Hum hain raahi pyar k – Avneil – part 7-step 3

Same night… Neil nd avni were in their respective rooms… Then only smone knocked there door…
They both opened nd saw… Ali nd Mitali..
Yes… They both said… That without the blessings of our parents we are not going to share the same room…so we both decided that till then.. I will be with avni nd ali with neil.

Avneil were happy with their decision… All went to sleep
Nxt day.. With a fresh morning.. They freshen up had breakfast..
Morning passed nd they decided to go out for a lunch.
At this neil said.. He knows the best restaurant so guys let’s go nd get ready…neil In this shirt

WWhile avni in red kurti..
They all reached restaurant..
MitALI ordered matar paneer
Nd Mitali asked to avneil want they would like to have.
They both together rajma chawal nd stared
MitALI: Ahaan.. Again same choice..

Avneil :nothing like that.
Waiter placed the order nd went off
They started having their lunch

Avni was so hungry that she forget everything around her nd
Started having it as if it was a last time… Bt then food stuck on hee food pipe.. Nd she coughed
Neil: ye lo paani pio..
Nd madam khaana kahi bhaaga nhi jaara tum araam se bhi kha skti ho… Avni then too.. Meri Mrzi Mai jse bhi khaaun

Neil: Tumhare liye hi bol ra tha..vrna meko bhi koi shauk nhi h.. Thik h rho ese hi
It was a first time neil showed his care for avni
After having lunch… They moved towards car… All reached except avni… MitALI: where the hell this girl gone..
Neil: Cll her

Mitali: not of use.. As she had given her mob to me
Neil: uff this girl…
Then neil walked in search of avni.. He looked here nd there then he heard a voice… Of a girl who was fighting with a shopkeeper near by. He headed towards her.. Nd was shocked yeah that girl was avni.. Who was fighting for chocolate as she bought it nd had no money
.yes along with mob she had also given her purse to Mitali
Shopkeeper: o madam ji… Bhut dekhe ap jaise.. Hath Paise nhi or khareedne aa jaate h
Avni: Mai bol rhi hu na Mai Apna purse friend k paas bhul gyi hu bss usse Abhi lek aari hu
Shopkeeper: Acha to thk h Cll krk bula lijiye..
Avni: mob bhi nhi h.. Vo hota to Aapko kbka Paise de chuki hoti

Shopkeeper: lo ji lo… Esa h Jb Paise ho tb lijyega ye chocholates..
Avni: are aap smjh hi nhi rhe hn tbse bole jaa rhi hu.. Ab to ye chocolates Mai kbhi nhi dungi.
She ran from there nd shopkeeper ran behind her

Bss thodi dur or nd she collide with a man.. No other than neil
Neil hold her nd asked what r u doing?
Avni: neil bhaago
Avneil they both ran together holding each other hands
They reached to their car nd mitALI saw them running so ali took the keynd start thecar Mitali. sat on front seat.. Nd opened the door of last seat.
They both jumped on the car nd ran away.

In the car
Avni: ohh god bal bal bache
Neil: are u mad.. Tumhara dimag khrab h ky… Tum chocholates k liye ld rhi thi
Avni: so??  vo maana nhi to Mai bhaag aayi
Neil: tum bhul rhi ho avni I am a police officer.. Nd chori chaahe choti ho ya bdi.. It’s a crime
MitALI: o common Mr cop.. It’s just a chocholate..stop scolding her
Avni: yrr chill nd just hv chocholates.. Nd meko bhi khaane do.. I don’t want to spoil my mood
Neil: like seriously!!!
Avni: what??  I know u too hv fun.. Haina??  Bt ur grand image of Super cop doesn’t allow u too accept it
Neil: nothing like that ok
Avni: ok cool..Btw u want chocholates or not otherwise I am alone enough to finish all these
Neil: wait!!  Maine Tumhe bachaya h to half chocholate is mine.
Avni smiled at him
Neil too nd they both started sharing nd forget their fights

MitALI: u both look amazing when u behave politely with each other.
Meanwhile Mitali saw a PVR… Nd asked so guys let’s go for a movie
All were ready as it was a horror movie
They all went nd after watching they were coming back while ali said bhai neil ye tere hath ko ky hua?
Neil: ab jungli billi mere bgl me baithegi to Yhi hoga

Avni: I…I am Sry.. Vo bss glti se..
Neil: so u finally accepted u r jungli billi
Avni: wait Esa kuch nhi h
MitALI ok guys Chlo ab ghr Chlo
They all went.
They reached home

It was 9pm.. They changed nd came to hall.. All were sitting.. On the sofa.. Then avni said so u all would like to hv cold coffee
Ali: yeah ofcourse.. Guys avni bhut achi coffee bnati h
Mitali: Sach me tb to Pkka.. Chlo Mai bhi aati hu Tumhare sath
Avni: ok
They both were in the kitchen when there was a power cut.. Avni had a fear of darkness
As Mitali was too a cop so she doesn’t
Sudden avni saw smone near the window.. And said to Mitali..

Mitali vaha koi h??
Mitali: kon h avni?koi to nhi h
Avni: nhi maine Pkka kisi ko dekha tha
Mitali: are tum bss movie dekh k aayi ho Isliye.. Tum yhi Ruko Mai dekh k aati hu
Avni: nhi plzz mere sath hi rho
Mitali: don’t worry kuch nhi hoga
Avni was alone
Nd she heard a voice.. She turned nd saw a person in black long coar with a hoody cap
Avni screamed aloud
Unknown person(uprsn): haha… Koi fayda nhi h.. Koi Tumhe bachane nhi aega
Avni: kon ho tum?  Or ky chiye Tumhe?
Uprsn: tum!!  Tum chiye mujhe

Avni: nhi she started running
Uprsn: behind her.. Kaha bachk jaaogi.. He hold her
Avni started crying plzz mujhe chod do
Neil couldn’t control he removed his cap nd said.. Avni!!  Avni relax dekho koi nhi h
Avni: nhi plzz mujhse dur rho plzz jaao she continously beating him on his chest
Neil: cupped her face nd said it’s me neil.. Nothing will happen to u
Avni hugged him
Ali switched on the lights
Avni broke the hug pushed neil back.. Nd slapped him

Avni: Tumhe sharam nhi aati Itna ghatiya mzak krte hue
Neil: it was just a prank
Avni: Tumhare liye vo prank hoga mere liye nhi
Neil: I am sorry.. Mujhe nhi pta tha Tum Itna dar jaogi
Avni: plzz just go.. U don’t care abt others feelings

Be with ur stupid prank
She went off to her room
Neil just stand still
ALI: Sry neil.. I was too a part of this prank
Bt I hv no idea that avni Abhi bhi andhere se drti hogi
Neil: mtlb.. Ky h hogi ka.. Ky hua tha??
Ali: Tumhe usne dayavanti ka revenge to btaya pr ye kbhi nhi btaya ki dayavanti usse hmesha ek store room me to bnd krk rkhti thi Jaha Sirf andhera hota tha
Neil just listen to it nd tears rolled down from his eyes….

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