Hum Hain Na 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Hum Hain Na 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with student goon Resham misbehaving with Swara and holding her hand. Sagarika comes there and slaps him. Resham says he will make her kiss on the same cheek which she slapped.

Ratna and Pappu get worried for Amma as she took wrestler inside her room. Bunty says they don’t know amma well, wrestler will come out like a bheegi billi/wet afraid cat. Just then, door opens and Amma comes out with pehelwan who is holding bags. His students stare at him. Pehelwan asks them not to stare and warns Pappu that he will teach him lesson before walking out.

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Sagarika tells Swara that they should inform Bunty about

Resham’s misbehavior. Swara asks her not to as Bunty is very short tempered.

Rani and Ratna ask Amma what did she do to pehelwan that he became bheegi billi. Amma says she got his child behavior out, so he is thinking she is his amma. Pehelwan comes with groceries and tells amma that he will prepare food today. Amma acts are getting happy and calls her lalla/son. Dad is surprised to see all this. He sees Pehelwan preparing food and serving Amma, gets irked and asks Pappu to plan something to send pehelwan out. Pappu tries to provoke pehelwan and says she is feel sad that such a strong man is wasting energy on preparing food. Pehelwan angrily tries to slap him and says he is serving Amma. Pappu says he found a new place for his gym.

Dad says Bunty that all his shirts are dirty and asks how to get one from Amma’s cupboard. He sees Bunty holding shirt and wears his shirt. At breakfast table, Amma sees dad wearing Bunty’s pink shirt and laughs. Dad asks Pappu if he prepared food. Pappu asks Rani to serve him food. Rani says pehelwan made food for only ladies and they will not share. Amma continues jiggling looking at Dad’s pink shirt.

Sagarika comes home with Swara and tells her that they should inform Bunty about Resham. Swara requests not to. Bunty asks them where did they go. Sagarika she had gone out with Phubali and found Swara just outside home. Swara backs her. He asks he saw Phubali alone in market. Sagarika says she was with her and had gone to a shop. Bunty asks then why did she come without buying anything. She gets nervous.

Dad gets into kitchen and thinks how to prepare tea. Daadi comes with tea and asks him to have it. He says as per rule, he cannot, but agrees on her insistence. She asks why is his side of kitchen dirty and ladies side clean, says she will be forced to give marks to ladies and not him. She asks if he has to win over ladies, he has to change himself and work hard instead of being lazy. Dad thinks Amma is right.

Precap: Bunty tries to get romantic with Sagarika and is about to kiss her, but she reminisces Resham’s challenge and stops Bunty. Bunty thinks she is hiding something from him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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