Hum Hain Na 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dad asking Amma whom she thinks stole Rani’s necklace. She says Sagarika as she has kleptomania. He says then she is thinking wrong as Swara stole necklace. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Dad days Sagarika broke her fixed deposit to get back Rani’s necklace, but Swara makes a mistake again and went to party again. He asks if she knew about it. He says yes. He says she did not feel important to inform him. She says if she had informed, his life would have been difficult and says now necklace is with the real owner, there is no need to create a drama. She says Sagarika did right and hid a secret from Bunty to save her sister-in-law, says if women discuss everthing with men, then their life will be hell. Rani says she is right and says even

she hides things with Pappu, she goes and stands with Amma. Even Daadi goes and stands with Amma and tells dad that even she hid many things from his dad to save him. Everyone start laughing. Dad asks to stop their laugh and says to hide a wrong issue, she is creating one more.

Inspector comes at midnight and asks if Swara mishra stays here. Pappu says yes. Inspector says he wants to talk to her. Dad says because of Swara, his family name is spoilt. Amma goes and speaks to inspector. Inspector says in party, all kids were inebriated and they want to check if Swara is also inebriated. Amma says she believes her daughter and knows she is not inebriated. Neighbours gather. Amma asks constable to examine swara. Constable gives swara breathalyser and asks to blow. Swara blows and constable does not find alcohol in her breath. Constable informs inspector that SWara did not drink alcohol. Amma taunts inspector. Inpsctor apologises and leaves. Neighbours taunt that Amma used to give moral lecture, now her own daughter is going to bars. Amma yells at them and closes door.

Bunty confronts Sagarika for telling lie to him and says dad was right, women are emotional fools, he asks if she will spoil their children also like this.

Dad tells amma that she has spoilt their daughters. Amma says he has spoilt sons and tells how Pappu brought car and gambled with lottery tickets. He says his wife brainwashed him. She says what about Bunty, he went to jail. They both start arguing if men or women are superior. Amma says without women, men cannot do any household chores or stay alone at all. Dad comes down, calls all family members, divides house into 2 and says Amma challenged him that men cannot stay without women, he will prove it now that men can stay without women. Bunty and Pappu discuss that because of Amma and Dad’s fight, they will suffer now. Amma taunts that he will just in half a day how difficult it will be to stay without women. Dad says let us see. Amma asks all women to come on her side. All women come and stand with Amma. Aunt taunts that dad took more advantage of her and asked her to prepare tea and food since childhood, now he will know how difficult it is. Pappu asks Amma if she is serious, she will not prepare food for them. She shows dad and says he will prepare from now. Dad says let us see. Rani sees Sagarika standing with Bunty and asks her to come on their side. Sagarika unwantedly goes on women’s side.

Amma takes all women to her room and says just for a small issue, dad made a big issue, now he will realize how difficult it is to stay without women. Swara says yes. Amma says if she had not gone to party without permission, this would not have happened. She says she will not go to college or talk on phone and asks Rani to take her phone. She sees Sagarika peeping from window and says she knows she wants to spend time with Bunty, but she has to understand it is a question on womanhood.

Dad tells Bunty and Pappu, they are free now and should enjoy, mimics amma and says he was tired of her yelling. Amma on the other side yells at dad and asks everyone to sleep now. Sagarika and Bunty sadly sleep separately for the first time.

Precap: Amma starts performing pooja early in the morning. Dad wakes up late. Aunt taunts dad that he always drinks Amma’s prepared tea, now he has to prepare it himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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