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Hum Hain Na 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty taking out Sagarika for an icecream treat. While having kulfi, Sagarika says she feels his family has not accepted her yet, that is not fair. Bunty says it is not true and he promises that Amma will come for lunch for sure. They both then enjoy a romantic moment with kulfi.

Amma comes in the morning to wake up Bunty and sees him missing even in the morning. Bunty comes sneezing and asks her what she has thought about attending Sagarika’s lunch party. She says she will not go. He says if she is not going, even he will not go. She asks him to stop his fake concern, asks him where was he whole night and if he cannot stay away from Sagarika even for a day and says again she will not go.

Daadi says amma that she knows she is right, but as

a respect, she can attend it. Amma says they eat nonveg, so she will not go. Daadi says she will also not go if she does not go. Satya comes there and hears whole conversation, says amma if she does not feel going, then she should not.

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Mishraji reaches Sagarika’s house. Phubali greets him. Sagarika thinks Bunty had promised to bring Amma and she is sure amma will come. Just then, Amma enters and Sagarika happily hugs and thanks her for coming. She starts sneezing and apologizes amma. Amma asks her to have turmeric milk. Sagarika’s dad invites amma for lunch. Amma says she came as a respect, but cannot have food. Bunty asks Amma not to worry as Chattopadhay prepared food at neighbour’s house.

Amma agrees to have food and they all sit on dining table. Sagarika looks at bunty and continues to add food in his plate subconsciously. Phubali wakes her up. Chattopadhay says Mishraji like they think curd as auspicious, they feel fish as auspicious and wants Sagarika to look at it once. Whole Mishra Family is shocked to see fish on table.

Amma starts vomiting seeing fish on table and runs from there. Rani also starts panicking seeing fish. Pappu scolds Chattopadhyay for bringing fish in front of them. Chattopadhyay apologizes and says he brought it as it is auspicious for them. Rani scolds that if he wanted to feed fish, then he would have fed to his daughter yesterday and should not have brought it today. Sagarika starts crying and goes to her room. Bunty follows her and asks what happened. She says I made a big mistake. He asks what mistake. She says I should not have married you.

Precap: Chattopadhyay objects for changing Sagarfika’s name to Paravathi and says it is her mom’s given name and she will lose her identity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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