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Hum Hain Na 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika crying hearing Amma’s hate words. Ratna asks Amma why did not she ask Sagarika to sit. Amma says she purposefully asked Swara to close door once she left. Swara says she is her bahu and should not ill treat her.

Dad sees her crying and asks her what happened. She says she is missing her dad. Dad says even he is her dad now, says he liked her tea a lot and asks to prepare one more cup for him. Sagarika gets happy and goes to prepare tea.

Bunty is driving his travel agency car. He thinks why Sagarika has not called him yet. Sagarika thinks why he has not called her yet and waits for his call.

Sagarika serves samosas to whole family and starts looking at door for Bunty. Dad asks where is Bunty. Madhav says he has gone to attend client.

Dad taunts Pappu that his brother has started working already within 3 days of marriage and he is still at home. Pappu says he goes to gym for 3 hours. Dad says he is bulging his tummy with food. Pappu says he is a trainer at gym. Dad says people get 6 packs at this age and he has family pack. Whole family laughs. Bunty comes and says he has a better idea now to please both amma and Sagarika. Amma says there is no need of idea now. Dad asks Bunty to tell his idea. Bunty says Bengali’s have 2 names, one pet name and another official name, so they can call Sagarika with her real name at house and call her Parvati. Dad says it is a good idea and even Sagarika smiles. Amma says there is no need for all this. Bunty says he will prepare tea for amma and gets into kitchen.

Dad sees Sagarika sad and says soon she will rule hearts of Mishra family, but she should just be courageous and continue her struggle. Sagarika gets happy hearing that and thanks dad for his inspiring words.

Bunty says Amma that he got 2 name idea for her sake as he wants her to be happy always. Amma gets happy and gives him food to eat. Satya comes there. Amma asks why did she come. She says she brought kachori for them. Amma says she wanted to have her kachori since a long time and takes her to get clothes out from terrace. Satya starts her brainwashing game and says Bunty has fooled her by getting this 2 name idea and says he knows he would have to sleep on floor if he changes Sagarika’s name. Amma says whatever it is and asks her to get clothes from terrace. Satya thinks her plan is working well and smirks.

Sagarika gets Phubali’s call who asks how is it going with Bunty. She says he is very busy in work and does not even eat well. She says she has to go and help prepare food in kitchen. Phubali asks how is her romance going. Sagarika says Bunty needs some time. Phubali says he thinks her still as his friend, she has to take a step ahead and lure him with her beauty. Sagarika thinks how to lure Bunty now.

During dinner, Amma force feeds Bunty. Bunty says he full. Rani brainwashes Pappu that Amma is worried about only Bunty and not him. Pappu asks amma why is he forcing Bunty when he is till waiting for food. Dad taunts that Pappu is so hard working that he is very hungry. Amma serves him food. Dad asks Bunty to get banarasi paan/beetel leaves and nut. Rani asks Bunty to get double paan for her. Bunty leaves to get paan for everyone.

Bunty is about to start his bike to get paan for family when Sagarika stops him and gives a letter. He asks what is it. She gets shy and walks in. He reads there is a surprise for him. Bunty thinks he should get a paan soon to get a surprise. Amma hears his conversation and gets annoyed. Sagarika comes to kitchen and thinks if Bunty read her letter or not. Bunty comes back home thinking about his surprise, enters room happily and sees candles and Sagarika winking him. He is surprised to see her in sensual/s*xy red saree.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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