Hum Hain Na 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Hum Hain Na 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gama pehelwan’s goon reaching Mishra house with gym equipment to start gym in their lawn. Amma asks them to get out, but goon does not budge. Amma says she knows a 10 feet pehelwan/bodybuilder and acts as calling munna mobile and inviting him to her house. Gama’s goons get afraid. Door bell rings. Goons thinks Munna mobile has come and open door, but phupaji comes. They carry him and bring in and asks this is only 5 feet man, what about the rest 5 feet. Bunty says amma was bluffing and asks goons to leave phupa. Goons don’t agree. Bunty says he came to take care of their gym equipment and asks them to go and come back tomorrow. They all leave.

Amma and her supporters discuss plan how to send goons out. Rani suggests they should not open

door. Ratna says she is definitely pappu’s wife and is a fool like him. Sagarika suggests to complain in police station. Amma says she knew she would give weird suggestion, asks everyone to sleep while she finds some solution. Swara requests amma to give her permission attend college. Amma does not agree. Sagarika asks Amma to send her, else her 1 year will be wasted. She asks Swara to promise on her that she will not do anything that will defame their family. Swara agrees and even Amma agrees.

Pehelwans come to mishra house in the morning and start exercising shirtless. Aunt and Ratna get excited seeing their shirtless body. Amma shoos them off and thinks how to send them out.

A goon student enters Swara’s college and stares at her. His puppet says if he needs her, he will kidnap her. He tells his puppet that he wants herself to submit to him.

Amma sees pehelwan’s exercising and stands in between them. Dad and bunty/pappu see that and dad says Amma is very intelligent and will do something. Amma holds trainer pehelwan’s ear, takes him into room, and shuts door.

Swara walks out of college with her friends. Goon student surrounds her with his puppets and drags her to his jeep. Swara asks where is he taking her. He says he loves her. Swara asks to let her go. Goon says he came for her, but she wants to leave,. He tells a shayari/poem and holds her hands. Sagarika comes there and slaps goon.

Precap: Goon tells Sagarika that she will kiss the same cheek which she slapped. Sagarika tells Swara that they should inform Bunty about it. Swara asks her not to as Bunty is very short tempered.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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