Hum Hain Na 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika giving gifts to whole Mishra family. Daadi likes her gift. Dad also likes his gift of T-shirt and track pant. Pappu jokes that Dad will look young in this dress. Dad asks him to keep quiet, else he will slap him. Amma asks about Bunty. Sagarika gives other family member’s gifts and even Satya. Pappu sees one more box and asks if it is Amma’s. Sagarika says it is daada’s. Daadi smiles hearing it. Sagarika says Amma that her gift is missing. Satya starts acting and shockingly asks how can she miss amma’s gift. Rani also backs her. Bunty reaches on time and says Sagarika that amma’s gift was left in car. Sagarika gives amma’s gift. Swara takes gift box and starts checking. Dad says amma’s gift box is bigger than

his. Satya taunts that it is big, but gift may be not. Sawara takes out sari and chappals. Satya asks why chappals. Sagarika says she always saw amma working hard and roaming around, so she thought she must be tired and got her accupressure chappals. Everyone smiles hearing her explanation and Satya gets irked.

Bunty asks Amma if she liked Sagarika’s gift. She says yes. He asks her to accept Sagarika. Amma asks if she should get Sagarika shoes. Bunty asks her not to change Sagarika’s name. She says she will think about it and walks out.

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Sagarika arranges romantic dinner dinner table on terrace with flower and candle decoration asks Swara to get Bunty to the terrace and walks towards it.

Bunty tries to convince his mom not to change Sagarika’s name and says Sagarika is trying her best to convince you to accept her. Amma says when she is trying her best, then what problem she has in changing her name. Bunty says she soon will become Shiv’s Parvati anyhow. Amma says she wants Sagarika to follow her house’s rule and reminds him of his promise to let Sagarika work according to her wish. Bunty says he has not forgotten his promise. Sagarika hears everything, sadly goes to terrace and blows of her romantic candles. Swara informs Bunty to go to terrace for a romantic dinner. He goes up and does not find Sagarika there, realizes something has gone wrong.

Sagarika is still angry on Bunty. She senses Bunty coming and acts as sleeping. Bunty tries to wake her up, says Swara informed him late, else he would have come to terrace early. She does not open her eyes at all. He murmurs that he cannot either convince amma or Sagarika, thinks he has to find a solution for Sagarika’s name change till morning and sleeps.

Dad says Amma that everything is going right and peacefully, but she wants to ruin everything. She asks what does he mean. He says why she wants to change Sagarika’s name. Amma says her decision will not change. Dad says do what you want and goes to sleep.

Sagarika reminisces Bunty telling that Sagarika will slowly adapt to amma’s hosue’s rules and will come Shiv’s Paravthi soon.

Precap: Lawyer comes home with Sagarika’s legal name change papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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