Hum Hain Na 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty seeing Amma in kitchen and telling he wants to talk to her. She says she will talk to him later. He says he made a mistake by promising her to not consummate marriage with Sagarika and asks her to break the promise. She asks when did she take promise, he himself gave it and it is up to him to break it or not. She starts changing topic and asks him to call Pappu for breakfast and goes out to call Ratna to prepare puris

Sagarika comes there and asks him if Amma agreed. He stands silently. She says she knew amma would not. He says Amma loves him and will soon agree. Ratna comes and asks what are they doing here instead of having breakfast. Bunty says he will call Pappu and runs towards his room. Sagarika thinks Bunty is so innocent, he cannot understand

Amma’s plan, Amma is afraid that she will lose her son.

On breakfast table, Dad asks Pappu when will he stop temporary job and start a permanent one. Pappu complains Amma that dad started his lecture again. Amma says it is parent’s right to worry about their children’s future. Bunty and Sagarika realize that Amma is pointing at them.

Rani takes Satya to her room and says Bunty and Sagarika have not consummated their marriage till now. Satya starts her manipulation game and says Sagarika ruined even your honeymoon and will destroy your married life. Rani says she is right. Satya says since she came here after getting married, she considers her as her elder sister and is worried about her. Rani says she will not let Sagarika ruin my life and I will kick her out of this house. Satya smirks and thinks soon she will marry Bunty and will be bahu of this house.

Phubali SMSes Sagarika why did she go without meeting her and asks how was her honeymoon. Aunt comes there and asks Phubali to go and have her food first. She leaves. Sagarika replies that Amma set a fire. Aunt reads it and thinks Amma burnt her and runs to her home.

Dad gets ready for college and asks Sagarika to give his lunch box. She gives it. He asks if she had breakfast. She says yes. He says he is a teacher and knows when a kid lies. He reminisces her about Pappu’s marriage when she agreed to wash Bunty’s feet and even hit his feet with tumbler, says he felt her weird but then realized it is her way to tell her feeling to people without hurting their emotions. He says she has this hidden talent and she should not tolerate injustice and tell people that they are wrong.

Aunt comes running and asks Sagarika if she is alright and if amma did not burn her much. All ladies come out hearing her shouting. Amma asks why is she shouting. Aunt says why did she burn. Daadi panics hearing about fire and asks Ratna to check if kitchen has caught fire. Sagarika takes aunt to her room. Satya provokes Amma that Sagarika now called her relative to help her.

Sagarika tells aunt that amma has not accepted her yet. Aunt says how can she tolerate amma’s interference in her married life. Sagarika says she is just finding it difficult to accept her, soon she will.

SAtya brainwashes Amma that Sagarika call her aunt to fight with you and she will fire a dowry case. Amma asks when did she demand dowry. Satya says she is very innocent and does not know bengalan’s plan.

Sagarika asks aunt not to panic. Aunt says Bunty’s mom herself came with alliance and why can’t she accept her now. She says she will clear the issue right now.

Precap: Sagarika’s aunt reaches Amma’s room and says she wants to talk to her something important. Amma gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vaahiat show. Ridiculous. Pratyusha – you did not get any better serial than this one?

  2. Haha ikr!! Even I kept asking the same thing… I mean, after balika vadhu I thought she had a good taste in good shows 😛

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