Hum jo chalne lage h ye raste (ragsan) epi 6


Rag-lets stop in a hotel for tonight.morning we will pick our luggage from kota nd then bhatinda….
San-ohkk madam.
Nd he saluted her.
She laughed…nd they walked to a lodge nearby..
Sanky didnt like the place.he made a face nd gave an eww look to rags
San-r u sure u wanna stay here tonight.
Rags-ya I am pretty sure.
San-no I am going.
Rags-hello mister you cant go have to be with me.
San gave a pleading look.
Rags-common dont give me that look we r here just for a couple of hours.
Nd she walked away inside.

San gave an helpless look nd walked inside.
“Welcome sir”said the receptionist.
“Haa we want a room for the night”said san.
“Why for whole night…we just neeed the room for a couple of hours..”
Said ragini
“I m talking no u dont say in between..”
” I will say when we dont need it for whole night why do we pay for it.we will charge according to hours…”said ragini turning towards the man who looked at them amused..
“How many hours??”asked the man..
San looked at rags..
“Two hours”..san gave her are u serious look…”ohkk ohkk three hours is more than enough..”she said nd was about to ask about money but then san understood what she is gonna ask nd he turned to her nd said”rags let me handle go the room”handing her the keys the man handed him a fraction of seconds before..nd he pulled out a 500note nd handed it to the man..(now dont ask which one.obviously the new old note is of no use now; )….hehe I know bad joke..)
San walked towards the room before the man could ask him anything..

San came in nd glared at rags”you talk too much”nd he sat on the bed..
“When you r of no use..I only will have to do something seriously were going to pay him for a whole night…the night is almost finished anyways…whats the use of paying him extra money….do you want to show me you r rich…”interrupted by San..
“Oh my god stop u idiot..”interrupted by rags.
“How dare you call me an idiot…I am not gonna leave you”…saying so she came forward nd was about to hit him on the chest but san held her hand.she widened her eyes nd glared him.he looked in her eyes straight..they had an eyelock…she lost herself in his brown hazel eyes which showed pain…he travelled through his black orbs finding some relief for his wounds.he didnt know why but the her calm eyes gave him relief nd peace..he forgot everything happened with him nd just lost himself in her glamourous eyes which though being simple attracted everyone..he wanted to be like this forever..just staring in her eyes.he knew what he was doing was wrong..but now he didnt bother whether he was doing right or wrong right now he just cared about himself nd nothing else.nd she was the only one who can fill his life with happiness.he wished the time would stop here right now.but alas that was not possible..he decided to make this journey as longer as possible….
They were disturbed by a knock on the door.something was going on out there..they avoided eyelock.they look everywhere else but not at eachother.san went nd opened the door..the man was knocking on everyones door..
“What happened???”asked sanky puzzled..
“Run police is here…”said the man nd continued knocking on others room.other people rushed out of there rooms..san stood there still confused.rags came out nd asked him “what happened why is everyone running..???”
“Police has come nd we need to run…”

Said san nd held her hand nd started running..
“But why…???”asked rags confused
“Even I dont know..”said sanky climbing up the stairs..
Rags followed him..
They were out now nd both of them didnt know what actually happened.san had a slight idea but not sure whether it was that only or not..
Again both of them were on the road..nd they wondered what to do next.
Ragsan(in unison)-lets go to the bus stop..
Both looked at each other nd had an short but sweet eyelock..
Rags broke it..they headed to the bus stop..

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