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Hum Hain Na 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani complaining Pappu that he did not take her to honeymoon yet. Daadi says Swara that Bunty and Sagarika should not take to honeymoon. Swara says why is she thinking so backward, time has changed. Amma comes and Satya tries to brainwash her. Amma says she has asked Bunty to cancel tickets. Rani warns Pappu to stop Bunty and Sagarika’s honeymoon, else she will go to her parent’s house.

Sagarika tells Amma in front of all ladies that tickets cannot be cancelled as they are nonrefundable and she should let them to go to Mumbai as Bunty is always busy with work and should relax and they will also get time to know each other. Amma gets irked that she spoke about honeymoon in front of all ladies. Bunty asks Sagarika why did she speak to Amma in front of

everyone. She says we live in a joint family and everyone should respect each other. Pappu informs Rani about Sagarika speaking about honeymoon with Amma directly. Rani says she is very daring and now amma will kick her out.

Amma complains dad that Sagarika spoke her to about honeymoon in front of everyone and starts scolding her that she did not have manners and her aunt and dad didn’t teach her moral values. Dad says we started this culture by having love marriage against our parents’ wishes and says Sagarika spoke her heart to you instead of provoking Bunty against you and says Sagarika is clean hearted girl and knows how to respect elders and family. She asks if he is favoring Sagarika as she is his friend’s daughter. He asks if she is opposing as she is his friend’s daughter and says she should have seen Bunty’s sad face when she asked him to cancel tickets, says he wants to relax from all this environment but did not utter anything as he loves his amma lot and respects her, but if she continues with her tantrums, Bunty will feel she is bounding him and asks her not to do that.

Satya frightens Sagarika that Amma is strong in her values and will not let them changed for anyone, she did wrong by opposing amma directly. Amma comes to kitchen, praises Sagarika for cutting salad well and says Bunty does not have to cancel ticket now. Sagarika is surprised and asks why. She says Bunty’s dad made her realized that Chatopadhay ji bought this ticket with great love and hard earned money, so she should let them go to honeymoon. Sagarika thanks her and runs to call Bunty. Amma takes Satya to terrace.

Sagarika calls Bunty and happily informs him about Amma agreeing to send them to honey and says now amma will listen to only her and not him. He says he will reach home soon. He then thanks god for his help and says he has to keep his promise made to amma that he will not consummate his marriage until amma accepts Sagarika completely.

Satya tries to brainwash Amma that she did wrong by send them to honeymoon and tells that they are young couples and may not resist each other in honeymoon. Amma asks her to stop her warning and continue working. She thinks Bunty will have to keep his promise at any cost.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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