Hum Hain Na 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika asking Bunty if he really loves her, then to get his mom to her dad’s house for tomorrow’s lunch ritual. He says he will try and asks her to smile. She says she loves him and also her dad, so cannot see her dad sad. Bunty sees amma going out and leans over Sagarika. Sagarika then sadly leaves from there. Bunty thinks he will get her mom to Sagarika’s house at any cost.

Sagarika reaches her dad’s house. Her aunt asks if she did not eat since her marriage as she is looking very lean. Sagarika says she had good food. Aunt asks to tell what she ate then. Dad asks aunt not to taunt Sagarika. Sagarika sees her favourite fish curry. Phubali says aunt prepared it since morning for her. Sagarika says she missed aunt’s fish curry.

Aunt says she will forget her soon. Sagarika says she is her old mamuni and they all are her family and should miss her. Aunt asks her to go to her room while she gets fishy curry for her.

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Bunty sadly takes name change legal papers and walks towards his room. Pappu thinks he is missing Sagarika and asks him to cheer up. Bunty says he is worried about name change. Pappu takes papers and keeps them in bag and asks him to think of the upcoming function first.

Ratna, Sawara and Bunty try to convince mom to attend Sagarika’s dad’s lunch invitation, but mom is adamant and says she cannot have food made in nonveg utensils. Bunty says Sagarika promised to prepare food in different utensils. Swara says even bengali’s prepare tasty disshes and tells some names.

Sagarika asks dad if he felt bad that Bunty’s mom rejected his lunch invitation. He says he did not. She says she knows he felt very bad. Dad stands silently.

Madhav sees him angrily talking on phone and scolding his client. He gives him water and asks him to calm down and chant Om Sagarikayana maha mantra. Bunty starts running behind him to beat him. He then sees Sagarika’s letter that she is incomplete without him. Madhav taunts that with an hour, he is missing Sagarika. Bunty says he is thinking about amma, how to convince her to attend lunch invitation. Madhav suggests him to SMS Sagarika and ask how is she. He SMSes her and they both start chatting without noticing people around them and clash with dad and Madhav. Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho… plays in the background.

Phubali asks Sagarika if she is missing Bunty and asks how was her first night. She says nothing. Phubali asks what does she mean. Sagarika says Bunty is a different guy and says they need to know each other and give some time . Phubali says Bunty is an innocent guy and will not take first step, it is she who has to become Menaka and lure Bunty.

Bunty clashes with Pappu and apologizes him. Pappu says it is less than 24 hours and he is missing Sagarika and suggests him to go and meet Sagarika. Amma hears their conversation and taunts that her son have become wife’s puppets. Pappu says he was just joking.

Bunty is on bed but does not get sleep. He looks at Sagarika’s anklet and says he will go to her home. He reaches Sagarika’s home via window, sees her sleeping and dorns anklet over her. Sagarika wakes up and asks what is he doing. He says he cannot forget his promise made to her. She asks what was doing to her leg and sees her both anklets. Amma searches Bunty, reminisces Pappu’s suggestion and thinks he must have gone to meet Sagarika. She thinks he is already married but is still eager to meet Sagarika. Bunty on the other side says Sagarika that he is not her husband but her boyfriend and can meet her any time.

Precap: Amma scolds Bunty for missing from home whole night.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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