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The episode starts with Bunty trying to convince angry Sagarika. He says he knows she is right on her side and says she will convince Amma not to change her name, what if Amma gets angry on him, does not talk to him and even curse him, he can bear everything for her love. He then hopes his plan works. He then goes to Amma and starts praising her. He says Sagarika is his wife, but she is his amma who kept him in her womb for 9 months and bought him up so well, says what if Sagarika’s mom is dead and Sagarika thinks her name is her mom’s love for her and she cannot part ways with it, but she will have to listen to Amma. He says he will handle everything as he cares about Amma’s happiness, so what if Sagarika will be sad and will cry, and asks Amma if she believes him. Amma sits

silently. He then goes to temple and prays god to help him in his plan.

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Sagarika calls her dad and says she knows he is upset because of yesterday’s issue. Dad says it is his mistake that he got angry unnecessarily and says just like he thinks her name is important, even Bunty’s mom wants her to change her name as she feels it is important for her. Aunt takes phone from dad and says Sagarika that she has to get adjusted in Bunty’s family and respect their culture, asks if she loves Bunty, then she should not let him feel that only is amma adjusts and asks her not to divide Bunty between her and Amma.

Sagarika informs Bunty that she is okay with Amma changing her name. Amma comes and says she does not want to change Sagarika’s name and says she wants him to be happy and cannot see him running from pillar to post. Sagarika says she is ready to change her name. Amma says if she is ready, she would not have created such a big drama. Sagarika says she needed time to accept such a big change. Amma takes out form and tries to tear it. Bunty snatches it from her. amma says Sagarika’s name will not be changed and walks into her room. Sagarika says she will change her name as she does not want Amma to compromise. Bunty gets sad that now another drama started between saas bahu.

Sagarika goes to kitchen to prepare tea for the family and thinks whole family’s stress will be gone drinking her tea. Madhav praises Bunty that he handles any tough situation easily. Bunty gets a call from client and runs to sort out problem. Sagarika gets tea and asks Madhav about Bunty. He says he went on some important work. She then gets tea for dad, but he is busy clearing bills, asks her to keep it on table and leaves. Sagarika gets sad, but keeps tea on table and leaves.

Amma angrily says Ratna and Swara that even after having 2 bahus, she has to take help from others. Sagarika comes there with tea, but does not hear their conversation. Amma stops seeing. Ratna takes tea and Swara take tea, and once Sagarika leaves, Amma asks Swara to close door. Sagarika gets hurt hearing this and cries. She thinks what ever she tries, all her efforts go in vain and she does not know if she has place in this house or not, she thought she will go to her house after marriage, but everyone is treating like a stranger to her, she does not know if she can keep this house’s people happy or not.

Precap: No precap. Itna Karona Mujhse Pyaar serial actors discuss their views about Hum Hain Na..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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