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Hum Hain Na 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty taking to the restaurant and asking if she loves someone else that she is hiding it from him. She says it is not true. He shouts and asks what is she hiding that she cannot tell even him. Everyone stare at them.

Dad falls ill with fever and asks lady maid to bring her medicine. Amma comes there, sees water and cloth on desk and asks if he is having fever. He says yes and says he does not need her help. She makes him sleep, applies wet cloth on his forehead and goes to prepare herbal tonic/kadha for him.

Maid senses opportunity to make some money and informs Rani about Amma meeting Dad. Rani gives her 100 rs tip and takes her to confront in front of daadi. Daadi in kitchen sees Amma preparing kadha and asks who is ill at home. Amma says dad is ill and she is worried about dad. Rani comes with maid and tells Daadi she does not want ladies’ marks cut, so she came to inform her about Dad and Amma’s meeting. Daadi scolds servant for peeping into ladies’ side and asks her to mind her business.

Sagarika is tensed how to convince Bunty. When Bunty comes to their room, she starts singing song and convince him. He is still irked, but she finally convinces him.

In the morning during breakfast, maid asks dad if he is fine. He says after drinking kadha, he is fine. Amma serves him water. Ladies remind her and she says she is just following daadi’s order. Everyone start laughing. Aunt says tomorrow is shiv parvati pooja and they will have to attend temple in the morning.

Amma in the morning gets ready for pooja and gives dad kadha. Rani comes and asks when she is meeting dad, why can’t she meet Pappu. Amma says daadi told shiv parvati can meet on shivratri. Rani says she knows she even met yesterday. Aunt comes and asks them to hurry up for pooja and tells about mela in temple premises.

Everyone reach temple and start enjoying mela. Sagarika gets tensed seeing Resham there. She performs pooja with Bunty, but Bunty angrily walks out from t here.

Precap: Bunty gets irked seeing Sagarika with Resham. Resham takes prasad box from Sagarika and tells it is his gift from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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