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Hum Hain Na 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma reaches with whole family to temple for pooja. Sagarika sees Bunty irked and asks him to take her for shopping in mela. Bunty takes her out and while she is waiting for him, Resham comes and holds her hand. She asks him it was just his drama to withdraw case and eats prasad from her thali. Bunty sees Sagarika with him and doubts on her. He runs to confront, but clashes with a lady who yells at him. By the time, he consoles lady and rushes reacheds Sagarika, Resham leaves. Bunty asks if she wants to leave him. She says she wants to live with him rest of her life. He asks her to follow her. She relaxes thinking Bunty did not see Resham.

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A lady shouts that someone stole her slippers. Rani has stolen slippers and tells Pappu. Pappu takes her to the corner and tells he will keep lady busy in her talks, she can keep slippers back. He goes and keeps lady busy. Rani keeps slippers silently and tells Bunty. Lady gets happy seeing slippers.

Bunty walks on temple steps when Resham’s goon steals his mobile. Sagarika comes running behind Bunty and asks why is he still angry on him when she told she does not have anyone in her life. He asks her to stop her drama as he wants to pray and go back home.

Resham’s goon gives Bunty’s phone to him. Resham gets happy seeing that and thinks he has created rift between Sagarika and her husband. Inspector also joins him. He laughs saying Sagarika will come running now to kiss him.

Amma and whole family are in que for darshan and prayer. Dad asks Amma if she got shank for pooja. Amma says no. Aunt says it is their family shank and without it, pooja is incomplete. Dad asks Pappu to get shank from home. Pappu asks him to tell bunty to get shank. Dad scolds him and sends to get shank.

Resham sees Pappu and Bunty leaving temple in bike and think of messagin Sagarika. He sends her a romantic message. She replies with a kiss. Resham gets happy.

Precap: Sagarika comes to a secluded place to meet Bunty. Resham comes and holds her from behind. She is shocked to feel someone else’s hands than Bunty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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