Hum Hain Na 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty trying to sleep on couch. Sagarika wakes him up and starts fighting with him. She says he wanted to be her boyfriend, will listen to her, etc., but he slept silently. He says even now he believes so and asks someone told that he has a gift for him. She asks him to take gift from someone, not her. She then smiles and gives him a gift box. He opens it and gets happy seeing a bracelet, asks her to make him wear. She does so, and he asks what S stands for. She says Shivprasad.

Pappu massages Rani’s legs. She asks why amma wants to change Sagarika’s name to Parvathi when it Sagarika is so good. He asks her to stop thinking about others and they both start romancing.

Dad gets ready for joggig in the morning and asks Laxmi to give him tea.

Rani gives him tea and then to Pappu. Pappu says he was expecting breakfast from her. She says she is working since morning and asks when will Shivprasad’s wife work. They both start their witty talks.

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Dad informs mom/laxmi that sagarika’s dad is coming for breakfast. Laxmi says why will he have breakfast at his daughter’s house. Dad says he is a professor and london return, so does not believe in all this. Laxmi asks Pappu to get kachori’s for breakfast and asks where is Shivprasad. Bunty is seen buying flowers for Sagarika. He thinks she is already married to him, then why is he thinking of her as a girlfriend.

Sagarika gets ready to leave for her parent’s house as per rituals and waits for Bunty. She writes a love letter for him and leaves her anklet on dressing table. Bunty comes home with flower and asks amma about Sagarika. She says Sagarika is waiting for her dad. Lawyer comes there and says dad that he brought documents which amma asked for. Dad jokes with amma that she must have got property from her parents. Lawyer says he got name changing legal papers for their new bahu. Amma says when she has decided to change name, then it should be done legally also and asks Bunty get papers signed by Sagarika. Sagarika comes down. Dad says she is our new bahu. Lawyer asks if she is Parvati and wishes her namaste. Sagarika gets annoyed hearing it. Bunty asks lawyer to come and sit. He says he is in a hurry and asks him to get papers signed and give him back soon as he has to get notary done.

Chattopadhayay reaches Bunty’s house. Bunty’s dad/Mishraji greets him. Chattopadhayay says Sagarika let us go. Mishraji says he has to have breakfast and then go. Chattopadhayay says he cannot drink even water of his daughter’s house. Mishraji asks him to be modern and takes him for breakfast. Chattopadhayay likes food a lot and asks Laxmi to teach it to Sagarika also. Laxmi says she will learn herself. Mikhraji says whenever he wants to have veg food, laxmi will come to his house and prepare it. Laxmi says she cannot get out of house and scolds mishraji. Chattopadhayay says he read in internet that groom’s parents area also invited. Mishraji says as per rituals yes. Chattopadhayay then invites whole family and says he will prepare veg food for them. Laxmi says whole family will come except her. Sagarika and Chattopadhayay get sad hearing that. Mishraji says he apologizes for Laxmi’s behavior. Chattopadhayay says he did not feel bad and asks if other family members will come. Mishraji says yes we will come and requests him to get banarasi paan for them. Chattopadhayay laughs hearing that and says he will follow all the rituals and calls Sagarika to accompany him. Bunty asks Sagarika to speak to him before leaving. She says her dad felt very bad and requests him to get his amma to her home if he really loves her.

Precap: Sagarika informs her dad that she asked Bunty to get his mom for lunch. Bunty and Ratna tries to convince mom, but she is adamant in her decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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