Hum Hain Na 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty getting surprised to see Sagarika in a s*xy red sari. She tries to lure him with her beauty and starts dancing with him on song Kya gazab karte ho ji……song. Amma hears song and thinks who has played song at midnight an goes to check. Pappu sees Bunty and Sagarika’s romance from window and tries to kiss Rani, but she pushes him from bed. Amma follows till Bunty’s room but stops as song also stops.

Sagarika hugs Bunty lustly. Bunty reminisces his promise to Amma that he will not consummate his marriage until she accepts Sagarika. He says Sagarika this is wrong. She says they are husband and wife, says if he thinks they are girlfriend and boyfriend, then girlfriend wants to make a move first. Bunty says as a boyfriend, even he wants

to lure her and then submit himself to her. She says she understands, but even she getting closer to him is not wrong and kisses his hand. Bunty takes back his hand and says it is not wrong, but he wants to get closer to her slowly and wants her to make her as his companion for lifetime, so she should control herself. Sagarika thinks she made Bunt nervous and thinks why is she wearing s*xy clothes and doing weird gestures, she should sleep now before Bunty comes.

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Bunty goes and pours cold water over him, apologizes Sagarika. Amma sees him wet and asks about it. He says he felt warm, so he poured water on him. He comes back to his room and prays god to help him in keeping Amma and Sagarika happy. He sees Sagarika sound asleep and smiles.

In the morning, Dad gets ready for college and asks amma to get his lunch box. Rani starts throwing her tantrums that her face is looking dull. Pappu says she is looking like a heroine. Swara suggests her to get new facepack. Ratna taunts body spoils if not kept busy. Sagarika serves tea to Bunty and tries to get into kitchen. Amma calls her Parvati and asks her to have tea made by Swara. Dad asks why has she started again. Amma says it is her wish to call bahu as Parvati. Everyone get tensed. Amma asks Sagarika if she has any problem. Sagarika touches her feet and says she is her mother and has right to call her with whatever name she likes. Amma gets happy hearing this.

Chattopadhay comes. Sagarika gets happy seeing him. Chattopadhay says he did not give children his gift, so he bought a honeymoon package for them. Bunty and Sagarika get happy hearing this and amma gets irked. Chattopadhay gives Bunty mumbai’s flight tickets and 5-star hotel booking details. Bunty says there was no need of this. Chattopadhay now Bunty and Sagarika are their children and he wants them to enjoy. He asks Mishraji’s opnion, and he says he is right. Chattopadhay then asks Mishraji to accompany to college with him in his car. Mishraji agrees and leaves with him. Rani complains Pappu that he did not take him to honeymoon while his brother will go now.

Sagarika says Bunty that she is very excited about their honeymoon. He gives her tickets and asks her to keep them safe. Amma asks Bunty what did he do to the honeymoon tickets. He says he gave it to Sagarika. She asks him to cancel those tickets. Bunty gets sad hearing this. Sagarika hears their conversation and starts shockingly. Bunty asks why she wants to cancel it. Amma says we don’t have honeymoon culture in our family, Bahu comes home and takes care of whole family and even takes 10 people’s opinion before going to her parent’s house. She says even pappu will ask to send him to honeymoon, so he has to cancel it.

Precap: No precap. Upcoming serial’s actors discuss about their opinion regarding Hum Hain Naa serial.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hypocrite Ammaji.
    Had a love marriage herself and does not even want her son to romance his legally wedded wife. How yukkkkk…. a mother deciding when he son and his wife can get intimate ….

  2. If Amma keeps up with this charade she will loose her son’s love at one point.Everything has its limits,Sagarika good luck in dealing wit da monster-in-law…..

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