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Hum Hain Na 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika before going to meet Resham looking at sleeping Bunty and apologizing him for lying, thinks she is doing for their good. She walks out of house silently. Bunty wakes up in the morning, reminisces Sagarika hugging her and thinks of asking her to tell what she is hiding. He searches her in whole house and does not find it. He asks Amma and other ladies if they saw Sagarika. Amma says no. Amma prepares food for dad and thinks of sending it through uncle. Uncle gets ready, sees Bunty and asks if he is going to hospital. Bunty says he will go late and walks towards his room. Amma gives uncle lunch box. Uncle leaves saying he will have lunch and tea at hospital itself with dad. Bunty searches Sagarika, but does not find her in whole house.

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Resham gets Sagarika to a boutique to select sari. She says she does not need sari. He forces her. Salesman asks him to behave with lady. He slaps him and says he is Resham singh. Salesman gets afraid. Resham punishes him and then forces Sagarika to select a red sari.

Sagarika’s aunt comes to Bunty’s house and asks if she came back home. He says no and asks her to check with her friends. She says she called all her friends, but she is not there with them. Dad comes home from hospital and gets worried hearing about Sagarika’s missing. Swara thinks if she should inform family, but stops thinking about Sagarika’s promise.

Resham takes Sagarika to his farmhouse and asks her to get ready before pandit and his friends come.

Bunty, dad and uncle reach police station and ask constable to file missing complaint of Sagarika. Constable says she must have eloped with somebody. Dad says his bahu is not like that. Senior inspector comes and asks Bunty what is the issue. Bunty tells him that his wife is missing. He asks to submit her photo and file an FIR. Constable files FIR.

Resham’s friends enjoy alcohol with him and ask to call bhabhiji. Resham goes to Sagarika’s room and finds blood on floor. He panics and calls watchman and his friend. They all get panic seeing blood.

Sagarika’s aunt cries worrying about Sagarika. Pappu says they should publish news in news channels. Rani suggests to fix a reward also. Aunt asks to do whatever they can to bring back Sagarika. Dad says Sagarika saved his life, but she herself is at risk now. Bunty reminisces his happier moments with Sagarika, his premarriage days, marriage rituals, suhagraat, her last hug and crying, etc.

Resham and his goon watch TV news about Sagarika’s missing. Resham panics thinking he kidnapped many girls before but nothing happened to him, but this time, he is tensed. He asks his friends to search her.

Reporters reach boutique in which Resham took Sagarika and question salesman if Resham misbehaved with Sagarika. They hype the news.

Resham panics sees the news. He asks watchman to burn sari and clean blood stains from floor. He leaves in car. Constable notices his moment and informs inspector. Inspector stops Resham’s car. Resham says nobody can stop his car. Inspector says he has order from superiors to search his car.

Precap: Inspector searches Resham’s car deckie and finds dead body in it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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