Hum Hain Na 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika telling Bunty this will not work. Bunty asks what will not work. She says our marriage and says our family’s cultures are different and we can’t continue. He asks why does she think so. She says you leave pheras in between seeing amma missing from function and then amma is forcing me to change my name. She says I respect your culture, but your family does not respect our culture and scolded my father continuously, says your amma will not accept me. He says though our cultures are different, we have to be in limit and follow it. She says after seeing today’s incident, does not look like we can unite. He says she is right and says our Amma does not even drink water in nonveg eating house, but today she ate food happily and she was happy seeing

it, this is called compatibility. He says we did not think east and west could unite, but we united. He says just now our vehicle started and we have to make sure our families are united. Sagarika smiles. Ratna comes and asks them to come for lunch.

Amma walks out of washroom after puking seeing fish. Chattopadhyay apologizes her and asks her have food now. she says she is full now. He jokes that he will get stomach upset if he will eat so much food. Amma’s purse falls down and even Sagarika’s name changing papers. Dad sees that and asks why she wants to change Sagarika’s name. Amma says she wanted Shivprasad’s wife’s name as Parvati, so she is changing it. Dad says Sagarika’s name is given by her mom and it is her identity and she would have asked him and Sagarika before changing it. She says when a girl can leave her parent’s house to her in-laws and follow their culture, why can’t their given name. Mishraji tries to convince mom that Chattopadhay is telling right. Amma says what is wrong if she wants to change name. Chattopadhay says he cannot see tears in his daughter’s eyes and is a good father. Amma asks what problem he has if she wants to change her bahu’s name. Bunty interferes and says they can change name later and should perform paghphere ritual first and asks Phubali to get Sagarika’s bags. Sagarika leaves with Bunty. Once they leave, aunt scolds Chattopadhay for getting angry. He says he knows. Aunt says their culture is different and we should not interfere after getting our daughter married to their home. Dad says hope condition does not worsen.

Amma at home says that abshagun happened today after Chattopadhay brought fish. Rani tries to Chattopadhay her and says bengalis culture is different, and on marriage day, she was shocked to see their weird rituals. Amma says her religion was ruined today. Sagarika says her father did not know about their culture. Pappu starts his drama and backs amma. Dad asks them to stop blaming each other. Ratna asks Amma why did she take name changing papers there. Amma says she did not. Pappu realizes it is his mistake and informs about it. Ratna scolds Pappu. Pappa asks Bunty why did not he interfere. Amma says he tries to explain only me and did not stop his FIL. Dad asks her to stop her cribbing and asks everyone to disperse now.

Swara says Ratna that she did not have sweets during lunch. Ratna says she she is worried about Sagarika and says if she is asked to change name after marriage, she will, says Sagarika is motherless and don’t know how she is feeling.

Amma cribs at her room that her sons are not in her control and are wife’s puppets now. Dad hears that and thinks in saas bahu’s fights, always men suffer.

Bunty prays Lord Krishna to teach him how to handle amma and wife and to give him an idea. He gets an idea and says he got god’s idea and will not use it.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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