Hum jo chalne lage h ye raste (ragsan) epi 7

Hey guys I am back.sorry I couldn’t reply you all in the last sorry for that.thanx for commenting in the last episode.thanx a lot everyone.
Lets start.
Rags is seen sitting in an empty bus.she is praying tlo god..
“Babaji now let this journey go peaceful.I dont want any problem to occur…”
Sanky enters the bus nd goes nd sits on a seat exhausted..
Rags stares at him..
“Now what..why are u staring at me like that..?”asked sanky.his head rested on the seat nd eyes closed..
She wondered how did he even got to know that she was staring him..
“Nothing”said ragini..”vo tho just like that”nd she looked here nd there to avoid her nervousness..
“Hmm..kk”said san his eyes still closed..

“Do you have a girlfrnd??”rags asked out of curiosity..she wondered why she asked that question to him or how did it matter her anyway.she has a boyfrnd laksh nd she loves him a lot..
Sanky opened his eyes as soon as this words uttered from her mouth..his eyes became moist..he remembered kavita nd what all she did..
“I had but I dont have anymore..”said san nd closed her eyes nd let the hot tears flow..
Rags heard his choking voice nd she felt as if her heart broke into thousand pieces..she saw him crying nd tears formed in her eyes….she couldnt see him crying…she hugged her immediately..
“Sshhhh mr angry young man you look good when you r giving me your tought looks.dont cry know u look like a monkey.”she said patting his head trying to lighten up his mood.
“What u called me I look like a monkey to u..??”said san seperating himself from her nd giving her shocked expressions..
She laughed but hide it..”welll….when you cry you look like one..”she said innocently..
San gave her angry glares…
Rags gave him a puppy looks..

They both stared at each other nd then they burst out laughing..
San then stopped laughing nd turned towards ragini nd said”thankyou ragini I wonder what I would have done without u”
“Hey dude relax..not a big thing thats okk.”ragini said giving him a broad smile…
“Vaise do you have her pic????”asked rags raising her eyebrow..
“Yes..why???”asked san confused
“You wanna see her…???”asked san..
“No..”said rags..”where is that pic…in ur phone..???”she asked..
“Yes…but why..??”asked san..

“Give me ur phone..”she said nd he gave her.he showed her where the pic was..she did something in the phone….
Nd then showed it to sanky…sanky looked at it nd burst out laughing…he couldnt stop laughing..seeing him laugh her heart skipped a beat.she wanted the time to stop right there..
San noticed her seeing him nd composed himself..”Sorry that was too funny..I mean kavita just looks like a joker in this pic…”nd he laughed again..
“Now post this on facebook..”said rags..
“What are u mad..”said san not approving to post it…
“Yes I am nd trust me try this madness nd you will feel better..”said ragini..assuring him..
“U sure i should do this..???”asked san still not convinced..
“Do this I am sure”said rags..
Nd she forced him to post the pic…
He posted the pic…nd then kept his phone aside nd then looked at rags nd rags also looked at him..nd both burst out laughing..
“U know what rags i have not done such things before but I really feel good now…thankyou”said san thanking her.
“Hey enough of ty now..we r frnds right..then dont u know frndship rules..
In frndship no sry no ty..”
Said her attracting smile..
San got lost in her beautiful smile…
Rags moved her fingers in front of him..”hey you there..??”asked rags.
San came out of his trance..”ya..”
“You okay na now”asked rags sounding worried..
“Yes…all thanks to your creation…”
Said san nd laughed a bit.
“Hehe…now comeon give me a hug..”nd they hugged each other.
The epi ends here.
This epi has some light moments of the next epi ragsan journey is there nd …..lets see.

Happy new year guys.have a grt,blissfull year ahead….

Love u guys…take care..buh bye…Will be back soon..

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    Sanskar getting teary when asked abt gf n ragini hugging him to console him was sweet.Ragini editing kavita’s photo in a funny manner n making sanskar uploading it on fb n they both laughing was funny.Will kavita see it?would like to see her d movie they did’nt show his gf.but plz show kavita in this ff n give her punishment 4 ditching sanskar.sanskar lost in ragini’s smile n ragsan hugging saying give me a hug was romantic

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