Hum Hain Na 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika talking to inspector. She asks him to tally their identity at hotel and free them. Bunty is released and Sagarika clears the inspector that she did not know about lodge activities. She gives hotel number. The inspector calls hotel and confirms about Sagarika and Shiv Prasad Mishra. He comes to know he is from Banaras and says sorry Madam. He allows them to go. Sagarika thanks him. Amma talks to Ratna and says she is worried for Bunty and Pappu. Ratna says talk to them in morning as they went on honeymoon.

Bunty apologizes to Sagarika. She reminds him his promise to show Mumbai city all night. Hum jo chalne lage… plays in BG. They see the city at night. Bunty and Sagarika come to a hotel and wakes up in morning. He is mesmerized by her beauty. Satya gives

Prasad to Amma and asks did she talk to them. Amma says she spoke to Pappu. Satya asks about Bunty. Amma says they are sleeping as they were awake at night. Satya says Bunty got his habits spoiled and she does not know. Amma says she knows everything. Satya says she is her close family types and goes. Sagarika greets good morning. Bunty gets romantic and says he has right to touch her, and not the sun. Sagarika asks and? Pappu asks Bunty is his phone got paralyzed. Bunty says battery was down. Pappu asks him to talk to Amma and take room keys from receptionist. Bunty talks to Amma and sneezes. She worries asking about cold. Bunty says he went to sea shore and caught cold. Amma asks him to have medicine. She asks for Parvati. Sagarika talks to Amma and asks her to take care of Bunty. Sagarika is sad that Amma does not care for her.

Bunty asks Sagarika what happened. She says Amma cares for you and nothing else. He lies saying Amma asked about her. She says she told many medicines to cure more people. Bunty asks her to get ready fast. She asks about room. He says he arranged it and says Hum Hain Na. Bunty gets room keys and the receptionist tells about pool party organized in hotel. Pappu and Rani are excited hearing about celebrity coming. Rani asks Pappu not to get over excited. Bunty says we will come. Satya comes to Bunty’s room and sees his and Sagarika’s photo on desk. She takes Bunty’s clothes and hugs it crying. She gets angered on Sagarika for taking Bunty from her.

Sagarika wears western dress and Bunty is mesmerized. She slips and he holds her. He romantically talks to her. Satya is crying thinking about Bunty. Satya gives shirt to Bunty asking him to change. Satya tells Amma that housse looks lonely in Banty’s absence. Amma says she did not talk to Bunty. Satya tries calling Bunty and Pappu. She says number is not reachable and tells Amma may be Bunty is really unwell and Sagarika does not want to tell you. Satya suggests her to go Mumbai to see Bunty.

Sagarika gets into a lady’s words that she and Bunty looks stranger types and she has to make Bunty her love stuck husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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