Hum hain raahi pyar k – Avneil – part 4-party night

Nxt morning.. Avni woke up first nd saw herself in the arms of neil.. Yeah ryt they slept together.
She was abt to make her free from his grip…as she hold his hand.. Neil woke up too.. Nd said.. Gud morning in a sweet voice… As he opened his eyes nd saw avni… Just changed his expression.. Nd then suddenly they got up from table
After a while.. Guard opened the door… Nd was shocked.. Nd said: are sir mam aap log Yaha the??
Avneil: Haan.. Nd u locked us

Guard: Sry sir… Raat me apk dad ka Cll bhi aaya tha
.they were worried abt u
Neil: ohh Shit… I wasn’t able to inform him…
Avni: maa too.. I am just leaving
Avni took her bag nd left
Neil too
Avni was waiting for an auto
Soon then neil.. Saw her nd stop his car infront of avni.. Nd said: come I will drop you
Avni: no I don’t need ur help
Neil: just come otherwise u will get late… Nd u know that you are already too late
Said while giving a smart look to her
She said fine
They both were on the way.. Bg song… Ae dil h mushkil
Neil stopped the car infront of avni’s house nd guess what he found that avni was her neighbour.
After that neil walked to his house…
All were damm worried.

Dad: neil beta kaha tha tu,?
Mom: Oye mera tillu.. Kaha reh gya tha.. Tujhe pta h Kitni Chinta ho rhi thi mujhe
Neil: vo dad.. Guard bhaiya ko lga hm nikl gye hn ofc se to unhone room lock kr dia tha n
Dad: are ese kse lock krdia.. Usse dikhe nhi ky tum..
Mom: Oye kon h vo guards.. Prakash ji.. Usse Abhi naukri se get out kr dijiye
Or tillu beta…aaja araam krle.. All nights.. Akele kse rha hoga
Neil: god akele.. Uss ldki k sath rhne se to Acha akele hi rh leta
Mom: what did u says… Ldki??  tera mtlb tu all nights.. Ek ldki k sath ek rooms me tha..
Kon thi vo?
Neil: mom ntnig like that.. She is just an employee.. Nd damm irritating girl I ever met
Dad: chl koi na.. Abhi jaa araam krle

Even in avni’s house.. Same situation..
Btw day after.. Avni along with prakash.. Went in meeting…nd the deal was done…
Their hard work didn’t get wasted
Prakash was too happy as it was very imp deal for him..
He announced a party that night in his house…
Avni’s home
Maa.. Plzz help me out
Neela: ky hua bacha
Avni: maa Aaj sir k ghr pr party h.. Nd I am not able to decide wat to wear
Neela: u would look gorgeous in this navy blue dress ( a gown)
Avni: thnku maa.. U r superb
She got ready for party.. Nd was looking so pretty

She took her purse nd saw the address nd got surprised..
Neela: what happen? Why u looked shocked kinda surprised?
Avni: na prakash sir.. Jinki company me I am working.. He is our neighbour
Neela: what,?? Seriously… Ohh khanna mansion… Avni: Yes.. That means vo unka beta.. That irritating guy is my neighbour.. Ohh no
Neela: Bt that’s good.. Now stop thinking too much.. Just go.. Otherwise u will get late
Avni: yes maa
She went to his house

Neils house was very well decorated..
All guests start to come
Neil nd his family was busy in attending the guest.. While neil felt someone’s presence.. (he imagined his gf juhi who is no more)
Nd look towards the entry..
Nd saw avni entering with  beautifully dressed up… He was amazed with her beauty..

Even neil looked damm hot in grey vase coat with white shirt
Nd grey trouser
Bt suddenly.. Thought came in his mind.. Ky ho gya neil tujhe.. Tu avni that irritating girl me juhi ko kse feel kr skta h
On the other hand… Avni went to prakash nd greeted him with a bouquet of flowers.. As it was a grt day of achievement for him.

After all… Prakash took the mije and said: attention plzz….as u all know.. Today was the best day of my life nd a step up.. To my success..
Nd this was not possible without the help of one of our employees…who did her best… So I would like to Cll her on stage.. Yeah avni ayesha … Plzz come on the stage
Avni went to stage nd all clapped for her…
Prakash: thnku so much avni… U handled it very well.. Keep it up… Avni: thnku sir.. All I learn.  Is from my mother
Prakash: so u all can enjoy this night

Neil was impressed.. Nd was also.. Thinking of last night he spent with her.
Then only ali nd Mitali came to him
Song played chal meri jaan… People started dancing..ali looked at avni nd asked her for dance.. Even neil started dancing with Mitali..
Then partners got changed… Avneil nd mitALI. Came together
Avneil were lost in each others eyes.. While dancing… Their moves.. Wat a performance it was… All got stopped nd start cheering them..
Bt avneil were too lost that they don’t even heard that voice…
At last avneil was in the position that neil was holding avni. Nd avni was in slant position..
All started clapping.. Nd cheering wow once more

Avneil came to their senses.. Nd got away…
Neil came to Mitali..
Mitali: ky hogya tha.. U were damm good yrr… What an amazing dance
.mujhe nhi pta tha tu Itna Acha dancer bhi h…in a teasing way
Neil: shut up Mitali.. It was just random…
After all that.. They did dinner..

Nd went back to their respective homes
Avneil…were layed down on their bed.. Nd were lost in each others thought

Guys… I know.. My grammar is too bad.. Bt still I hope u will get the story..
Nd ya one more thing… Now I don’t want to show that revenge with dayavanti nd all..
I will show that every one knows avni with her real name.. Nd how avneil fall in love.. Just that

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  1. Laddo

    It’s just amazing dear. Love it to the core ?

  2. Superbbb

  3. it was amazinggg yaar… i have a doubt, u said avni introduced herself as ananya verma, then how come prakash know her name??????
    BTW keep up the good work 🙂 😀

    1. Zainitasharma18

      Yrr vo actually I just changed the track… That avni had already taken her. Revenge.. So now she live with her real identity…

    2. Zainitasharma18

      Nd ya it was my mistake.. In flow I typed avni ayesha

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