Hum Hain Na 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu telling Amma that they all are in one room as they did not get many rooms. Amma talks to Bunty asking him to take care of Pappu and Rani. Bunty says don’t worry we will be together. Sagarika gets upset. Bunty tells Pappu that he will go out to garden in open air. Pappu asks Bunty to romance here as he is going to sleep. He occupies the bed and tells Rani about soft mattress. Rani runs to him and jumps on bed. The hotel staff gets other mattresses. Bunty asks Pappu to sleep on mattress and give bed to Rani and Sagarika. Pappu says I am elder and my wife is beside me, why will I sleep there. He asks Bunty and Sagarika to sleep on mattress on ground. Sagarika goes out of the room. Bunty goes to find her.

He asks receptionist about her and goes out to see her

leaving in auto. He runs after her and takes another auto. He follows her. Sagarika is upset with Bunty. The auto driver tells Sagarika about many hotels in Mumbai and asks him about her city. Pappu romances with Rani. Bunty calls Sagarika and she switches off the phone. Amma calls Pappu and stops their romance. He does not take call and romances with Rani. Amma gets worried as they are in new city.

Sagarika’s auto misses and Bunty guides the driver. Sagarika comes to a hotel and asks for better hotel. The auto driver says you have to pay per hour and no extra charges. He takes her to the reception and she is asked to take hotel per hour. She asks for full night and a guy passes wrong comments. The guy asks her to call him if she needs anything at night. She sees the guy talking to a woman and runs to the room.

Sagarika thinks to catch first flight and go to her dad. The guy comes to her room and asks what does she want. She thinks she came to wrong hotel and has to stay till morning. The guy keeps on knocking and she gets scared. She opens the door and is happy seeing Bunty. She hugs him being overwhelmed. Some man passes bad comments. Bunty angrily makes him leave. Bunty tells Sagarika he was calling her and see the place where she came in annoyance. She says its matter of few hours. He asks what does she mean. She says she has flight in morning.

Bunty asks her to have patience. She cries and she does not need his permission. She gets sad that she is adjusting since her marriage and there is no logic. She says till when will I suppress my feelings as you make fake promises. She asks when will he start keeping it. She tells about Amma calling her Parvati, Pappu and Rani coming on their honeymoon and sleeping on their bed. She says she is tired if his false promises. He says his heart is breaking. She says her heart is broken and asks him to leave her alone.

Bunty explains Sagarika that his promises are true but he is helpless infront of situation. He says he will book new hotel and give her good honeymoon. He says he can take her even now and tells her about seeing Mumbai city tonight. The guy knocks their door telling about police raid. Bunty and Sagarika are shocked. Bunty asks her to take bag and come. He takes her out. The police catches them and don’t believe they are husband and wife. Bunty and Sagarika are taken to police station.

Sagarika asks inspector to let her make call as it is their right and reminds him duty. She asks him to know their identity and can’t arrest them without proper evidence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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