Hum Hain Na 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ammi entering Bunty and Sagarika’s hotel room. She is shocked to see Sagarika in s*xy low cut gown. Sagarika not knowing amma has come greets her in, turns back and is shocked to see Amma instead of Bunty. Amma sees flowers on bed and asks where is Bunty.

Pappu provokes inebriated Bunty to consummate his marriage and asks him to go to his room now. Bunty walks in to room repeatedly saying Sagarika I love you. He does not see Amma there. He starts talking romantically with Sagarika and says I love you. Amma is shocked to see him talking nonsense. Amma comes in front of him. He says Sagarika that he is seeing Amma here. Amma asks if he is not shy. He opens his mouth. Amma is shocked to smell alcohol from his breath and asks him to go and wash his face.

Once he goes in, she walks door from outside and asks Sagarika/Parvathi what is she doing, she came here running thinking Bunty is ill, but is seeing him in inebriated state, he did not drink alcohol in his life till now, alleges that she is trying to separate mother and son and asks what plan she has. She says Bunty used to call her 10 times in a day, but did not call her today even after 12 hours. She says she wore s*xy clothes to lure Bunty and break his promise made to her, says your marriage happened against my will and I am angry even now, Bunty had promised me that until you mingle in our family and I accept you as my bahu, Bunty will not consummate marriage. She alleges you brought Bunty to Mumbai on a honeymooon. Sagarika silently hears her allegations.

Bunty comes out of washroom and says Amma that she came on time and says if she would have come earlier, she would have seen her bahu dancing, says Sagarika was looking very beautiful in the whole party and he was lured by her beauty. Amma is shocked to hear Bunty talking to her like this. Bunty falls asleep after giving flying kiss to amma and Sagarika.

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Pappu and Rani talk in their room that Bunty will not be able to resist himself and will consummate his marriage with Sagarika. He says after so many years, he feels he did good thing.

Amma goes and sleeps next to Bunty, while Sagarika watches silently. Sagarika sleeps on floor and reminisces Bunty words after marriage and he tries to be away from her. She thinks Bunty did not do right by telling her lie, she came to his house with a lot of hopes, but he betrayed her.

In the morning, Bunty wakes up with hangover. He sees Sagarika ready and asks her if Amma really came here or he was dreaming. She says she is downstairs with Pappu and Rani. He says Amma does too much, he cannot live even without a day without his son and came here. He sees her packing bags and asks about it. She says what is the use of staying here. He asks if she is angry about Amma coming here. She says she is angry that he lied to her.

Sagarika asks why did he lie that he wants to understand her first before taking their relationship forward when he had promised his amma that he will not until amma accepts their marriage. She says she was trying to come closer to him like a mad without knowing the fact and asks him when he wanted to do all this, then why did he marry her. She says she made a joke out of her life and walks out crying. Bunty stands silently.

Precap: Sagarika says Amma that she isgoing to her dad’s house. Amma says as she wishes. Sagarika leaves in a taxi while Bunty tries to stop her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What shit, mother inlaw cramping Sargrika’s style, an asking her daughter inlaw to first get comforrtable in her house before cosumating her realtionship wit Bunty, pls is thiis woman MAD????? What shit writers

  2. Very lame,don’t think such things do happen in life,does someone needs his mom’s permission to b intimate wit his wife?Sorry to say dis,but most Indian guys are like Bunty,at their feet of their moms,even wen they want to go n pee they have to seek permission from their moms.I am not saying dat men shuldn’t respect their parents bt everything has its limits…..

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