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Hum Hain Na 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty getting romantic with Sagarika. Sagarika taunts him that he is dad’s puppet now. He is about to kiss her when dad calls him and he runs.

Dad tells inspiring kavitas in front of pappu and bunty. Pappu likes it. Dad says we will prepare food next. Pappu says he does not know to cook. Dad says Bunty worked under his uncle in a sweet shop and must be remembering something. Bunty says yes.

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Dad starts preparing food in kitchen. Amma comes and switches off gas. Dad says she should not interfere when he prepares food. They both start fighting. Dadi interferes and they complain about each other to her.

Daadi says they should divide kitchen. Sagarika says some items are on one side and some on other. Aunt suggests to exchange items then. Daadi says it is a good idea and asks amma and dad to compete and whoever prepare best food will win the competition. Dad agrees.

Dad reads recipe and does not understand it. He says he will prepare better food than amma in his style. He prepares burnt pooris. Sagarika taunts them that their aloo gobi and chole are very tasty today. Pappu tells dad that amma prepares food which can be eaten, but his food is burnt. Bunty suggests him to compromise with amma. Dad starts his poetry again and says he will never accept defeat. He suggests to eat food as if it is the tastiest food they had in life. Daadi comes and asks him to serve food soon.

Whole family sits for lunch. Swara asks dad what did he prepare. Dad says he did not name it. Everyone suggests weird names. Daadi asks to serve their food to her. Amma serves kheer puri. Dad and Bunty/Pappu’s mouth waters seeing kheer puri. Daadi asks to serve his food. He serves and even eats it with great difficulty. Daadi gives 5 numbers to amma’s team after tasting it and asks dad to serve his food now. Bunty adds food in bowl and passes it on with shivering hands. Till it reaches daadi, Bunty and Pappu escape from there. Daadi gives 5 numbers to even dad’s team. Aunt asks how can she give 5 marks to both teams. Dadi runs from there.

Daadi tells Dad’s team that she did partiality and gave them numbers and needs rasgullas in reward. Bunty says she is diabetic. Daadi blackmails that if she does not get rasgulla, she will tell about her partiality to amma’s team. Sagarika hears their conversation. Pappu signals dad, but he asks him to stop mimicking. Pappu says Sagarika is listening to their talk.

Precap: Gama pehelwan warns Pappu if he does not get his money, he will kill him. He sees mishra house’s lawn and says he will open his gym there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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