Hum Hain Na 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Hum Hain Na 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty, Sagarika, Pappu and Rani attending poolside party. Pappu sees Rani in a beautiful gown and praises her beauty. He gives 100 rs tip to waiter in happiness. He then thanks Sagarika for helping Rani in her makeup, etc. Rani says she did it herself. Manager announces special guest Sara’s performance. Sara dances beautifully on naam mera lovely…… After performance, she announces that all couples should also dance with her. Rani and Pappu jump in happiness and start dancing. Bunty while dancing thinks until amma accepts Sagarika, he should keep a distance from her. Sagarika holds him back and starts dancing. Sara sees Bunty sad. After dance, Sagarika praises Sara’s performance. Sara asks when did she marry. She says 2 weeks ago.

Sara asks love or arranged and asks if she asked personal question. Sagarika says it is okay and says love marriage. Sara says your husband does not look happy. Sagarika says our marriage happened in a hurry and my husband wants us to enjoy as a friend and know each other first before consummating our marriage. Sara asks it is already 2 weeks. Sagarika says my husband is very shy. Sara asks her to take a first step then and asks her to enjoy her honeymoon. Rani overhears their conversation.

Rani informs Pappu about Sagarika and Bunty not yet consummating their marriage even after 2 weeks. Pappu asks if Bunty has gone mad and thinks that is the reason he was shying away during dance, sees Bunty with another guy and thinks if he is a gay. He prays god not to make Bunty a gay. Rani asks what is he talking about. Pappu says he has to change Bunty before it is too late. He goes to Bunty who introduces man as his friend from Allahbad. Friend says he is not yet married. Pappu takes Bunty from there and forces him to drink alcohol. Bunty says he is Bholenath’s devotee and cannot drink alcohol. Pappu says he is his elder brother, so he knows well what Bholenath likes and dislikes and asks him to move ahead before his wife thinks bad about him and to be bold.

Sagarika comes to her hotel room and reminisces Sara’s words that she should take a first step in consummating her marriage. Pappu on the other side tries to emotionally blackmail Bunty and asks him to get closer to Rani, he says he listens only to amma and not him. Bunty says it is not like that and starts having alcohol with him. Sagarika on the other side lights candles, wears s*xy low cut nightie and waits for Bunty. Bahon me chale aaoo… song plays in the background. Someone knocks the door and Sagarika gets happy thinking it is Bunty. Amma comes in and is shocked to see Sagarika in a s*xy outfit. Sagarika turns back and is shocked to see Ammaji there.

Precap: Amma asks Sagarika why is she making Bunty break his promise made to her by provoking to consummate marriage. Bunty comes drunk and starts talking romantically. Amma is shocked to see him drunk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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