Hum hain raahi pyar k – Avneil – part 6- step 2

After so long tired day.

The next morning….neil and mitALI wake up early.
Mitali: avni utho!
Avni: sone de na yrr..
Mitali: Aaj meri shaadi h avni.. Nd tujhe sone ki pdi h
Avni: hmm just 5 min
Mitali: ok fine… I am going to take shower…Bt plzz uth jaana
Avni: ok
Bt as usually.. She was still sleeping

Ali nd neil after taking shower nd got ready…they both knock the door of avni’s room.
Mitali opened the door…
Ali: ky baat h my half wify.. Aaj itni jldi u got ready
Mitali: ofcourse.. Aaj hmari life ka sbse bda din jo h… It is so special for me
Ali: not for u.. It’s for us

Neil: Gm love birds… Ye romance thoda shaadi k baat tk bacha k rkho Abhi shaadi ki preparation dekh le
MitALI: yeah sure…
Ali: Bt where is avni
Mitali: o god… Ye ldki Abhi tk nhi uthi
Neil: Kumbkrn ka dusra avatar
Mitali: guys… Mai naashta bnane jaari hu so plzz avni ko utha do tum Dono
Ali: wait baby.. Tum akele kse bnaogi… I will help u…after all I am a best chef..
Neil tu plzz avni ko utha de.
Before neil could say something ali rushed from there
Neil to himself: wth.. Is Kumbkrn ko jgane pdega.. But he has no other opt
Neil: avni utho…
Avni: sone do na plzz

She said in such a sweet voice that neil kept staring her
Bt all sudden he saw a jug full of water he picked it nd throws all the water in her face
Avni wake up with shocked reaction
Avni: tum pagl ho ky? Ese koi paani phekta h
Neil: nhi Bt tum jaise Kumbkrn ko uthane k liye yhi best h

Avni: youuu..Tumhe to Mai dekh lungi
Neil :to dekh lo na..I am infront of u
Avni: just wait nd watch
Neil :cool I am there.. Jo krna h krlo
Avni went to bathroom nd got water into a mug.. Till then neil was looking outside the window as he has no clue abt wat avni is upto..
Avni came slowly from back poured water on him.

He turned with a an irritated reaction
Neil: like seriously.. U r the most annoying girl I ever met
Avni: same pinch
Neil: Aaj meri besty ki shaadi h nd Mai Apna din brbaad nhi krna chahta tumse Ldk
Avni: even I don’t want to..
So it’s better tum Apna kaam kro nd Mai Apna
Avni went to get freshen up.. While neil went to change his clothes
They both came for brkfast where MitALI… Were already waiting for them
Ali: neil bhai ky hua tune change ku kr lia
Avneil gave a angry look to each other.

Then neil: nothing just…. One jungli billi came inside the house nd spilled water on me
Mitali: guys vo Sb chodo Chlo ab naashta krlo
They all did brkfast
Nd then started getting ready for marriage as at 1 pm they hv to go to temple
Avni made Mitali ready…nd did her makeup etc etc..
On the other hand ali was too getting ready

Soon avneil also got ready
Ali in golden sherwani with red pagdi while mitali golden lehnga along with red broad border nd net dupatta
Neil in dashing patiala kurta pyjama royal blue kurta with white pyjama..nd avni in beautiful yellow colour saree with blue border

After getting ready they made there way to temple.
While in the car… MitALI said to avneil: guys… Agr tum Dono ldna bnd kr do then u both would be the best couple… Nd actually I hv an idea.. Along with our marriage.. U too get married
Avneil: shut up guys….
Neil: shaadi or is jungli billi se..not even in my dreams
Avni: tumne mujhe jungli billi kaha… To Mai bhi kisi.. Bandar se shaadi nhi krne vaali
Till then mitALI :plzz not now.. We are Sry for wat we said… U both are just.. No words
They reached temple… As they had already informed pandit.. So he was already prepared
Only mangalsutra nd a varmaala had to be given to pandit ji so avni took the things nd gave to pandit.

MitALI sat nd pandit Start the mantra nd for kanyadaan he called her parents.. As they were not there.. So mitALI asked avneil to do there kanyadaan.. As they were the two.. Who always helped them nd today they are getting married due to them only
They both stood up nd did the ritual… After that as both started taking fere… Pandit was telling them every fere’s meaning… Avneil were listening to it nd looking to each other… Remembering there moment together
Actually or may be they were started liking each other not love Bt as a person
On that shaadi was completed

They all took blessings from God nd went back to there home (farm house)
At home.. Avni bought kalash nd asked Mitali to kick it with her right leg nd then enter
They both did the same
At night… It was a special night for them.. Nd Avniel were decorating bed with roses for mitALI..

Bt unfortunately destiny wants something else.
Neil was inside the room when avni bought a plate full of rose petals while she got stuck her leg in her saree nd was abt to fall nd neil suddenly tried to hold her Bt instead neil too fall on the bed along with avni Usk upr. Nd rose petals showers on them…there was an eye lock as if both got lost in each others eyes
Nd ya then only mitALI entered nd was shocked to see them in that position… Nd started coughing… Guys.. Aaj shaadi hmari hui h nd suhaagraat tum Dono mna re ho
Avneil.. Got up nd said….no no. Noth.. Nothing like that.. Actually it was just an accident.. She slipped so I just tried to save her
Avni too ya he is ryt.. It’s nothing like that

MitALI: Ohho in one day u both started to agree with each other
Avneil.. No its not like that.. We just said what is true
Nd then both said.. Sry hmari vjh se bed got spoiled
MitALI: chill… Jo hota h ache k liye hota h

So avneil still embarrassed nd just said.. Have awsm night.. Gn nd they both got out from the room…
Outside the room.. They both stopped nd gave a look to each other nd went to their respective rooms…

Hey.. How was it?? Hope u will love the part thnku so much

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