Hum Hain Na 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty talking to Satya. She gets some thing in her hand and looks on. Satya comes and says she can’t come with them, so just to give some money for donating in temple. Sagarika asks her to keep it in the bag as she is going to washroom. Satya smiles and add itching powder in her bag to make her have fun in honeymoon. Satya makes excuse and leaves by lying to Phubali. Phubali gives Sagarika a first night suit which Bunty took away from her. Sagarika says sweet Phubali and jokes on Bunty that he will faint if she wears night dress infront of him. Pappu says he also wants to go to Mumbai along with his wife on honeymoon. Everyone is shocked. Bunty says how can you come with us. Pappu says he also got married and that too before him, so he should go before them. Bunty asks

how can you go without ticket. Pappu says he got the ticket. Rani says her dad did arrangements. Amma says no one will go anywhere and what is all this, now everything is ready so you all can go. Rani tells Satya that plan was successful. Sagarika tells Bunty that she needs some privacy and she can’t enjoy well. He says how can I stop them.

She says why with us, they can go alone later. He says Pappu won’t understand. He asks her not to worry as he knows to manage Pappu. He says Pappu will be after Rani. He says he will take Rani and leave us alone. They all start leaving. Amma gets teary eyed as Bunty is going away from her for the first time. Bunty says you worry for me but you did my upbringing. He says he will take care of him and Sagarika. Pappu says finish blessings now as we have to go. Satya says is this honeymoon or Baaraat as four people are going together.

Satya fills Amma’s ears against Bunty and Sagarika. Amma says no ways as Bunty has promised me. She asks Satya to give tea. Bunty and Sagarika reach Mumbai and are on the way to hotel along with Pappu and Rani. Amma calls Bunty and asks did he reach. Bunty says we reached and going hotel now.

Pappu talks to Amma and gives phone to Rani. Rani says she is fine and gives phone to Sagarika. Amma ends call and upsets Sagarika. Bunty realizes Sagarika got sad. Amma talks to Bunty and says she will keep asking about him. Rani says Amma called again in half an hour. Sagarika gets upset. Bunty says he reached hotel and we will get back to you after getting freshen up. Sagarika likes the hotel and says she is happy to get time. She says she will go and freshen up. Bunty and Pappu talk to receptionist. She says we are totally full and no room is vacant. Bunty asks her to check. She says there is less chance to get rooms. Bunty asks for help in any other hotel. She says holiday season is there so no rooms in other hotels too.

Pappu says we will stay in same room as we are family. Sagarika hears this and looks at Bunty. Amma calls Bunty again. He says he will talk later. Bunty asks the lady to get any room. The lady says she can give four mattresses in his room. Bunty agrees. Sagarika starts crying.

Pappu and Rani occupy the bed. Sagarika gets more upset and leaves the room. Bunty gets worried and runs after her auto.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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