Hum Hain Na 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika getting worried for Sagarika as she did not come home yet and calls her where is she. Swara who is busy getting ready for her friend’s party says she is busy with her special classes and asks her to inform parents about it. Sagarika hears her friend asking her to get ready soon for the party and gets angry. She thinks she should not have believed her and let go. She searches her room and finds an party invitation card. Amma comes there and asks what is she doing here. She sees whole room shattered and thinks she is stealing things due to leptomania. She scolds her not steal children’s items at least. Sagarika says ok, silently picks invitation card and leaves. Amma locks door and says she will Ratna not to keep it open. Sagarika checks

invitation and sees it is at 7-star hotel.

Swara reaches party venue and finds her invitation card missing. Friend says she will call out friend who gave this party.
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Bunty reaches jeweler’s shop and says he came to pay money of necklace. Owner says Sagarika paid already and shows him receipt. Bunty thinks why did sagarika hide it and what else she must be hiding.

Swara enters party venue and sees her friends drinking and dancing. One of them try to get shake hand, but she gets embarrassed. He drinks alcohol and asks her to dance with her. She says does not want to. He taunts that she is behanji and does not know to dance. Swara gets irked and agrees to dance.

Sagarika reaches party venue. Security guard stops her and says she cannot enter in sari. She shows invitation card and gets in. A boy drags Swara to the corner and tries to get intimate with her. She resists, but he continues. She pleads to leaving her. Sagarika starts searching her, slaps boy and rescues her from the goon. She asks goon how dare he is to try to misbehave with her. Boy says he is Karan Singhania’s friend. Sagarika says she is commissioner’s friend and frightens goon. Swara starts crying and thanks her for rescuing her.

Sagarika brings Swara home home. They see dadwaiting for them and he asks them to tell what is happening. He sees Swara in a short dress and asks where was she till now and then must be her extra class till midnight. Swara says she went to her friend’s party. Dad is shocked to hear that. Sagarika tries to rescue her, but dad says he is very disappointed. Bunty asks her what is she hiding from him.

Police raid Swara’s friend’s party venue. Swara’s friend says they are just partying and tells her friend’s name. Inspector says he is searching even him.

Dad tries to hit Swara saying she brought him insult, but Sagarika rescues her. Amma comes out hearing sound. Dad says Swara is his mistake that he was very leniant on her. Amma asks what is happened. He scolds Amma that he goes out to earn and believes that she will take care of house, but she has failed in her duty. He asks whom she thinks stole Rani’s necklace. She says Sagarika. He says then she is wrong, Swara stole that necklace. Amma is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Dad draws a line between house and says women will stay on one side and men other side. Amma aunts that he will know within 1/2 day how difficulty it is to manage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow this is so beautiful weel done dad you are doing the right thing in the family showing who is the man of the house i love it.

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