Hum Hain Na 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty apologizing Sagarika for his mistake. She walks out of room silently. Ammaji and everyone get out of airport and ammaji gets into taxi. Sagarika says she will go to her dad’s house as she has not accepted her yet. Amma says ok. Bunty sees Sagarika hiring auto and tries to stop her, but she is adamant. He gets her a taxi. she gets in and leaves for her father’s house. Bunty thinks Sagarika will not stop now. Amma calls him and he gets into taxi with her.

In their taxis, Sagarika and Bunty sadly reminisce their happier days and romantic moments. Sagarika reminisces Amma telling that Bunty promised him that he will not consummate his marriage until amma accepts her. Bunty reminisces Sagarika’s question why did he marry her if he had to

be amma’s puppet.

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Babuji and daadi wait for Amma and Bunty/Pappu to return eagerly in a lawn. Daadi asks amma why did she go to Mumbai hurriedly and brought everyone. Swara asks Bunty where is her gift. Babuji asks her to wait. Ratna asks Bunty about Sagarika. He says she went to her dad’s house. Satya gets happy hearing it. Ratna asks why. Amma says why is she asking weird question instead of serving them tea and asks Pappu, Rani and Bunty to get into their rooms. She tensely looks at Babuji and takes Satya into kitchen.

Sagarika reaches her dad’s home and meets her dad and aunt. Dad asks why did she return so early and if everything is alright. She says yes and says she came back as she was remembering them. She asks aunt to prepare fish for her. Dad senses something is wrong. She asks if he can hug her. He says of course. She hugs him. He is surprised and asks why did not Bunty come with her. She says he went home and will come later. He asks if he is coming, he will get veg food prepared. She says he will not come today and whenever he will come, she will inform. She then asks aunt to prepare fish soon. Aunt asks if she will stay here today. She says yes. Aunt asks dad to get fresh fish from market.

Satya asks Amma why did they come back soon. Amma says Bunty and Sagarika were tired after their trip, so she brought them back. Satya thinks she is not a fool and thinks Amma did good by not allowing Bunty and Sagarika consummate their marriage. She thinks soon she will get Sagarika out of Bunty’s life.

Rani angrily unpacks bags. Pappu asks her to get tea for him. She says her mood is spoilt because of Sagarika as she ruined her plan of roaming Mumbai and says she will not spare Sagarika for this. Pappu thinks his life is ruined.

Bunty reminisces Sagarika’s question why did he ruin her life and telling he made her life a joke. He thinks how to convince Sagarika and thinks it is his mistake that she left him because of that. Sagarika on the other side cries holding her western gown.

Amma gets tea for Babuji. He asks what drama she is creating, why did she go to kid’s honeymoon and ruin their happiness. He says when kids grow, they should be given space and asks if she does not thinking, she is trying to intervene in their life and warns that she will repent else. She says Bunty was ill, so she went there. He asks if he got an attack or had an epilepsy and says since Bunty married Sagarika without her permission, she is trying to ruin their marriage. She says she is just worried about her kid and wants to take care of him. He asks if she is taking care of him by going to their honeymoon and says if she continues like this, either her and Bunty’s or Bunty’s and Sagarika’s relationship will break and warns her not to plan this game, else she will repent.

Precap: Aunt asks Sagarika if she fought with Bunty and says her in-laws family is different and she has to get adjusted to them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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