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Hum Hain Na 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma seeing Sagarika and Bunty on lawn bed and asks what are they doing. They both get tensed seeing her and Sagarika goes to her room. Bunty says he got a call, so he came out. She gives him milk and leaves. Bunty takes Sagarika’s blanket and pillow and gets into room. He thanks Sagarika for respecting his request and says he will sleep out and requests not to drag his family in this, she can blame him instead. He walks out of room, and she wishes him good night. Pyar hum ko bhi hai… plays in the background. She looks at her mother’s pic and starts crying remembering her.

Amma on bed remembers Bunty sleeping on lawn bed. She wakes her husband and says she is worried as Bunty was sleeping in lawn instead of room and says she already

told him Sagarika is not a right girl for Bunty, she does not respect elders at all. He asks her to sleep and let him sleep peacefully.

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She gets out and sees Bunty’s milk glass still in lawn. She picks it and goes to his room to give it to him. She does not find him and asks Sagarika where is Bunty. Sagarika sits silently. Amma starts scolding her for fighting with Bunty and sending him out to wander. She says since Pappu’s marriage, whenever she came to this house, something wrong has happened and asks if she is not ashamed to send her husband out at midnight. Sagarika asks if she really cares about Bunty. Amma asks if she thinks she is acting. Sagarika says if she really cared about Bunty, she should have accepted her as bahu and asks why did she take oath form Bunty not to consummate marriage. Amma says she did not force him and he himself took oath. Sagarika says she is making Bunty unhappy instead by keeping them separated. Amma says she accepted their marriage as she loves Bunty and wants her son to be happy. Sagarika says Bunty is her husband and she will not keep quiet if someone interferes between them. She says she loves him as much as she loves Bunty and she has same right as she has on Bunty. Amma asks what right she is talking about and says Bunty is god Shiva’s gift to her, Shiavprasad, and says she kept him for 9 months in her womb. Sagarika asks she is elder to her and has 4 children. Amma says yes. Sagarika asks her to tell then what right a wife has on husband and asks her to stop thinking she will snatch Bunty from her and if she thinks so, it is her problem. She says she does not need her son but her husband and his love, which she will take at any cost. She walks out while Amma standing thinking.

Swara comes to Sagarika’s room and asks about her gift. She says she thought of bringing but could not. Bunty comes and asks if she did not go to college. Swara jokes that he stays with bhabhi whole night and wants her to go even now. He sends her out and says Sagarika that he will speak to Amma and take back his oath.

Bunty joins amma’s pooja. Amma performs pooja and gives prasad to Bunty. Sagarika asks to give her also prasad. Amma gets angry seeing her but seeing everyonearound gives her prasad.

Precap: Bunty says Amma that he should not have given her promise not to go near Sagarika and says he cannot continue his promise hereon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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