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The episode starts with Amma asking Pappu to call Rani for lunch. He says she is angry on him and does not want to come out of room. Amma asks why. He says she also wants to go to honeymoon as Bunty and Sagarika are going. Amma says they are going for a vacation as Sagarika’s dad gifted them tickets and asks Pappu to explain his wife. He says she will not agree. Sagarika says she will speak to Rani. Amma asks her to have food first. Bunty says he will get her. Satya says she will get her and goes to her room. Rani gets irked seeing her. Satya says she wants to tell something about benefit of them both. Dad comes for lunch and asks where are other family members. Just then, Satya brings Rani down and smirks thinking her plan is going well.

Sagarika says Bunty she is feeling

bad that Rani is not allowed to go on honeymoon. Bunty says Amma may also send her and Pappu. Sagarika says Phubali said South Mumbai is just like London and is very beautiful. She tries to lure him while talking. He separates himself from her and tries to divert her attention. She thinks Phubali was right, she has to become Menaka and lure Bunty. She keeps her head on his shoulder and tries to get romantic. He again pushes her and diverts her attention by talking about how she convinced Amma so easily. She says she wants to go shopping with Ratna and amma. He says it is a good idea.

Sagarika serves tea to whole family and requests amma to help her in shopping with bargains, etc. Amma says she cannot. Ratna asks her to come as she has not eaten pani puri from a long time. Sagarika asks if amma eats pani puri. Babuji says amma is chatori/foodie. Swara asks Amma to get her a dress. Amma says she will give her money. Dad convinces amma to go shopping with girls. Amma agrees. Everyone get happy. Amma asks Satya to accompany them. Everone gets irked hearing this.

Amma reaches shopping mall with Bunty, Sagarika and other family members. Rani gets busy looking at saris. Sagarika asks salesman to show her western dresses like jeans, T-shirt, etc. Amma sees that and asks salesman why is he showing western dresses to his bahu. Satya brainwashes amma by telling her to ask Sagarika’s opinion. Amma says her bahu will not wear these clothes and asks salesman show saris. Sagarika gets sad. Amma then goes to buy gorcery. Satya walks behind her and brainwashes that Sagarika did not like her selected saris and wants to wear western dresses.

Bunty asks Sagarika to pack bags soon as they are getting late to airport. Sagarika sadly shows him sari and says it is very heavy and says when she could hold sari last time in Banaras, how will she in Mumbai, it is very humid there. He says she can wear suits then. She says she wanted to wear western outfits. He goes to balcony, throws rope. Madhav ties bags on rope. He gets bags and gives it to Sagarika. she gets happy seeing her selected dressed and asks what will amma say. He says amma will not come and see you in Mumbai and says whatever he is doing is for Amma’s goodness. She kisses his cheek happily and says I love you. He asks her to give her dresses now for packing. Amma thinks of giving shawl to Sagarika and walks towards their room. Bunty asks Sagarika to pack bags while he finishes some important work and come. He opens door and sees Amma standing.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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