Hum Hain Na 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratna coming home and seeing a line in between house. Aunt informs her about Dad and Amma’s fight. Dadi on the other side blackmails Dad and Pappu/Bunty if they don’t get her jalebis, she will inform Amma about her partiality for them. Sagarika hears their conversation silently. Pappu sees her and signals Dad and Bunty.

Ratna comes to kitchen and sees Bunty singing bengali song. She asks Sagarika what is he singing. She says old song and asks why is he singing that. He asks her not to inform Amma and tries to get romantic with her. Amma and Rani come there, and he stops. He signals Sagarika if she tells Amma, he will not talk to her anymore. She agrees.

Dad jokes with Pappu and Bunty and mimics Amma. Amma on the other side tells Rani that

they will have to keep an eye on gents, else they will eat their food. Dad and Bunty/Pappu enjoy TV on their side of house and enjoy pizza. Pappu jokes that he thinks pizza is parantha, went to US for studies and stayed there itself. They see Amma watching them and talk loudly. Amma sees 280 rs pizza bill and gets worried for her monthly budget. Dad and bunty/pappu continue enjoying pizza and TV. Bunty thinks Sagarika likes pizza, so he should share with her. He goes to kitchen, sees amma and other ladies and signals Sagarika to ahve it.

Ratna tells grocery shopkeeper is telling he will handover grocery to only dad. Rani asks if they can also enjoy pizza like gents. Amma asks them to clean kitchen first. She sees Dad’s prepared food and asks Rani to keep it in kitchen. Rani thinks daadi was praising its taste, so she should check it. She tastes it and says it has soap. Amma also checks and asks why did daadi give 5 marks. Sagarika says maybe it spoilt. Rani sees pizza box. Aunt says she will eat it, opens box and sees Bunty’s letter thanking Sagarika to save them. Sagarika gets tensed and Amma angrily looks at her.

Amma confronts Sagarika and asks why did Bunty send her pizza and how did she save him. She tells Dadi did partiality and gave them marks, so she hid that secret. Amma says she fought with Dad because of her and instead of helping her, she took Bunty’s side, she is untrustable. She will go and oppose dad now. Sagarika stops her and says says instead of confronting them, they should teach them a lesson, so she should give her one chance to prove her loyalty towards he. Amma agrees. Sagarika tells her plan. All ladies go to Daadi’s room, daadi gets tensed seeing them.

Precap: Gama pehelwan comes with his men to open gym at Mishra house. Dad asks him what is happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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