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Hum Hain Na 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dad telling Bunty and phupa that ladies are ahead of them as they distribute their work, so even they should and asks Bunty to clean utensils, Pappu to wash clothes and phupa to clean floor. Pappu says he is having backache and Phupa says he is jamai of this house and will not work. Dad says they will have to work at any cost. Pappu and Phupa escape leaving work burden on Bunty. Bunty thinks of romancing Sagarika and goes to his room. He starts getting romantic with her, but she asks if he is trying to spoil her marks. He asks if she remembers only marks and not him. He then sees her getting ready and asks where is she going. She says to drop Swara to college and gets nervous. Bunty asks if she is hiding something again. Sagarika reminisces slapping goon and he

challenging her, but says she is not hiding anything.

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Pappu goes to buffalo farm and brainwashes it owner that he will earn double money if he allows him to open gym and informs about finding dhaba to gama pehelwan.

Sagarika and Swara walk on the road. Resham’s goons surround them and star misbehaving. Public support them and goons run from there. Sagarika gets a rickhaw and asks Swara not to worry.

Dad brings s*xy lady maid Chanchal home. Pappu and Bunty get mesmerized seeing her beauty and curves. Dad also gets excited. Pappu asks if he wants to create problem here and is not afraid of Amma. Dad says he just wants to take care of their household chores. They all take Chanchal in.

Sagarika reminisces Resham’s challenge that he will make her kiss on his cheek and thinks of complaining against him in police. He goes to police and asks inspector to file FIR. Inspector gets afraid hearing Resham’s name and does not register complaint. Swara asks Sagarika to back off, but she says she will not go out of police station without filing FIR. She warns station incharge to file complaint, else she knows what to do. Incharge starts laughing and even his subordinates start laughing.

Precap: Resham tries to crush Swara under his car. Sagarika shouts at him. He comes out of car and stands in front of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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