Hum Hain Na 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika’s aunt asking her if she fought with Bunty. Sagarika nods yes. Aunt says Bunty’s family follows completely different culture than us and she should get adjusted to them and handle the situation herself. Sagarika gets convinced.

Bunty on lunch table does not eat food. Amma says she made his favorite dishes and serves them. Rani says Pappu that Amma must have said Sagarika something, so Bunty is sad. Door bell rings. Bunty gets up to check, but Amma stops him and asks Swara to check. Swara comes in and says Bunty that Sagarika has come. Amma gets irked seeing her. Bunty says Sagarika that she did right by coming back as he was waiting for her since a long time. Dad asks her to join them on lunch. She says she ate at her dad’s home

and goes to her room. Bunty fills food in thali and tries to leave. Amma asks what is he doing. He says he will feed Sagarika. She asks him to have his food first. He says he will feed her first and then will have and leaves. Amma gets irked.

Bunty gets food for Sagarika and asks her to have it. She is still angry on him. He asks her to vent out her anger and not to trouble herself. She says till now, she was trying to tell what is in her mind and she happily accepted his marriage proposal, but Ammaji has not accepted her till now at all. He asks her to give 1 more chance to correct his mistake and to believe him. She says she came into this house believing him, but she thinks her old Bunty is lost. She picks her pillow and bedsheet and says until amma accepts her as her bahu, she will not sleep in their bedroom and will sleep outside. He asks her not to do this and asks what will she gain with this. She says she does not want to gain anything and does not like fighting, so she is going out to sleep, even ammaji will be happy seeing this.

Sagarika sleeps outside room. Bunty asks her to get in. He says she is an outsider and will not come in. He says what if anybody sees her in the morning. She says whoever sees, she will sleep outside.

Rani starts cribbing about Sagarika and says she did not respect even dad and asks Pappu what would have happened between ammaji and Sagarika. He falls asleep. She splashes water on his face. He wakes up and asks why is she dragging Bunty’s bedroom issue into their room and says it is Bunty’s issue and he will solve it, forcefully makes her sleep.

Bunty sits next to Sagarika and says he will not go until she comes to bedroom. She asks him to go back to his room. He says he will not until she comes. She goes back to sleep and asks him to sit whole night then.

Amma on her bed reminisces Sagarika going to her dad’s house and Bunty not eating food. She thinks he must have not have food even now and should go and check. She walks towards his room with milk.

Bunty tries to convince Sagarika that Amma will get angry if she sees them out. Sagarika asks he is not worried about him but worried what will amma say. Amma comes there and asks what will she say.

Precap: Amma says Bunty is her son and she did whatever she can for his happiness. Sagarika if he is amma’s son, she is his wife and will not let anybody come in between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Did Mother inlaw not separate her inlaws wen she walked in2 their home, as mother inlaw and father inlaw living separatelyy???? So what’s this woman (Sargarika mother inlaws) problem???? How can she make her son make promises???? What has she got in tat STUPID brain of hers!!!!!!!!!! Want to rule her son’s life even after he is married, pls WRITER wake up its infuriatiN!!!!

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