taxi nd drived with fast speed.the driver protested but sanky signed him to keep quiet.rags was enjoying the drive.she said sanky to drive more fast.
They reached the next station nd they ran inside the station.the taxi driver asked for the fair.sanky told him to wait for 10min.he will pay after coming back.
The taxi driver sighed nd sat in the taxi nd again started doing pooja.
Rags nd sanky ran towards the platform.they saw the train standing there.both took a sigh of relief.rags signed sanky to buy her water.he bought a bottle of water nd gave it to her.she opened it nd drank it.sanky left from there. She was still standing on the stall drinking water nd relaxing. She heard the trains sound nd she turned back nd saw the train leaving.”oh fish”she murmured nd she ran towards the train but again this time she missed it.

Here sanky came out of the station.nd payed the taxi driver nd walked out of there.
The episode ends on ragsan.

Sorry guys for boring u.I know this update is quite boring but bare with me for some time.
So now starts the actual journey of ragsan.want to know what will happen then stay tuned.
Bye bye.take care love u guys.plzz comment nd thanks for commenting im the last episode as well thanks a lot.


  1. Jasminerahul


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    plz message me whenever u update.whenever i check i dont find any update.later when i check i realize that i’m late.In JWM romance is felt only in songs n last part.but here u r have given us a short romantic eye lock.ragini does’nt know why she felt sad when sanskar wasnt found in d train.such feelings were not shown in d movie.the taxi drive was funny

    • Luvrags



      Hey dear good to see you.I was message u the next time pakka promise.pinky promise kk.yes the movie didnt show romance but I am showing I told u my ff will have some of my changes.will update the next part soon wait till then nd I will surely msg u.bye

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