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Hum Hain Na 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu and Bunty not getting sleep. Pappu says he cannot sleep without hugging rani and listening her voice, says he will go and meet her. Bunty says if dad hears, he will create a scene. Pappu says he is sound asleep and tries to walk, but dad mimics and scolds him, says if wife takes over husband, their self-dignity is shattered. He asks if they want to become their wives’s puppets. Pappu says no. Dad asks him to sleep then.

In the morning, Amma gets busy performing pooja. Rani tries to cross border, but aunt stops her. Amma shouts and informs dad it is already latge. Dad wakes up hearing alram sound and gets tensed seeing it is already 8 a.m., then then goes back to bed thinking he is free from Amma’s grip now. Pappu wakes up. Dad says he should

be happy that he is not under his wife’s grip. Pappu says he likes preparing morning tea for him and Rani. Dad asks him to come out of slavery mentality and says he has prepared tea for them.

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Sagarika loudly tells Swara that tea is ready. Dad comes out with Pappu and Bunty. Pappu sees Rani sipping tea and tries to cross line. Dad stops her. Bunty signals Sagarika to give him tea and breakfast. She taunts him. Pappu asks if he will not get tea. Dad asks him to count till 5, he will get tea. He counts 5. Tea shop boy brings tea. Pappu and Bunty get happy while Amma and her supporters look surprisingly. Dad takes tea boy to their room. Amma shouts that she and ladies will prepare poori and kheer. Dad and bunty/pappu loudly say that they are enjoying and Dad says he has taken leave from work and will enjoy. Amma tells daadi that dad has taken leave and is teaching kids laziness. Dad says he has grown up. Amma starts her taunting. They both start arguing and engaging in verbal fight. Daadi stops them and says they will compete each other and whoever wins will rule this house. Amma and dad accept challenge and walks out with their supporters.

Dad thinks to prepare food. Amma thinks she knows men will not enter kitchen without taking bath and thinks of a prank. Pappu goes to his room to take bath, but sees bathrooom locked from inside. Bunty also goes for bathing and sees his bathroom locked. Sagarika and Rani hide with amma and watch their helplessness. Bunty and Pappu think of complaining to dad. Sagarika hears their conversation and tells amma that they are going to complain dad. Amma says she is not afraid of dad and says they will execute plan 2.

Dad after hearing Bunty and Pappu’s pleas and complains daadi to do justice. Daadi says she saw ladies taking bath early in the morning and getting busy in their chores. Amma calls ladies. Pappu says he heard music sound from bathroom and door locked. Dad asks pappu and bunty to check bathrooms and asks Amma and ladies not to move.

Bunty and Pappu come with transistors and tell dad that they find it in all 4 bathrooms. Sagarika says one is hers and tries to cross line, but amma stops her. She says they would have opened bathroom and checked instead of complaining. Dad asks Bunty and Pappu to be careful, else they will lose points. Amma says they lost points.

Precap: Amma and dad challenge cookery contest. Daadi says whoever prepares tasty food will get extra points. Dad and pappu/bunty prepare food and serve it to everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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