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Hum Hain Na 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika warning inspector to file complaint against Resham, else she will go to his higher ups. Inspector agrees at last and writes FIR.

Amma fights with dad for hiring a lady servant. Dad says when she can make wrestlers/pehalwans work, then why can’t he. She says pehelwans worked without themselves and were not hired, but he has hired a lady servant. Daadi gives judgement that gents are right and gives them 5 marks. Amma cries and says dad knows she does not like servant’s work, so he brought one. Daadi says it is a challenge for her and she should accept it sportively. Dad and Bunty/Pappu laugh and take servant to show her work.

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Sagarika and Swara wait for auto on a road. A car stop and Resham comes out. He starts misbehaving again. Sagarika says she has filed an FIR against him. He says he knows as inspector called him and joked. Bunty on the other side calls sagarika, but she does not pick call. Sagarika tells Resham that she will inform her husband about his misbehavior. Resham says let him know and asks her to get habituated to his car and house. She tries to slaps him, but he holds hand and ask her not to dare touch him, else he will rape her on the street. He asks her to kiss him on cheek and says he will wait for it. Once Reshsam leaves, Swara says it is her mistake that she came to college today. Sagarika asks not to tell family and be courageous.

Bunty tells Daadi in between ladies and gents fight, they have forgotten to care for each other. Daadi says ladies have not, Amma makes sure dad takes his medicine on time, Pappu makes sure Rani gets tea, and Sagarika ironed his shirt. Bunty looks at his shirt and says Sagarika had gone out with Swara and has not come home yet. Daadi says because of this interfering behavior, amma fought with Dad to stay freely for some days, asks him to go and take care of dad. In kitchen, dad is seen preparing food while servant sits idly. Pappu cuts vegetables and asks servant why she is not working. Dad says she will work from tomorrow. Servant tells the story behind her name chanchal. Bunty comes back home and hears songs from kitchen. He enters kitchen and switches of radio. Servant says without music she cannot work. Pappu says she has not started working at all. She says she is about to start and complains dad. Dad sends Pappu and Bunty out. Servant pushes him also to gout. Amma comes there and sees their flirting.

Amma asks servant to concentrate on her work. Servant starts taunting her and calls Bai. Amma asks why is she calling her bai. Servant asks if she should call amma. Amma says she is her children’s amma and says she is owner of this house and will fire her. Servant says she is dad’s servant and only he can fire her, asks her to go out while she prepares food.

Sagarika comes back home with Swara and asks her not to tell anything to family members. Amma sees them and asks where were they.

Precap: Bunty thinks of finding what Sagarika is hiding from him and follows her till police station.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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